Saturday, June 14, 2014

We sent a "Prada Socialist" to Congress

On this date in 2006, The American Spectator ran an article where Kyrsten Sinema was proudly boasting about her roots as a socialist.

You may not know that even more recently Sinema described herself as a "Prada Socialist" - rather ironic considering socialism makes everyone poorer.

Seriously, you can't make this stuff up.
This is the worst recovery on record and our debt is larger than our entire economy. I'm tired of confused politicians, like Sinema, who embrace big government policies that hurt Middle Class Arizona families while furthering their own political ambitions.
I'm fighting for hard-working Arizonans, economic freedom and opportunities for all. I'll work to grow our economy and pass a Balanced Budget Amendment.

If you agree with my vision for our future, and want to retire the "Prada Socialist" currently representing AZ-09, please join me by contributing $50, $25, $10, $5 or whatever you can today. Arizona deserves better.



Andrew Walter

Free Enterprise Club PAC Endorses Jeff DeWit

PHOENIX, AZ - The Arizona Free Enterprise Club PAC today announced the endorsement of Jeff DeWit for State Treasurer. The conservative DeWit is in a tough 3-way Republican primary for the office against two other establishment candidates.

Jeff DeWit’s strong business background and conservative free market principles is what earned him the endorsement from the Club. “Jeff is the type of pro-growth, limited government candidate we need in the Treasurers office,” PAC spokesman Scot Mussi said.

Being a first time candidate, Jeff won’t be the establishments’ choice, but his impressive experience in the financial sector makes him the most qualified for the position. “Simply put, there is only one person with the credentials and expertise to be Arizona’s next Treasurer, and that is Jeff DeWit.”

I am honored to have this endorsement. I am proud to stand with the Arizona Free Enterprise Club and many other conservative business leaders from around the state in support of free markets, fiscal responsibility, and economic prosperity.

The Arizona Free Enterprise Club is a pro-growth advocacy group dedicated to Arizona issues and politics. Their mission is to promote policies and candidates that encourage economic prosperity and limited government for all businesses and taxpayers.

Scott Smith AZ Candidate For Governor Watch Our Ad - Leadership

Mayor Scott Smith - Leadership
Get to know Mayor Scott Smith, the leader from those who know him best.
Smith Governor 2014

Friday, June 13, 2014

A Message on our Diminishing Water Rights from AZ Congressman David Schweikert

The EPA Extended the Waters of the U.S. Public Comment Period  
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) just announced an extension of the public comment period for the  from the original deadline of July 21, 2014 to the new deadline of October 20, 2014. 
In an email to congressional staff, the EPA writes that: "This extension is in response to numerous requests received by the agencies. The agencies are continuing to meet with representatives of States and local governments, stakeholders, and elected officials during the comment period."
When I look at the southwest and how we manage our water, I see a very different view than what's being portrayed in the current rule. This rule goes beyond the spirit of the Clean Water Act and is an incredible overreach of power.
Join the conversation and share your comments using one of the methods listed below:
The proposed rule is identified by Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OW-2011-0880.
Follow the instructions for making comments
  • Email: Include EPA-HQ-OW-2011-0880 in the subject line of the message.
  • Mail: Send the original and three copies of comments to: Water Docket, Environmental Protection Agency, Mail Code 2822T, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20460, Attention: Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OW-2011-0880.
  • Hand Delivery/Courier: Deliver comments to EPA Docket Center, EPA West, Room 3334, 1301 Constitution Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20460, Attention Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OW-2011-0880. Such deliveries are accepted only during the Docket's normal hours of operation, which are 8:30 a.m.. to 4:30 p.m.., Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays. Special arrangements should be made for deliveries of boxed information. The telephone number for the Water Docket is 202-566-2426.
On March 25, 2014, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S.. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) released a proposed rule that would assert Clean Water Act (CWA) jurisdiction over nearly all areas with any hydrologic connection to downstream navigable waters, including man-made conveyances such as ditches.  In early May, 2014, Congressman Schweikert joined House colleagues in a  to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and Department of the Army Secretary John McHugh or the proposed draft rule defining 'waters of the US' to be withdrawn and returned for further analysis and revision. Last Monday, Congressman Schweikert hosted a joint roundtable in Phoenix with stakeholders from the Arizona business and agricultural community. Participants and panelists discussed the implications of the EPA's proposed "Waters of the U.S." Clean Water Act rule. 
Letter to EPA

Mayor Scott Smith Tours Rural Hospitals, Challenges Opponents' Position on Medicaid Restoration

Scott Smith for Governor 2014
Press Release
Smith only GOP candidate to support Restoration, which protects rural hospitals across Arizona
PHOENIX—Mayor Scott Smith, Republican candidate for Governor, today completed a weeklong tour of rural hospitals across Arizona to learn more about their challenges and to see firsthand the quality care they deliver to their communities. After meeting with staff at health centers in Prescott and Yuma, Mayor Smith talked about his continued support for Medicaid Restoration.

