Friday, October 31, 2014

Dark Money Rears It's Ugly Head Again

When you open your mailbox today or tomorrow you may find another dark-money, hit-piece mailer distorting my record in hopes of preventing Scottsdale residents from voting for me.
While it is sad the incumbent candidates and their allies resort to negative campaigning, it is understandable – they certainly don’t want to talk about their support for sacrificing Scottsdale’s special character and quality of life to enrich their special-interest campaign contributors. They will do and say anything to distract attention from that record!

While there are only a few days left until the election, there is still time for you to fight this dark money and help me get elected by influencing potential voters. Early ballots are being returned at a slower-than-usual pace, so most of the votes in this election have yet to be cast. I still have some doorhangers and flyers that need to be passed out, a few yard signs that need good homes, and lists of potential voters to call. If you can help with any of these important tasks please contact me. And, of course, please continue to spread the word about my positive campaign to be Your Voice On Council to your Scottsdale friends and neighbors.

If you have any questions, would like more information about my campaign or would like to help, my web site is and my phone # is 480-951-2549. Thank you for your support. Littlefield
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Let's Keep Scottsdale Special

"I am honored to have earned your trust and support. Working together, we have accomplished a lot for our city. I ask that you allow me to continue working on your behalf."

- Linda Milhaven
FINANCIAL STRENGTH: The City faced significant financial challenges as I took my seat in 2010.  Since then, we reduced expenses, balanced the budget, kept taxes flat and sustained our financial strength. 

PROMOTING INVESTMENT: Today, new private investment Downtown and along McDowell Road totals over half a billion dollars.  I am proud that my vote helped to make these projects possible.

EYE ON THE FUTURE: We planned for the future by working on the Tourism Master Plan, an Economic Development plan and are updating our Transportation Master Plan. While we honor the past and protect what we treasure, we must have a solid vision for the future. 

Please support my re-election on November 4th so I may continue my work to keep Scottsdale special today – and in the future. 


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Thursday, October 30, 2014


The end is in sight! In less than a week, Arizona will elect new leaders to guide the state forward over the next four years; and we can say goodbye to nasty TV commercials, political sign litter, and campaign fundraising emails!  It has been a long, amazing journey and I am extremely grateful for the generosity and support everyone has offered.

Today is the last day to return your early ballot by mail.  If you cannot get to a mailbox today, you can drop your early ballot off at any polling location in the county on November 4th.

If you're just dying to watch another political ad, please watch my final campaign commercial of the election cycle (I promise it isn’t negative). As always, it is greatly appreciated if you could share the commercial with friends, family and neighbors.

Thank you all so much for everything you’ve done. I hope to have earned your trust and your vote on November 4th.

With tremendous appreciation,
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U.S. Senator John McCain endorses Mark Brnovich for Arizona Attorney General

 Mark Brnovich – Republican candidate for Attorney General – is proud to announce his endorsement by Arizona Senator John McCain.

"Mark Brnovich is the independent voice we need to restore integrity to the Attorney General’s Office and put the safety of Arizona families first," McCain said. “As a career prosecutor, Mark will go after the drug cartels, protect our children and seniors from predators and make certain that corrupt politicians pay for their crimes "

"The stakes are high in this race for Attorney General. President Obama and his Washington bureaucrats are intent on imposing their will on states like Arizona, whether by granting unilateral amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants or waging a War on Coal that sends Arizona energy prices skyrocketing. At a time like this, Arizona needs an Attorney General with the courage and conviction to stand up to the Obama administration. I know Mark Brnovich is the right man for the job, and I ask Arizonans to join me in supporting him for Attorney General."

Senator McCain joins Governor Jan Brewer, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, Pima County Sheriff Paul Babeu, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, NFIB and leading law enforcement, business and other groups from across Arizona that have endorsed the Brnovich campaign. Brnovich welcomed the support of Arizona’s senior Senator.

"John McCain has a well-earned reputation for doing what’s right for the people of Arizona," Brnovich said. "I’m grateful for his support, and pledge to commit the full resources of the Attorney General’s Office to keep Arizona families safe."
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Have You Heard?

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Hear Our Republican Governor Candidate Doug Ducey at Senator Flake's Coffee Club Breakfast

Dynamic Republican Women  Making a Difference!
Be a part of the Republican Revolution!

