Saturday, February 15, 2014

Andy Tobin Why I am Running For Congress

Why I'm Running-View Video
As you may already know, I am running to defeat Ann Kirkpatrick in Arizona’s 1st Congressional District because I believe it is important to have people in Washington who represent the values we share.  
Voters are tired of politicians saying one thing and doing another.  They want leaders with a proven record of leadership, solutions and results. Leaders that stand up for what they believe in.
It is important for me to let you know who I am, where I come from and what I have been fighting for in the Arizona Legislature over the past six years.
I am a father of five, husband, small business owner and current Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives.  I have built careers in real estate, banking and insurance where I have created jobs and helped small businesses grow and expand.
Since 2006, I have represented rural Arizona in the Arizona House where:
  • I led to pass the largest tax cuts in Arizona’s history while simultaneously passing the state’s largest spending cuts.
  • I authored and passed Arizona’s ban on partial-birth abortion.
  • Even while the President was attacking Arizona from Washington, I voted for and defended SB1070 and passed E-Verify.
  • I voted against ObamaCare! I even sued the federal government over it.
  • I voted for constitutional carry and have a “100% ‘A’ Rating” from the National Rifle Association.
I worked hard on your behalf to accomplish these things in the legislature.  Now, I want to continue advocating for you and for Arizona’s conservative values in Congress against an increasingly intrusive federal government.  To win, I need your help and support.
Please CLICK HERE to visit campaign web site .  
Thank you for your consideration of support.  Together, we can take back Washington.

Warm Regards,

Friday, February 14, 2014

Attention Candidates-AZ Republican Lawyers Offer Candidate/Campaign Training

AZ Republican Lawyers Offer Candidate/Campaign Training

On February 18th in Phoenix the Arizona Republican Lawyers Association is holding a comprehensive seminar covering the nuts-and-bolts of running for office. Topics include how to get on the ballot, survive a ballot qualification challenge, navigate campaign finance compliance, how independent expenditures operate, recounts, what’s going on with redistricting and more. This promises to be a very valuable event, and details for the all-day event are here.

Heather Carter AZ Representive-I'm Shocked, Stunned and Disappointed

I'm shocked, stunned, and disappointed...and you should be, too.
I'm terribly disappointed to have to tell you that my character is being attacked by outside forces trying to impede my good work on behalf of my constituents. Radical extremists are sending nasty, hateful robo-call messages into my district criticizing my support for Governor Brewer's Medicaid Restoration Plan and questioning my Republican credentials.
Do not believe their lies, distortions, and half-truths.
Nobody in Arizona has done more to find conservative solutions to our healthcare needs than Governor Brewer - and I have always supported her in equal measure. Whether pushing Congress, leading our State’s legal challenge all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, or saying ‘no’ to an Arizona–based health exchange, the Governor and I have consistently fought for health reforms with more patient choice, fewer costs and less bureaucracy.
But the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land. Now, our State’s elected leaders have a duty to do what’s best for Arizona.
That’s why Governor Brewer and REPUBLICAN LEADERS crafted a conservative plan that…upholds the will of Arizonans who’ve twice voted to expand Medicaidpumps billions of dollars into our economyprotects hospitalsand keeps Arizona tax dollars in Arizona.