"For rural communities like Prescott and Yuma, Medicaid Restoration was critical to helping their hospitals continue to provide quality service," stated Mayor Smith. "Protecting rural hospitals was one of the reasons I have always supported Medicaid Restoration. My opponents, however, would put the health of rural hospitals in jeopardy simply to make a partisan point. Arizonans are tired of political games that focus on self-interested politicians. We need leaders to make tough decisions and put the well-being of Arizonans first and that's why I support Governor Brewer's Medicaid Restoration Plan."

As the only Republican candidate who supports Governor Brewer's Medicaid Restoration Plan, Mayor Smith will protect rural hospitals and continue to ensure rural communities have access to quality health care.

To learn more about Mayor Smith and his campaign, visit


Jeff Schwartz Receives Chamber Endorsements!

Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce and 
Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry 
Recognize Jeff Schwartz as the
Best Person for State Senate LD23

Schwartz continues to recieve strong backing of business community
PHOENIX (June 12, 2014) - State Senate Candidate and businessman Jeff Schwartz, is honored to be the recipient of endorsements by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. 

PHOENIX (June 12, 2014) - State Senate Candidate and businessman Jeff Schwartz, is honored to be the recipient of endorsements by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. 

"I appreciate the comprehensive process these two organizations went through in making this decision and am encouraged by their support," said Schwartz. 

Schwartz has identified jobs and the economy, education and public safety as his top priorities for the campaign. He thanks the business community for their confidence in his ability to serve and lead.

"Businesses looking to expand, relocate or start in Arizona, need to have confidence that the state legislature is working to make a business friendly state that won't over-regulate, over-tax, and over-burden them." 
About Jeff Schwartz:  Jeff Schwartz is a first time candidate for office.  He is a Scottsdale businessman, cancer survivor, sports enthusiast, community volunteer and second-generation American. 

About the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee:  The Chamber PAC was established in 1978 to help pro-business candidates get elected to state, county and local offices and ultimately improve the overall business climate in Greater Phoenix.  The Chamber first became a Super PAC in 2003- the first Chamber in Arizona to achieve this elite distinction which allows the PAC to drastically increase its support of pro-business candidates.  To date, the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce is one of two Chambers in the state to achieve Super PAC status.

About the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry:   We are committed to ensuring economic growth and prosperity for all Arizonans. We advocate for free-market policies and work to advance Arizona as a leading player in the global economy. We aim to serve as the collective voice for Arizona business at the state legislature -- representing the interests of commerce and industry in an effort to further grow our state economy.
 For more information, please visit:


 AZ. Corporation Commission

Jobs Aren't the Only Factor in Arizona's Economy

Ken Bennett for Governor
Imagine a government that makes it easier for businesses to thrive, not just survive.
Most people know, government doesn’t create jobs, private industry does.  An efficient government implements policies that create the best environment for economic growth and gets out of the way.  If Arizona is to live up to its potential, we must select a leader who will challenge the status quo to get things done.
Running our family’s fuel distribution business in northern Arizona gave me a unique understanding of how government can impact a small business, both positively and negatively. 
Without doubt, Arizona’s economic future depends on a healthy partnership between state government and the private sector —both for the businesses we want to attract, and for those already here. 
Arizona’s economy is still extremely fragile and we need steadfast, experienced leadership to guide us through these uncertain times.  We must elect a leader who understands entrepreneurialship and how to govern at the state and local level, not someone who requires on-the-job training.  
Arizona must project a professional, business-friendly image.  We’ll adopt pro-growth tax policies and eliminate bureaucratic red tape. Most importantly, we will create a government that boosts the private sector, not burdens it.
If you agree, please join our effort to reinvent the way Arizona does business.  Take a moment and connect with our camp at  With your help, we can take the first step in transforming our state for the better!

