Saturday, July 22, 2017

Arizona Maricopa County Keep It Red - Summer Fun Event

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      Sunday, July 9, 2017

      Stevie Wonder Dragged Back To The Liberal Plantation by Lloyd Marcus

      Stevie Wonder’s call to say I love you to black Americans was rejected by black and white Leftists. Leftists were outraged over Wonder’s compassionate message to his fellow blacks, “It is in your hands to stop all the killing and shooting wherever it might be. Because you cannot say ‘Black Lives Matter’ and then kill yourselves.”

      Leftists view Mr. Wonder as an uppity n***** who wandered off their Liberal plantation. Yes, Leftists do freely use the n-word. Repeatedly, Leftists have called me a stupid n word for refusing their chains on my brain. My singing performance at the 2010 rally opposing Obamacare in DC was broadcast on C-span. Leftists across America called me the n word and worse; including death threats.

      Black overlords were immediately dispatched to drag back their musical-icon run-a-way slave. After a high-tech whipping in the media public square, emotionally bloody and repentant, Mr. Wonder dialed back his truthful comments.

      As a black conservative activist, my frustration is getting fellow black Americans to see the light of how Leftists and Democrats are using them. My black daddy raised me to believe Democrat is the party of the little guy/working man. Republicans are for the rich. Most blacks do not realize the Democrat party leadership has been hijacked by extreme liberal radicals (Leftists). At their core is a hatred for America as founded, traditional values of hard-work, individuality, self-reliance, independence and faith in the God of Christianity.

      In simple language, liberals believe in spreading mediocrity equally. Liberals believe no one should have more than someone else. Beginning in kindergarten, liberals teach their hatred for achievers disguised as “social justice” and the evils of “white privilege.”

      Most blacks do not realize that Leftists believe implementing their extreme liberal agenda trumps everything, including black lives. Leftists deem blacks, women, homosexuals and all minorities useful idiots to be used to implement their anti-American and godless agenda. Speaking of godless, if you list Leftists sacred cow issues, they are all against biblical teachings.

      Stevie Wonder stating the obvious that blacks should stop killing each other was not good for furthering Leftists’ agenda. Leftists want blacks to believe America is a hell-hole of racism where cops murder them on sight. This lie helps Leftists sell their lie that the only way to save black lives is for the federal government to takeover police departments. This would further Leftists’ agenda of government repealing our freedoms and controlling every aspect of our lives. Most blacks do not realize that Obama’s government controlled health-care gave them power to decide who lives and who dies.

      You may be scratching your head wondering why black leaders were outraged over Mr. Wonder’s attempt to save black lives. The truth is black Democrat leaders are Leftists first and black second. Most black so-called civil rights groups want to keep blacks down, dependent on big daddy government. They want blacks engaged in poverty producing behaviors; dropping out of school, having babies out of wedlock and killing each other.

      If this was not true, how would you explain black Leftists’ anger over real common sense solutions offered by successful blacks; Stevie Wonder, Herman Cain, Justice Clarence Thomas and Dr Ben Carson to name a few?

      Civil rights icon, Dr Martin Luther King, Jr is rolling over in his grave over the betrayal of black leaders. Dr King made the ultimate sacrifice for blacks to strive for excellence and have a fair shot at achieving their American dream. Dr King did not die for blacks to be eternally enslaved by the federal government; monolithic voting for Democrats to get just enough free-stuff to get by.

      Dr King had no idea his movement would be transformed into a grievance industry which keeps Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, the Congressional Black Caucus, the NAACP and the Obamas fat, happy and rich. Meanwhile, urban blacks continue in a downward spiral of black-on-black crime and generational poverty. Stats prove that blacks actually moved backwards during the 8 year reign of the first black president. Why aren’t most blacks questioning why? Or, will blacks stay stuck on stupid, believing Leftists’ lie that all their problems are the fault of white American racism, Republicans and now Donald Trump?

      I was disappointed when Mr. Wonder walked back his statement of truth. However, I understand the pressure on Mr. Wonder must have been tremendous. Leftists attack with furious anger, seeking to destroy anyone who dares to speak truth contradicting their narrative.

      Hey boy, sing your pretty songs. But, don’t you never ever again speak out against the family!
      Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American, is Author of “Confessions of a Black Conservative: How the Left has shattered the dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black America.”