Please Join 
U. S. Senator Jeff Flake
at the Coffee and Cocoa Club Breakfast
(formerly known as the Coffee Cup Club) 
With Special Guest
Republican Gubernatorial Nominee 
Doug Ducey
Saturday, November 1st, 2014

The Scottsdale Plaza Resort
7200 N. Scottsdale RD, Scottsdale, AZ 85253 
(North of Indian Bend on Scottsdale RD)
  Registration begins at 7:30 am
Breakfast and Program begins at 8:00 am
Seating is Limited
$25.00 per person

Coffee cups will be for Sale for $10/each

 Please RSVP by Tuesday Oct 28th, 2014 or call 602-845-0333

If you do make a reservation with Senator Flake's office, please let us know so we can have a PRWC  Table at the Breakfast

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Veteran Celebration at PRWC

 Dynamic Republican Women  Making a Difference!
Be a part of the Republican Revolution!
November General Meeting
Saturday, November 8, 2014
Gainey Ranch Golf Club
7600 E Gainey Club Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85258
Agenda Change for November!!
10:30 am Social   11:00 am Speaker with Meeting to Follow  12:00 Noon Luncheon  
Help Us Honor Our Veterans 
 - Bring  One to Our Meeting, Where They Will Receive a Special Gift! All Attendees are Invited to Attend Veteran Day Activities
 At Salt River Fields Following Meeting 
Featured Speaker
Jerry Iannaci
Volunteer CEO of Operation American Patriot Which Assists Veterans and Their Families Past and Present. Appointed by Senator John McCain in 2010 to Assist with Veteran's Issues. Former Homeland Security Special Advisor .

Annual Meeting to Elect 2015 Officers will Follow Speaker
Christmas Caring For America Collection to Provide Christmas Gifts For Two Veteran Families 
Basil Soup with Orzo Pasta 
Roasted New York Sirloin with Mashed Skin On New Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables and blue cheese demi 
Fresh Fruit Tartlet with Raspberry Sauce 
Saffron Israeli Couscous with Steamed Spinach Tomato Basil Coulis 

Mail your check and reservation to: 
Rosalie Barley, PRWC Treasurer 
P.O. Box 14425 
Scottsdale, AZ 85267
 Reservations should be made by Thursday, Nov. 6th !
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Reminder To Vote

Reminder - Your early ballot has been mailed to you
It must be received by your county recorder by November 4th
The General Election is on November 4th

Final Newsletter before Election Day


Friends and Supporters, we’re down to the wire and every vote counts.


I know this is a longer letter than usual, but it seems the newsprint media in the District has difficulties in reporting to their readership what I’ve done for LD6 and Arizona.

So, I’m going to wrap up as much as I can, and I implore you to share this with as many voters as you are able to.  Thank you for allowing me to represent you in our Statehouse.


Recently both the Payson Round-Up and the Flagstaff Daily Sun have asked me numerous questions and I have provided them with detailed statements and specific answers to their questions.  They have done their version of “Election 2014” but have omitted 99% of the copious materials I provided to them.  I suppose they believe in Free Speech as long as it’s one way; theirs.


So here is my summary of this election and the stark differences between myself and my inexperienced Progressive opponent.

First, let me emphasize my work on behalf of the citizens of Northern Arizona; twice I have fought for increasing funding options available to Coconino Community College.  I have introduced legislation to increase supplemental funding for all rural community colleges.  This effort was not in accord with the governor’s agenda and was consequently red-penciled out of the budget she ultimately signed.

Recently, with three other Republican House members, I launched an initiative to fund extending kindergarten classroom hours. 

Legislation I have moved to signature and into law provided for transparency in local government finances; requires marketable assets previously simply destroyed by police agencies to be sold lawfully to the general public (under strict legal standards); allows families in multi-family housing units to save thousands of dollars when they seek to make minor alterations to their homes; revamped Arizona’s antiquated liquor laws; provided a mechanism and seed funding to clean the urban-forest interface on state lands; allows cities and counties to join together and seek and obtain funding to develop new sources of water supplies; and decriminalized hunters by allowing them to carry a sidearm for personal protection.  This is just some of my record and reflects the hard issues I have fought for in the State Legislature.

As for the major themes of 
this election, and they are stark, I am an experienced representative and Chairman of a major committee (Ag & Water) who has put the needs of the district ahead of partisan politics as my record and endorsements demonstrate. 

On the other side of the ballot is an unproven challenger whose own record in public office led to his 2004 election defeat as Chairman of the Town Council in Columbia, Maryland; which is 75% larger than Flagstaff, Arizona. 

Additionally his home state of Maryland under adverse action, revoked the articles of incorporation of his private consulting corporation and he has not re-registered his corporation with the Arizona Secretary of State.

As Chairman of the Town Council in Columbia he moved to seal all Town financial records involving sums greater than $25,000.  He also moved to eliminate the Call to the Public from Council meetings. 

Another stark contrast between myself and my opponent is that I am a 5th generation rural Arizonan who, like many women in rural Arizona, has worked for over 20 years pulling a paycheck in a small rural Arizona blue-collar town.  My opponent, in contrast (who is non-specific in citing his corporate experience) is a recent transplant to Arizona from Columbia, a gentrified community that is in the second wealthiest county of the United States.