Simply put, the Medicaid Restoration Plan is the right plan for Arizona.
  • No State Expense: The Medicaid Restoration Plan comes at NO COST to the General Fund. Best of all, by taking Medicaid pressure off the General Fund, we can protect critical services like Education and Public Safety. 
  • Upholds the Will of Voters: Arizonans have TWICE voted to restore Medicaid. By adding about 57,000 individuals to a Medicaid membership of more than 1 million, we can leverage federal support and vastly diminish State expenses. 
  • Keeps Arizona Tax Dollars in Arizona: Restoration of Arizona’s Medicaid program will inject nearly $8 billion into our economy over the first four years alone. This means thousands of quality jobs in every part of our state. To reject this funding – while neighboring states like California, Nevada, Colorado, and New Mexico have already said ‘yes’ – would only place Arizona at an economic disadvantage for years to come.
  • Protects Rural & Safety-Net Hospitals: Let’s face it – uninsured Arizonans get sick just like the rest of us. When they do, they tend to show up in Emergency Rooms – with the exorbitant costs of their care borne by hospitals and the insured. Without action, the very survival of some of our hospitals is threatened, and Arizona families will continue to pay a Hidden Health Care Tax estimated at nearly $2,000 per year.
So please, when you hear mischaracterizations, attacks, and down-right lies, know that shadowy, radical, extreme measures are behind them.
I don't expect these attacks to stop – in fact, they are likely to only grow more intense. You see, that's simply the cost of effective, rational, conservative leadership in our state today. Those, like me, who stick their necks out for positive reforms, measured growth, and gains are too often rewarded with harsh criticisms and merciless attack ads. WE CANNOT LET THIS PERSIST IN OUR LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT OR OUR STATE.
It time for leaders, like me, to stand up and fight back against these causes that are so detrimental to our future. But I CANNOT DO IT ALONE. I need your help. Please, take just a few minutes, visit my website. It's only when we band together that we can be successful. Don't let these evil forces choke our good work. We're making real progress in our state, but there is much more to bedone. We need to adequately fund education while maintaining accountability and standards, we need to encourage our businesses to grow, expand, and prosper, and we need to ensure that our transportation infrastructure is sound and workable. These are just a few of the things that we need to continue to work on, but there are many more.
If, like me, you believe that Arizona's best days are still ahead of us, I ask ask you to call upon your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family and spread the message of Arizona's progress and the good work we're doing to secure a bright future. Together, we can make a difference.


AZ GOP Chairman Is On The Move-Visiting Every District In Arizona

Statewide Tour Supports GOP Precinct Activity
The AZGOP is visiting every district in the state in support of our party's precinct committeemen. Here's a photo of the crowd of 100 PC's from Legislative District 23 last night learning more about how the AZGOP is empowering them with the data and software they can use to put important information into the hands of their neighbors. We talked about voter registration, candidate information, and how to mobilize to win to help us preserve liberty by voting for Republicans.

Shawnna Bolick For Arizona -Happy Birthday Arizona

Happy Birthday, Arizona! Arizona became a state on February 14, 1912. Arizona was the last of the 48 contiguous states to be admitted to the union.

Although I wasn't born in Arizona, we got here as soon as we could. Both of our wonderful children are native Arizonans and already possess that independent streak Arizona is known so well.

Over the last several months we have built momentum behind our campaign and yet, we have just begun. I am quite confident that as we build our support we will continue to have the necessary resources to win this primary election and move onto victory in November.

But we cannot do it alone.  I need your help to be successful TODAY.

First, we need to collect nearly 500 signatures from registered Republican or Independent voters throughout Legislative District 28 by the end of May in order to qualify for the ballot this August. You can sign my Partisan Nomination Petition online or you can request a paper version by contacting me at and we can email or mail you a Partisan Nomination Petition form.  If you could find the time to sign the petition and collect additional signatures from a spouse, neighbor, friend, co-worker and other Republican or Independent voters in Arizona, I would be so grateful.
Visit "Elect Bolick for Arizona- Primary"
Finally, to stay informed on our campaign and to get involved, please visit our website today and sign up to volunteer, request a yard sign, host a meet and greet, etc.

Thank you in advance for any support you can lend.


Fighting Animal Neglect and Abuse ~ STATE REP. KATE BROPHY-McGee

Two years ago, a constituent asked me to serve on a City of Phoenix Task Force dealing with animal cruelty issues. She told me about terrible abuses going on in my district, where intervention was difficult-to-impossible, conviction unlikely, and penalties minimal. I immediately agreed. The Task Force, chaired by Councilwoman Thelda Williams and Councilman Michael Nowakowski, met for many months. My role on the Task Force was to develop legislation honing in on definitions of animal cruelty. Examples include: What does "food, water and shelter" mean? What is "prolonged suffering?" Those definitions were the key to intervention, successful prosecution, and conviction in domestic animal abuse cases. Without them, the status quo would continue, along with epidemic abuse of domestic pets. Tougher penalties were also on the table. It made no sense for an individual to be convicted of animal abuse, only to have them get off with a slap on the wrist and no consequences for continuing abuses.

