Saturday, December 5, 2015

Next Saturday! Senator John McCain with Mitt Romney in Mesa Arizona

A week from today I will be in Mesa with Mitt Romney -- will we see you there?

I am so proud to welcome Governor Romney to Arizona and excited for our event on December 12th.

We are almost out of tickets, so register now to ensure you get yours! You're Invited...

Be sure to tell your friends and family!

I look forward to seeing you in Mesa on December 12th.

John McCain
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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Mary Hamway: It's a different race this time

Mary Hamway
Thank you for your past support of my campaign for the Arizona House of Representatives in Legislative District 28. It was only through your friendship and past contributions that I was able to run a positive campaign that highlighted my many years of service to our community.

I feel that my experiences of serving on the Paradise Valley Town Council, representing our community's tourism interest on the Scottsdale Visitors and Convention Bureau and holding several positions for the LD28 GOP, continues to give me a unique opportunity to serve the voters of our district.

It's a different race this time, as the Democratic candidate has termed out, creating an open seat. It is important for the Republicans to take back this seat, and I feel that with my background I am the strongest candidate and offer the best chance.

That means that I need your support again. There are many ways to help including assisting me in gathering petition signatures, hosting an event in your home to meet your friends and neighbors and contributing to my campaign.

The end of the first campaign filing period is December 31st, and it would give my campaign a strong showing if you could make a contribution. I can only get my message out if I have the available funds to do so.

Any amount, large or small is helpful. You can make a secure donation online by going to my website If you would like to host an event or assist me in gathering petition signatures, please email me at or call me at 602-315-4635. Any support is welcome and once again I appreciate your friendship.

With gratitude,

Mary Hamway
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Very Interesting Stuff in Post from Republican Briefs

Have the gloves come off and gone public..I smell a conflict. be
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Wednesday – Dec 2, 2015
·       The Arizona Republican Assembly (AzRA) Christmas Party And State Membership Meeting is scheduled at 9 am., Sat., Dec 5 at the Devonshire Community Center, 2802 E Devonshire Ave, Phoenix 85016. Social time 8:30 am.  Enjoy fellowship & bake sale. Bring your baked items ready to sell. Also asking for cash donations for "Operation Enduring Gratitude” – an organization that helps veterans build a wheelchair ramp or gift cards for groceries or home repairs. AZRA members will also establish a plan for the January 2016 Maricopa County and AZGOP state meetings, as well as the next legislative session.  The State Executive Board meets at the close of the membership meeting. Contact: Chairman Thayer Verschoor

·       AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham, the executive board and elected officers have invited the Maricopa County Republican precinct committeemen, their family and friends to a free pancake breakfast at GOP headquarters, 3501 N. 24th St., Phx. between 8:30-11:30 am, Sat. Dec 5. No RSVP required.

·       The Clash Of The AZGOP and AzRA Events for Saturday morning, Dec 5 will be interesting.  Will AzRA members who are Maricopa County PCs end up at the AzRA Christmas party/state membership meeting or at the AZGOP free pancake breakfast.

·       Will AZGOP Chairman Robert Grahams’ pancake breakfast for Maricopa County precinct committeemen (PCs) become a recruitment party for PCs to sign up for the committee that the AZGOP is reportedly developing to derail both of the “Anyone ButJohn McCain” resolutions that are proposed for the Jan 16, 2016 Maricopa County GOP  and the Jan 23, 2016 AZGOP mandatory meetings. Reports are surfacing that the top guns at the AZGOP head shed are very quietly recruiting a list  of John McCain supporters from PCs leaders in an effort to form a committee to fight the “Anyone But John McCain” resolutions that came to light shortly  before Thanksgiving.

·       Maricopa County Grassroots PCs wishing to help co-sponsor the “Anyone But John McCain” resolution that has been submitted  to the MCRC Resolutions Committee for consideration during the Jan 16, 2016 Maricopa County Republican Mandatory meeting should email ASAP with their name, precinct, and email address, to receive a copy of the proposed MCRC resolution for review.  Over 100 MCRC PCs have already signed up to co-sponsor the resolution. See full story

·       As You May Recall, former Maricopa County Chairman AJ LaFaro submitted a “Anyone But John McCain” Resolution to the AZGOP just prior to Thanksgiving for consideration by state committeemen at the  Jan. 23 AZGOP State mandatory meeting.  A separate (but similar) resolution, carrying over 100 precinct committeemen signatures,  has since been submitted to the Maricopa County Republican Resolution Committee for inclusions on the Jan. 16 agenda for the MCRC precinct committeemen’s MCRC Mandatory meeting.