Ken's signature
Ken Bennett

What's Coming Up:

  • Graham County Tea Party and Graham County Republican Women Candidate Forum, Safford
  • Seligman Centennial Celebration
  • Fountain Hills Tea Party Gubernatorial Forum
  • Tuscon Electric Power Company BBQ
  • Chandler Leadership Government Day
  • Farm Bureau Gubernatorial Forum, Wilcox

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mason and Parker Opposed To Property Tax Hike On Solar Units

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                                                                        
Contact: Nathan Sproul, 480-303-7175
June 12, 2014                                                                                                                      
Mason and Parker Opposed To Property Tax Hike On Solar Units

On Wednesday, June 4, Lucy Mason and Vernon Parker attended a rally at the Department of Revenue to voice their opposition to the new property tax increase imposed by the Department of Revenue.

The Department of Revenue issued an internal agency letter creating a rule to be used for county and state property tax assessments specifically siting leased solar panels on residential and business installations. The language directly overturns a law passed in 2009 and the 2014 legislature specifically rejected this language when DOR ran legislation proposing to include it in law this year.

Statement by Vernon Parker:

“I was stunned at the process pursued by special interest groups to advance this tax hike. There is little doubt in my mind that this is an attempt by large special interests in our state to silence their opposition by putting them out of business. Unfortunately, it is the consumer that pays the price while special interest groups fight it out in the back rooms of government. The most shameful part of this tax increase is that bureaucrats did it in the shadows. If I remember my history correctly, our nation was founded on the concept of ‘no taxation without representation.’ I hope my fellow candidates will join me in condemning this outrageous conduct and demand an immediate repeal. If elected to the Arizona Corporation, I will be a voice for transparency. I will demand accurate and honest accounting of every company regulated by the Commission. The ratepayers of Arizona deserve nothing less.”

Statement by Lucy Mason:

“When I was in the Legislature, I always opposed property tax increases. It’s not the way we should raise tax revenues. In this case, I’m doubly against it. First, we really don’t know for sure who funded this unprecedented and secretive lobbying effort. Clearly, a special interest group is trying to put their opponents out of business. There needs to be greater transparency, especially when it involves a tax increase. Second, tax increases should always be a last resort and enacted by the people’s representatives. I am shocked that a tax increase could be rammed through as a matter of rule making after the increase failed in the Legislature. This situation is a perfect example of why I’m running for the Corporation Commission. Special interest groups used all their crony capitalism tricks to sneak a tax hike through at the expense of the ratepayer. I will stand up against special interests and crony capitalism and stand for the people. ”


Former Governor Jane Dee Hull joins my campaign

My campaign received a big endorsement today from former Governor Jane Dee Hull.  Arizona has a history of strong, female leaders and Governor Hull was there at the beginning of that legacy.  She rose through the ranks in the House of Representatives becoming the first female Speaker of the House, served as Secretary of State and became the first woman elected as Governor of Arizona. 

Governor Hull was a well-respected leader who applied common-sense solutions, reached for compromise and always put Arizona's best interests ahead of politics.  I'm humbled to have my journey from a freshman legislator to a high-ranking member of the Senate, and now pursuing the Office of Secretary of State, mirror the path she blazed for women in Arizona politics.  I am honored to receive her endorsement.

As a former Secretary of State, I know that the job requires a steady, experienced hand, an understanding of our state’s elections, and knowledge of the complex business regulatory environment. In this year’s election, the only candidate with the necessary experience and character for Secretary of State is Michele Reagan. With Michele Reagan’s experience on both the Commerce Committee and Senate Elections Committee, she is the only candidate with the necessary combination of a relevant, private-sector business background and appropriate legislative experience.  I am proud to lend my name and my support to Michele Reagan’s candidacy for Secretary of State. "

- Former Arizona Governor Jane Dee Hull

Mayor Scott Smith Releases Business Plan to Build a Better Arizona

Smith Governor 2014
The Business Plan to Build a Better Arizona
Mayor Scott Smith has a proven track record of creating jobs and stimulating economic growth. As a CEO, Scott led a struggling homebuilder from the edge of bankruptcy to phenomenal success, with 350 employees and more than $200 million in annual revenues. As the Mayor of Mesa, Scott closed a $62 million budget deficit by slimming the work force, cutting spending and creating efficiencies. The result? Mesa grew services and became the 3rd safest big city in America while spending fewer tax dollars.

Mayor Smith's positive, forward-thinking economic vision for the state is clear, as his Business Plan for Arizona details.