I assembled a group of stakeholders and quickly learned how difficult these definitions were to quantify. Stakeholders included representatives from animal welfare organizations, agriculture, law enforcement, prosecutors, and the courts. Most importantly, our work group included front line responders - those who went out to investigate complaints of abuse and neglect. We worked hard, but the legislation updating these critically important definitions failed last session. The reason it failed is because we could not adapt it to the legal, humane commercial activities of livestock and farm animal growers, including Arizona ranchers and farmers, livestock shows and fairs, and our 4H students. I understood that humane treatment and handling of animals raised for commercial purposes is different than humane treatment of pets. At the same time, I was haunted by the realization that keeping the status quo meant that the domestic pet abuse and hoarding occurring in my district would continue unabated.

I was honored to sign on to HB2587 as a sponsor. There are two parts to the bill. First, HB2587 contains all of the provisions we developed in the failed legislation from the prior session, plus a definition of hoarding. The bill includes increased penalties for animal neglect and abuse. The bottom line is that if this bill passes, animal welfare officers on the front line will be able to intervene when neglect and abuse is evident. Prosecutors can convict, and penalties are tougher, particularly on repeat offenders. Courts can order psychological evaluations in proven cases of serial abuse and hoarding.

Additionally, HB2587 establishes a separate track for commercial livestock regulation and animal abuse. This part of the bill needs more work because the language is not clear, and stakeholder meetings are underway to clarify concerns. My intent is to establish clear, enforceable animal cruelty provisions appropriate for commercial activities. My intent is that the Department of Agriculture work in cooperation with local law enforcement to investigate allegations of animal abuse against livestock owners and producers and provide needed expertise. The department and its trained peace officers, knowledgeable in animal husbandry practices, will be an important resource to local law enforcement, a role the department already fulfills in the investigation and prosecution of horse abuse cases. Finally, HB2587 must include tough penalties for those convicted of abuse. Successful passage of this bill will put a stop to those "bad actors" that are not treating their animals humanely.

HB2587 is a serious piece of policy work, but it is still a work in progress. I support this bill and am working to iron out the problematic language in order to make the intent crystal clear. We are not there yet, but I am working to get us there. We have the opportunity to make it safer and more humane for all of our Arizona animals, including domestic pets and livestock. I hope you will support me in these efforts!

Arizona-Public Trust - It's Time to End Dark Money

The public's trust in government is at a historic low. As we fight our way back from the recent recession, legislatures have been forced to balance the budget with less revenue meaning budget cuts to every program. On top of that, citizens have had to make do with tighter budgets themselves. When you combine government budget cuts with tightening the belt at home, it's understandable how voters can distrust elected officials, especially when they see candidates for office raking in piles of Dark Money.

The veil of secrecy surrounding Dark Money goes against transparency in government. As a candidate for Secretary of State, there is a limited range of political issues that are relevant to the duties of the office; however, I put public trust and election integrity at the top of my priorities. As citizens of Arizona, we deserve the right to know who is trying to influence or outright buy our elections.

Without transparency, the public can view any legislative decision with skepticism and distrust. These are the same voters that elect us to govern Arizona. Sadly, too many citizens have an attitude of "politics is corrupt" or "my vote doesn't count." Every vote counts and politics should be honest, open, and accessible!

I was raised to believe that if you do something and aren't willing to tell your spouse or family about it, the odds are pretty good that you know it is the wrong thing to do. The same thing applies to Dark Money – if you aren't willing to stand behind and take ownership of your actions and positions, then chances are very good that your intentions are nefarious and underhanded.

It boggles the mind that liberal labor unions and billionaires like George Soros behind Dark Money believe we should simply trust that their intentions are pure. Being a champion for disclosure and public transparency for all entities that participate in Arizona's political process is the only way to win on this issue. 

Again, I thank you for your continued faith, encouragement and support of my campaign. Together we WILL make a difference.

Any small donation goes a long way to allowing me to continue the fight, but if you can’t donate, please call my office, write me an email, and contact other legislators to support SB1403 and TRUE transparency in elections. 

Happy Statehood Day!