·       AZGOP Executive Director Chad Heywood said the AZGOP resolution committee would review LaFaro’s resolution, but Heywood’s annoyance was abundantly clear in his uncomplimentary comments about LaFaro to the Arizona Republic.  The 2014 “No Confidence” Resolution that passed overwhelmingly at both the Maricopa County and the AZGOP Mandatory meetings in 2014 were passed under LaFaro’s term a MCRC Chair. Passage of the “No Confidence” resolutions drew national publicity.  In retaliation, McCain’s camp reported attempted to cleanse conservative precinct committee and district chairs from leadership roles throughout  2014 and 2015.

Reminder:GOP Pancake Breakfast December 5 2015

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Monday, November 30, 2015

Arizona US Rep Matt Salmon: This is not a typo

Did you see what happened in Washington recently? In just one day, our national debt shot up $339.1 billion!

That's not a typo – 339,100,000,000 billion dollars!

It is unbelievable that politicians from both parties voted to give President Obama the authority to increase our national debt once again, with no meaningful reforms to cut wasteful spending and trim our budget deficits.

I did not vote for this horrible legislation, and I will never vote to increase our national debt until we finally get serious about slashing our government's bloated budgets.

Amazingly enough, some big-spending liberals now want to label me as irresponsible for voting against this awful legislation. They believe the government should always be handed a blank check, with no questions asked, whenever politicians demand it.

These liberals are already on the attack and hell-bent on voting me out of office.
Donate Now

Can I count on your contribution of $10, $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can give today so my campaign is prepared to fight back against these kinds of outrageous attacks?

I will never apologize for being a fiscal conservative, and I will never vote to kick the can down the road further so our children and grandchildren are left with a national debt they can never repay.

This fight is about the long-term economic health of our nation, and I can't keep fighting for you and our shared conservative values without your help.

Please click here now and donate whatever you can afford to my campaign. Even $10 will go a long way towards ensuring my campaign has the necessary resources to be victorious.

I remain committed to making serious and immediate changes to how Washington spends your money. Together, I am confident we can achieve these goals.

Thank you for all you do to get our country back on the right path.


Matt Salmon signature

Alex Meluskey U.S. Senate Candidate - Arizona Common Core Makes No Common Sense

Meluskey for Senate

In 2014, voters made their voices heard when they elected a Superintendent of Public Instruction who ran solely on the basis of eliminating Common Core. During the superintendent’s first days in office she attempted to remove pro common core members from the State Board of Education, but she was met with resistance from the governor—resulting in her actions being overruled.
I am a firm believer parents and educators should be in command of the education students receive. I believe elected officials should be free to carry out the wishes of those who elected them. Do you believe as I do?
Unfortunately, some in our state senate do not seem to hold the same beliefs. State Senator Kelli Ward, introduced Senate Bill 1038. The language in the bill echoed the actions of the governor, removing any authority the superintendent once held over the board.Ward teamed up with the governor to derail the Common Core Replacement Act creating instead a “committee” to gather recommendations. 

Why does Kelli think we need another committee and another “thoughtful study” to tell her what we already know to be right?

The utter disrespect shown to Arizona voters by this move greatly undermines their voice and their choices when it comes to the education of their children and begs the question, where does Kelli Ward really stand on Common Core and why should we believe her now? Politicians looking to continue their political progression have fooled us long enough.
As your next United States Senator, I will fight to empower you in keeping control over your child’s education rather than relinquishing it to the federal government and entrenched bureaucrats. Will you join me?
I have a daughter in high school and a son in college. I will be your ally in Washington and in our state to bring common sense back to our local schools because common core makes no common sense.
Alex Meluskey                                                                                                                      
U.S. Senate Candidate - Arizona
Read more about these bills here.