Friday, March 7, 2014

Check Out Arizona Candidate Miguel Olivas Web Site It's a Winner

Olivas for Congress 2014

Mike Olivas is seeking the Republican nomination for Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District. Born in Tucson, Arizona and raised in Morenci, Mike’s family relied on natural resource based industries like mining, agriculture, and cattle ranching to work and earn a living. Mike understands from firsthand experiences the challenges and changes needed in Washington D.C.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The best choice in the race for Governor is Doug Ducey-Former Governor Fife Symington

I get asked the question all the time:  "Who are you supporting in the race for governor?"
And I have a very straightforward answer:  "I'm all in for Doug Ducey."
It's a job I know something about, and I have a pretty good understanding of what it takes to succeed in the office:  The right ideas.  The mental toughness to stick with conservative principles.  An understanding of what it takes to create jobs because he's actually done it.  And a deep and genuine concern for kids, who deserve better than to be trapped in underperforming schools that don't give them the skills they need for success in life.
I've gotten to know Doug well over the past several years.  Here's what impresses me:  Doug has a clear vision about where he wants to lead the state.  His focus is the economy and making Arizona a magnet for job creation and economic opportunity.  That has to be the number one priority for our next governor, and Doug has the right background, skills, and ideas to actually make a difference.
There's no substitute for leadership, and Doug Ducey has the leadership gene.  Arizona will be well served by him as governor.
If you'd like to join me in supporting Doug, please visit his website at Please volunteer to help or make a contribution.  It's a crowded field in the Republican primary, and your involvement can help make a difference.
The governor's office matters.  I ask you to join me in supporting someone who will make a truly great Governor: Doug Ducey.

Fife Symington
Arizona Governor, 1991-1997

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Coffee With Arizona House Rep Kate Brophy McKee, accepting donations for police...

I hope you will join me this coming Monday for Coffee with Kate at the Phoenix Police Sergeants and Lieutenants Association Offices.  I wanted to let you know that at the event I am gladly accepting donations on behalf of the families of fallen City of Phoenix Police Officer John Hobbs and his critically-wounded partner.  Those who contribute $20 or more will receive a free Coffee With Kate mug.  All donations will be presented to the 100 Club of Arizona on behalf of these Phoenix police officers and their families. 

I am pleased to be joined in this effort by Senator Adam Driggs. I look forward to seeing everyone there.

Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick did it again

Fellow Arizonan,

Ann Kirkpatrick did it again. Once again she chose blind loyalty to Nancy Pelosi at the expense of Arizona.

Yesterday she voted against delaying the ObamaCare individual mandate. This is just another example of Ann Kirkpatrick appeasing Nancy Pelosi instead of protecting Arizona from the negative effects of ObamaCare.

Andy Tobin will fight to repeal this bad law and he won’t be pushed around by Washington power brokers like Nancy Pelosi. Join the cause and help Andy take conservative Arizona solutions to Washington.

Please take a few minutes right now to donate $12, $125, $1250 or $2600 to Andy’s campaign or host Andy at your home!


Craig Handzlik
Campaign Manager
Andy Tobin for U.S. Congress

Mark Brnovich Candidate For AZ Attorney General-Did you hear what Eric Holder said?

Did you hear what our United States Attorney General, Eric Holder, said in an interview with the NY Times?

Last week, speaking to the National Association of Attorneys General, Mr. Holder encouraged state attorneys general to ignore and not defend laws they personally disagree with.  

You read that right.

Clearly, our United States Attorney General does not understand his role. I was recently quoted in a Weekly Standard article pointing out that attorneys general are the last lines of defense against the overreach of the Obama Administration:

“Arizonans deserve an attorney general who understands the federal and the state constitution, that makes sure that all of our rights and liberties are protected, and whether that’s protecting us from federal encroachment, such as Obamacare, and making sure that the rule of law is upheld.” (Weekly Standard, March 3, 2014, VOL.19, NO. 24).

The attorney general is the defender of the state constitution.  Arizona needs an attorney general who will not selectively enforce the law based upon personal opinions.

It is not up to the attorney general to pick winners and losers or choose which laws to defend based upon their personal beliefs.  The role of the attorney general is to uphold and defend the law and the will of the voters.