As Governor, Smith will bring an intense focus to Arizona's economic strengths -- what he calls HEAT, (Healthcare, Education & Energy, Aerospace & Agriculture, and Technology & Tourism). Under a Smith administration, Arizona will attain educational excellence, get bureaucrats and regulations out of the way of job creators, maximize our international business possibilities and fully restore an economy still limping in the wake of the Great Recession.

Read Mayor Smith's business plan for yourself and let us know what you think by emailing us at Together, we can Build a Better Arizona.
Read Scott Smith's Business Plan to Build a Better Arizona

AZ Rep David Schweikert's Throw Back Thursday

Many of you know that I've served Arizona in and out of public life for the last 30 some odd years. 
I've made it a point to return to business each time.  But, whether it's been a neighborhood precinct committeeman, county treasurer, chairman of our state tax court, a state legislator, and now a U.S. Congressman, service to Arizona has always been #1.  I am deeply passionate about doing what I can to save my country.  
Here is a fun "throw back Thursday" image of me from years ago.
Like you probably do, I continue to believe that we can make a difference by getting involved in public affairs. 
That said, Barack Obama makes it more and more difficult to think we can actually get anything done.  He has expanded the scope and power of the federal government at a crushing speed.  It's heartbreaking to see what he has done to our economy.  His administration has left us in more debt and greater fiscal jeopardy than even I could ever imagine.   
That's precisely why we must double-down. 
Please know how much I appreciate your continued help, and everything you do to make our country better.
David Schweikert

Get your yard sign today! Randy Pullen For AZ State Treasurer

Randy Pullen for Arizona Treasurer
As we cross the state, it has been overwhelming to see the amount of support we have received for our campaign for Arizona State Treasurer. Our message of being the Proven Conservative With Experience is resonating and now you can help us spread that message!

Putting a small sign in your front yard is one of the easiest ways you can help our campaign. Our team is out delivering signs now so Click Here to request one today or reply to this email with your name and address.

This is such an important election and your support is critical. Thank you again for joining with me to make sure Arizona is led by someone with a proven track record.


Randy Pullen

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Chamber Endorsements-Effie for AZ House of Reprensentatives

I am excited to share with you that this month I received two important endorsements to my campaign.

First, on June 2nd, The Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry honored me with their endorsement of my candidacy. I am only one of 31 state-wide House candidates to receive this endorsement and the ONLY candidate for the House in Legislative District 23. 

Then on June 11th, The Phoenix Chamber of Commerce honored me with their endorsement of my candidacy.  The Phoenix Chamber only endorsed 30 state-wide House candidates and, like The Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry endorsement, I am the ONLY candidate for the House in Legislative District 23 to receive their endorsement.  I look forward to working with both organizations on issues that move Arizona forward and provide opportunities for all hardworking Arizonans.

I will continue to focus on three vitals areas - Education, Public Safety, Infrastructure. These are the responsibilities of state government. While they are not controversial or difficult to understand and it is frustrating to see this foundational obligation get lost in rhetoric with a negative impact on our communities. From education, to CPS, foster care, and our crumbling State infrastructure, the lack of future focus in our governing bodies is being felt in every home and business.  It is time we turn down the noise and just do the job.  As your Representative, my priorities will be focused on strengthening this foundation, meeting the needs of today but with a plan for tomorrow.
Learn more about what these basic responsibilities mean to me in this short video.

Upcoming events

  • LD 23 candidate forum – Thursday, June 12, 6:30 pm, Fountain Hills School District Learning Center, 16,000 E. Palisades Blvd., Fountain Hills
  • Don’t cook Monday – Monday, June 16, 5:30 pm, Peter Piper Pizza, 15745 N Hayden Rd., Scottsdale (FLW and Hayden)
  • Meet and Greet – Wednesday, June 18, 4:30 pm, Via Linda Senior Center, 10440 E Via Linda, Scottsdale (Shea and 104th St)
  • Meet and Greet – Thursday, June 19, 4:30 pm, Granite Reef Senior Center, 1700 North Granite Reef Rd., Scottsdale (McDowell and Hayden)

Voter calls and evening walks occur weekly. Contact if you have a few hours to join us this week

Your help was critical-Sal DiCiccio

I hope this message finds you and your family well. 

As you know the last campaign was a tough one for Sal and our family. Your help was critical for the victory, but more importantly for the future direction of Phoenix.

We hate to ask again, but with this election cycle we really need to bolster our defense against the future attacks that we hear are coming. 