What is the major theme of 
this election? I believe that government should be on your side, not in your way.

My opponent in contrast believes that more government and more “investment” of your hard earned income are the only solutions to Arizona’s challenges.

The voters in LD6 have a very basic choice to make in this election:  More government involvement, regulations and encumbrances in your lives; or less dependence and more solutions, not theories.

I have a record, and so does my opponent.  This is the reason that groups as diverse as the Arizona League of Cities & Towns and Americans for Prosperity have endorsed me.  In contrast he is endorsed by Planned Parenthood and Equality Arizona.

THE CHOICE IS YOURS: More dependence on big brother, or more personal independence and freedom.  Choose wisely, your children and grandchildren will live with the decisions and actions you take today.


From time to time a phone call or email from my District to my office gets mired in the avalanche of communications I receive from all over the country.  But that is no excuse!  Recently I was politely reminded of this fact and I wish to apologize to Mr. Joseph Howe for not responding in a more timely way to his input.

I appreciate your input, please don’t stop!  I ask your forbearance however, if from time to time I don’t respond as quickly as many think I should.  So, Mr. Howe, if you’re reading this, thank you for reminding me.
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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

LAST PUSH TO VICTORY for all our Republican candidates.

Can you think of anything worse than losing the Secretary of State to a Democrat?

The answer to that is surely NO!  That race is VERY tight and every vote is crucial.  It will make the difference in VICTORY FOR MICHELE REAGAN!
Please come to the GOTV office on October 30, 2014 from 4:00 - 7:00 to help make last minute calls for Michele.  It's been proven over and over that these calls make the difference in tight races.
You can call Lori Urban at 480-221-9633 for more information or just come. Bring your cell phone.
The address is Regus, 7047 E Greenway Parkway just west of Scottsdale Rd on the south side of the street.  The suite is #250
Also, there are door hanger packets all stuffed and ready to hand out in your neighborhood.  Contact if you need them and Donna Reagan will get them delivered to you.


AZ LD23 With Sympathy On the Death Of Former Rep David Burnell Smith

LD23 Republican Committee Announcement
Former Arizona Rep. David Burnell Smith has died at age 73.

House Speaker Andy Tobin said Monday his staff received confirmation that Smith died Friday of what he called natural causes.

Smith stepped down from the Legislature in 2006. Smith vowed to return and made at least two efforts to regain his Scottsdale-based seat.

He lost a three-way Republican primary in Legislative District 15 in August. His campaign biography says Smith was born in Charleston, W.Va., and came to Arizona in 1982 with his wife Rita.

He was a lawyer by profession. Tobin says Smith loved being in the Legislature and pushed for lawsuit reform legislation even though many in his profession opposed it. Source: Arizona Republic
LD23 Republicans extend our deepest sympathy to his family and friends.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Please Help Elect Kathy Littlefield To The City Council

In the twelve-plus years I have been on the Scottsdale City Council I have always fought to protect Scottsdale’s special character and quality of life. I have opposed the short-sighted, parasitic “growth” promoted by the current Council majority, which actually degrades Scottsdale’s special character, overtaxes our infrastructure and costs existing residents both in tax dollars and in reduced quality of life. And I have fought the special interests who want to exploit Scottsdale's unique character for their own short-term gain.

Because of term limits I cannot continue on to serve on the Scottsdale City Council.  But you do have a candidate in the upcoming election who you know you can count on to continue to fight to Keep Scottsdale Special, Kathy Littlefield. Her leadership in defeating the third-of-a-billion-dollar property tax increase last fall proved to everyone what I have known for years, which is that Kathy has the skills, smarts and passion to fight for Scottsdale’s special character and quality of life.

The special interests certainly believe (and fear) that Kathy will be an effective advocate for Scottsdale residents. They proved that by spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of dark money on hit piece mailers and anti-Kathy signs designed to keep her off the City Council!

Even though the election is only a week away there are still many ways you can help Kathy’s campaign. She needs volunteers to pass out doorhangers and to make calls to potential voters. If you can help with either of these important tasks please contact her at or 480-951-2549. We also still have a few yard signs left.

The other thing you can do to help is to spread the word about Kathy’s positive campaign to be Your Voice On Council. Please ask your Scottsdale friends and neighbors to vote for Kathy. A recommendation from a trusted friend or relative is worth far more than any mailer or robocall. Email your contacts and let them know why they should vote for Kathy. Then, post that email to your Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts. Feel free to use any of the material on Kathy’s web site ( or Facebook page.

I believe this kind of grass roots campaigning will help Kathy to overcome the massive amounts of dark-money that the special interests are spending to keep Kathy off the City Council. And I appreciate your willingness to help.

Bob Littlefield

Scottsdale City Councilman