Please Visit my web site to get involved and help me to continue spreading my message of restoring integrity to the Office of Attorney General and will allow me to stand up for Arizona.

Thank you,


P.S.  Unlike Attorney General Holder, I will not be an activist AG.

Maricopa County Republicans Has Changed Their Policy

Maricopa County Republicans
Candidates, Legislators, Campaign Managers and Public Relations Firms
All may submit OP-ED'S and Articles
Campaign Material
Arizona GOP
News Updates
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All submissions will be posted without asking for contributions but, we have changed our policy we will post your request for contributions and a link to your web site
Requirement No name calling
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Share with us what you are doing to preserve the Republic
Submit to:

Business community supports Andy Tobin For US Congress!

In 2013, Forbes named Arizona its “Top State for Future Job Growth.” This amazing award is due in part to Andy’s relentless fight to cut government and cut spending in Arizona. Tobin is a battle-tested conservative fighter for small businesses, families and taxpayers. Here’s what the Arizona Restaurant Association has to say about Andy:

Tobin will represent you faithfully in Congress and continue to fight for Arizona solutions in Washington. But we need your help!

Please take a few minutes right now to donate to the campaign or host Andy at your home with your friends for coffee or an informal lunch!


Craig Handzlik
Campaign Manager

Andy Tobin for U.S. Congress

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Washington Is broken-Wil Cardon Candidate For AZ Secretary of State

I don't think I need to tell you that Washington, D.C. is broken. 

Unfortunately, the career politicians, big-government bureaucrats, and special-interest lobbyists who dominate Washington have created a self-contained ecosystem in our nation's capital that is completely detached from the realities that face the average American.

Unlike the rest of the country, Washington, D.C. has propsered during our recent economic downturn. While Obamacare is killing jobs in Arizona and across the country, it is creating them in Washington. When Congress passes a law that impacts the rest of the country, they more often than not exempt themselves and others in Washington from that very law. 

If there was one thing I learned from my campaign for Senate, it is this disconnect from the average American that will prevent Washington from enacting meaningful policies that will fix the problems facing our great country. While we might have four great Republican Congressmen fighting for us here in Arizona, they are unfortunately outnumbered and outgunned by career politicans and special-interests that do not have our best interests in mind. For the sake of our Republic, this country must be saved from the local level on up.

This is one of the main reasons while I have decided to run for Secretary of State. I believe that as Secretary of State, I can play an active role in making sure that Arizona prospers in spite of Washington's dysfunction and corruption. Whether it is working to bring new businesses to Arizona, standing up to Eric Holder to protect the integrity of our elections, or advocating for conservative reforms to our state government, as your next Secretary of 
State I plan to devote myself to making Arizona a better place in spite of our out of control federal government. With your support, I hope to work to accomplish this important goal. 
On a different topic, I would greatly appreciate it if you could sign my online nomination petition if you haven't already. Please click here to sign - it will take less than a minute and all you need is your drivers license number. 

Additionally, Please visit my web site to get involved. HERE Finally, if you are attending the Maricopa County Republican Committee Lincoln Day Luncheon on Saturday, March 8th, please make sure to stop by our campaign's table. 
Thank you,

Wil Cardon

ICYMI: AZ Rep Matt Salmon Earns 100 Percent Ratings from Pro-Growth, Pro-Economic Freedom Groups

Salmon Scores 100% on Pro-Growth, Pro-Economic Freedom Scorecards
Sole Arizonan Representative with 100% lifetime rating
from Club for Growth and FreedomWorks

Washington—Today, Rep. Matt Salmon (AZ-05) released the following statement regarding his perfect scores from Club for Growth and FreedomWorks on his 113th Congress voting record.

"I came back to Washington fully committed to making tough choices, cutting spending and balancing our budget. I am honored to be recognized for my voting record that reflects those tough fiscal decisions by the Club for Growth and FreedomWorks," said Rep. Matt Salmon. "During my time in Congress, I have represented Arizona's 5th Congressional District by voting to help eliminate this wasteful government spending and reduce our debt, and I will continue to do so. We must do this. It will take tough choices and honest debate on what our country can afford, but failure to act now will merely push those hard choices down the road and increase the burdens we leave for the next generation."