Last election we did not move fast enough and the government unions spent over $1 million in the race to try to stop the reforms Sal was getting through City Hall.  Reforms that are meant to protect the city and reforms that are designed to protect all of our families from the fiscal nightmare cities like Detroit are witnessing across our great country.

We cannot be caught off guard again. 

The last election you gave a generous donation of $200. I am asking if you could match that again this time. 

Additionally, the contribution limits have changed and any individual can now give $2,500 per person.

We wouldn’t be asking if we didn’t need your help.  To make an on-line contribution please follow the link to:

If you would rather send a check, please send it to our home address with the check made out to DiCiccio for City Council. With a check contribution we will also need:

A full name, address (city, state, and zip), occupation, and employer.
Thanks again and we continue to appreciate your support!
Sal and Debbie DiCiccio 
3402 East Manso Court
Phoenix, AZ  85044

If you need to reach me, you can call me on my personal cell at 602-885-0642

Again, thank you so much for all the help you have given us.

Debbie DiCiccio 

AZ Fundraiser for Yarbrough, Mesnard and Weninger - Tuesday, June 17th

 The maximum contribution for an individual is $2,000. Couples may contribute up to $4,000 (both must sign the check). Corporate contributions are not permitted. Accepting PAC contributions. Contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal tax purposes.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mayor Scott Smith Condemns Federal Immigration Failures

Scott Smith for Governor 2014
Mayor Scott Smith Condemns Federal Immigration Failures,
Calls for Congressional Hearings on Arizona Crisis
Republican Governor's candidate meets with Nogales Mayor, demands Congressional hearings over immigrant dumping policy

NOGALES—Mayor Scott Smith, Republican candidate for Arizona Governor, called for a Congressional Hearing into the Obama Administration policy of dumping immigrants, many of them unaccompanied children, at locations in Arizona and demanded a thorough investigation of how and why this policy was approved by the federal government.

"I'm here today to learn firsthand what state and local leaders have described to me as a serious failure of our border policy and a humanitarian crisis," said Mayor Smith. "Last week, when I first heard about the dumping of illegal immigrants into Arizona, I called such a failure of leadership 'the absolute height of stupidity.' Seeing firsthand this gross failure underscores how badly we need Washington to fix our broken border policy and broken immigration system.

"I believe that discarding human beings like throwaways – especially children – is unconscionable and the height of irresponsibility. This situation represents a failure of leadership by President Obama and gross negligence by the Administration and the Department of Homeland Security. What is happening here in Arizona is absolutely unacceptable."

Said Mayor Smith: "This morning, I am calling on the Arizona Congressional delegation to initiate hearings to determine the parties responsible for this crisis. Somewhere in the vast federal bureaucracy, the United States of America federal government employs staff who believed it was acceptable to dump illegal immigrants – including children without their parents – at bus stations and facilities in Arizona. That is indeed the absolute height of stupidity."

Arizona Mayors Skoog and Hakim Endorse Mark Brnovich For AZ AG

Bullhead City Mayor Jack Hakim and Prescott Valley Mayor Harvey Skoog endorsed Mark Brnovich for Attorney General.

Mayor Jack Hakim remarked:
“Having a sit down with Mark Brnovich and posing a number of questions to him, I found candidate Mark Brnovich to cut through the chase and respond without hesitation. I believe that Mark has the values, credentials and experience needed as Arizona’s next Attorney General.”

Mayor Harvey Skoog commented:

“After much consideration concerning the office of the Arizona Attorney General, I have decided to give my full support to candidate Mark Brnovich. This is a time of growth, fiscal challenges, and diverse political issues. He offers the knowledge, work ethic, and dedication that brings him to the forefront of handling and overseeing the State of Arizona’s legal concerns.”

“The next Attorney General must represent all of Arizona. From Bullhead City to Sierra Vista, and Yuma to Prescott Valley,” said Brnovich. “I pledge to all of our Arizona communities that when I am Attorney General I will personally engage with them to address the issues they face.” Brnovich added, “The Attorney General should fight for all of Arizona, not just Maricopa County.” 

Conservatives Unite

It doesn't take long to realize that the far left is coming after us.
Just look at the last week.
Barack Obama and the extreme left are poised to try to gain more power with a vengeance.
From state to state, right back to Arizona, they have activists on the ground working against everything you and I know must be done to save this country.
Harry Reid knows he has everything to lose.
Are you willing to invest everything to defeat him and erode his power base from the ground up?
I sure hope the answer is yes, because together, I know we can undo Washington's damage.
David Schweikert