      Monday, July 3, 2017

      Tuesday, July 4th, Celebrate America! Phoenix Arcadia Parade

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      Tuesday, July 4th, join me in celebrating our Independence Day by attending one of the two family-friendly parades in LD28. Dress in red, white and blue, bring your children and grandchildren, and march with me in a parade. Celebrate what it means to be free and American! I look forward to seeing everyone there.
      Placeholder Image
      Arcadia Parade
      Date - July 4th Rain or Shine
      Registration - 7:30am
      Parade Start - 8:00am 
      End - 
      Starting Location: 60th Street & Calle Tuberia; Note that 60th Street is also "Jokake"
      Dress patriotically, decorate the kids’ bikes, scooters, wagons, and march in the parade. Or, you can stand street side, waive our flag, and watch the parade.
      Click Here for More Details
      Royal Palm Neighborhood Parade
      Date - July 4th
      Registration - 7:00am
      Parade Start - 7:30am
      End - 
      Starting Location: N 15th Ave & W Butler Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85021
       Dress patriotically, decorate the kids’ bikes, scooters, wagons, and march in the parade. Or, you can stand street side, waive our flag, and watch the parade.

      Wednesday, June 7, 2017

      Wednesday, May 17, 2017

      Monday, May 15, 2017

      Steve Smith Announces Candidacy for Arizona’s 1st Congressional District

      Immediately Consolidates Support with Endorsements from Arizona Congressmen

      (Maricopa, AZ) Conservative Steve Smith today announced his candidacy for Congress in Arizona’s 1st Congressional district.  Smith currently represents a significant portion of the Congressional district.

      “The voters of the 1st Congressional district deserve strong leadership in Congress,” said Smith.  “Leadership that will fight for more jobs, more prosperity, and real economic growth.  As a state senator, I’ve fought tirelessly for these principles in the Arizona Legislature and I will do the same in Congress.”

      In a clear sign of the strength and confidence, Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-08) and Congressman Andy Biggs (AZ-05) immediately offered their endorsements of Smith’s candidacy. 

      “Saving our great nation requires that we elect men and women of integrity, who hold conservative values, and who will do what is right for Arizona and America.  For those reasons and many others, I am honored to endorse Steve Smith for Congress and look forward to serving with him on behalf of Arizona families.” said Congressman Trent Franks.

      “Steve Smith has rightfully earned his reputation as a hard-working and principled conservative with the backbone to do what is right, even in the face of tremendous pressure. I saw this first hand while serving alongside him in the Arizona Senate. We need more of these type of leaders in the U.S. Congress now more than ever. I am proud to endorse his candidacy for Congress and urge every voter in Arizona’s first district to get behind him and support his campaign.” said Congressman Andy Biggs. 

      Steve Smith has represented Arizona’s 11th Legislative District in both the House of Representatives and the State Senate where he has consistently been recognized as one the leading conservatives.  In the Legislature, Smith has repeatedly been awarded Pro-Taxpayer and Pro-Family awards, including “Champion of the Taxpayer” and “Guardian of Small Business”.  He has led the fight to secure Arizona’s southern border, cut regulations and waste, fought for increased school funding and education reform, and helped position Arizona to be a national leader in job creation.

      Steve Smith first made political history in 2010 when he defeated an incumbent Democrat whose family had held that Senate seat for nearly 30 years.  In fact, he was the first Republican Senator to represent that district in nearly 100 years.  He has easily won re-election since then thanks to his commitment to his constituents and his record of keeping his promises.  Smith indicated that he planned on finishing his term in the legislature.

      Steve and his wife Jamie have been blessed with five beautiful children.  They live in the city of Maricopa in Pinal County and attend the Church of Celebration.

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      Monday May 15th, 2017
      Contact:  Constantin Querard (480) 703-8145 or or Adam Deguire (602) 263-0086 or

      Wednesday, May 3, 2017

      How Could Sinema NOT Have Known?

      PHOENIX (May 2) -- The Arizona Republican Party continues to hold Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema accountable taking more than $53,000 from's founders, executives and their relatives.

      The Party today released a digital ad asking Sinema how this money -- and the people that gave it her -- could have possibly been overlooked for so long.

      Sinema said in an interview with ABC 15's Melissa Blasius late last week that "none of the individuals that made these contributions list any affiliation with Backpage, or the founders of Backpage."
      Backpage founder Michael Lacey has given more than $15,000 to Sinema since 2013.
      The first result that pops up on a Google search of "Michael Lacey" and his affiliation "Village Voice Media" is a Phoenix New Times article about Lacey leaving Village Voice Media to run full time.
      "How could she not have known?" Arizona Republican Party Chairman Jonathan Lines said. "Between Lacey, other Backpage executives and their relatives -- they've given her more than $53,000. In any sort of political operation, you know the people that give you this kind of money. It's absolutely absurd, and voters deserve to know the truth."