"With his score of 100%, and a lifetime score of 100%, Rep. Matt Salmon has demonstrated that he is a fighter for free markets and limited government," said Club for Growth President Chris Chocola. "Congress looks for any excuse to spend our tax dollars and grow government, but in 2013, the people of Arizona's Fifth Congressional District had Rep. Salmon standing up for them in Washington. If we had more pro-economic growth fighters like him serving in Congress today, America would be a better place."

Rep. Salmon scored a 100% for Club for Growth's 2013 Congressional Scorecard and maintains a 100% lifetime rating.

He scored a 100% for FreedomWork's 2013 Congressional Scorecard and maintains a 100% lifetime rating.

Rep. Salmon is the sole Arizonan Representative with a 100% lifetime rating from both Club for Growth and FreedomWorks.

Club for Growth publishes an annual scorecard so Club members and the public can monitor the actions and the voting behavior of Members of Congress on economic growth issues. The Club conducted a comprehensive examination of each lawmaker's record on pro-growth policies and computed a score on a scale of 0 to 100. A score of 100 indicates the highest support for pro-growth policies. Those lawmakers scoring 90 or higher in 2010—and who also have a lifetime score of 90 or higher—receive the Defender of Economic Freedom award.

FreedomWorks identifies the most important votes on issues of economic freedom and scores Members of Congress based on their votes. They also use a scale of 100, thus the higher the score, the more often the Member is on the side fighting for lower taxes, less government and more freedom.

To learn more about the Club for Growth, visit To learn more about FreedomWorks, visit

Rep. Matt Salmon (AZ-05) serves on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs as Chairman of the Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere. He is also a member of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

*Press release was originally produced by the official office*

Monday, March 3, 2014

Arizona: Andy Tobin for US Congress Thanks You For Your Support

Thank you for supporting my campaign for Congress! Thanks to you, we are well on our way to defeating Ann Kirkpatrick. It is critical that we send a battle-tested, proven conservative to Washington with Arizona solutions.
  • I led to pass the largest tax cuts in Arizona’s history while simultaneously passing the state’s largest spending cuts.
  • I authored and passed Arizona’s ban on partial-birth abortion.
  • Even while the President was attacking Arizona from Washington, I voted for and defended SB1070 and passed E-Verify.
  • I voted against ObamaCare! I even sued the federal government over it.
  • I voted for constitutional carry and have a “100% ‘A’ Rating” from the National Rifle Association.
Please Visit my web page to participate in Andy's campaign or host Andy at your home with your friends for coffee or an informal lunch!



Sunday, March 2, 2014

Toby Farmer Candidate For Arizona Senate in legislative district 13.

My name is Toby Farmer and I am running for the Arizona Senate in legislative district 13. I live in Buckeye with my wife Missy of 5 years along with our three beautiful young sons. LD13 is an extremely large district that encompasses the West Valley and extends southwest through portions of Yuma.

I'm running because I want to help insure my family and my children have the opportunity to follow their passions and build something in an environment where the economy is ripe with opportunity. I want their ambitions and hard work to not be stifled by the government.

At age 19 I founded my first business and I've been a serial entrepreneur ever since. I currently own a technology company based here in Arizona and previously founded and ran a private equity and holdings firm. As a former Ronald Reagan Fellow at the Goldwater Institute I studied and worked on economic policy and I am a firm believer in free market principles.

Like many in the state, I grew frustrated and alarmed with the representation by the district's current State Senator. I believe that when elected officials make headlines they should make sure they do it for the right reasons, not because of controversy. I believe elected officials serve at the will of the voters and that we have a responsibility to hold our elected officials accountable.

As I travel around the district and meet with voters it is clear they are looking for someone who will represent them with integrity and honor. They are looking for someone who will provide vision and someone who will work every single day with an unmatched tenacity to bring conservative free market values to the state legislature.

But the truth is that I am running against an entrenched incumbent and I need your support to help get my message out and introduce myself to voters. We have great momentum in our race and I currently have a slight fundraising advantage in my race. Please visit my web site:
I look forward to speaking with you. If you have any questions my cell is 480.243.4272.

Deepest Thanks,
Toby Farmer ​