On her 102nd birthday, as I reflect on all of the things that make our great state so uniquely "Arizona," I am reminded why I chose to run for Attorney General.
Arizona has always been known as a place of pioneers and trailblazers, but with DC taking away more of our liberties and doing their best to dictate how we live, our way of life is in jeopardy.
Arizona needs an Attorney General who will stand up to the bureaucrats in Washington who are trying so hard to deny our states' rights.

I will be the Attorney General Arizona needs.
Please visit my website and make your donation today. Arizonans deserve an Attorney General they can trust.
I am proud of all that we have accomplished as a state and how far we have come and I am looking forward to all that Arizona​ will become in her next 102 years.
I hope I can count on you to join me as I work toward becoming your next Attorney General. An AG that Arizona can count on, and be proud of.

Republicans Who Have Filed To Be A Candidate

Republican Candidates have begun to file paperwork with the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office to run, or explore running,Here is the latest list of candidate filings:

Secretary of State
Attorney General
State Treasurer
Noel Campbell, Republican, Legislative District 1 House.
Daniel Estrella, Republican, LD 2 Senate.
Richard Hopkins, Republican, LD 4 House.
Incumbent Kelli Ward, Republican, LD 5 Senate.
Incumbent Robert Thorpe, Republican, LD 6 House.
Darla Dawald, Republican, LD 8 House.
Trey Terry, Republican, LD 8 Senate.
William Wildish, Republican, LD 10 House.
Mark Finchem, Republican, LD 11 House.
Thomas Morrissey, Republican, LD 18 Senate.
Tonya Thompson, Republican, LD 19 House.
Thurane Aung Khin, Republican, LD 20 House.
Incumbent Carl Seel, Republican, LD 20 House.
Jose Rivero, Republican, LD 21 House.
Suzanne Easter, Americans Elect, LD 22 House.
John Strasser, Republican, LD 23 House.
Incumbent Bob Worsley, Republican, LD 25 Senate.
Rusty Bowers, Republican, LD 25 House.
Haydee Dawson, Republican, LD 25 House.
Gary Cox, Republican, LD 30 Senate.
Super of Public Instruction
Corporation Commissioner
Mine Inspector

Wil Cardon Candidate For AZ Secretay Of State Why Election Integrity Matters

Since beginning of this campaign, I have been talking a lot about preserving the integrity of our elections by preventing voter fraud and making sure the results of our elections are tabulated in a transparent way. This isn't just a talking point - this is an issue on which the survival of our Republic hinges.
A lot of countries around the world claim to have free and fair elections. But the fact of the matter is that many of those countries' elections are rife with fraud, intimidation, and even violence. Countries like Egypt, Russia, and Venezuela all have had recent elections with dubious outcomes that have thrown those countries into choas and economic dissarray. These countries are Exhibit A in why election integrity matters. If a nation's elections can be manipulated by fraud and corruption, than other institutions that are essential to a nation's survival will suffer as well.  
The United States's tradition of open and fair elections is one of the biggest reasons why the United States has thrived for over 237 years. Yes, there have been incidents of voter fraud and election manipulation in the United States, but these incidents have fortunately been not as widespread as in many other nations. However, with new technology being used in our elections and with new voting patterns emerging, particularly in the area of mail-in ballots, there is an increased danger of voter fraud and manipulation of election results. That is why commonsense measures like requiring an ID to vote, purging individuals who haven't voted in years from early voters rolls, and banning the mass collection of early ballots are essential to preserving the integrity of our elections. While Arizona and other states have tried to implement these policies in recent years, they have either been passed into law in a very haphazard way which has led to referendum challenges or they have been blocked by activist judges. 
Unfortunately, liberals like Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and Terry Goddard have pledged to fight these commonsense measures, claiming that they are designed to suppress minority voters. While it is not surprising that leftists would resort to engaging in divise racial politics to try and block these measures, it is clear that we need to be prepared for an uphill battle to protect the integrity of our elections. That is why this will be my top priority as Secretary of State.
On another note, my campaign still needs your help. I would greatly appreciate it if you could sign my online nomination petition if you haven't already. Please click here to sign - it will take less than a minute and all you need is your drivers license number. Finally, if you are in the Fountain Hills area, come by and see me and my campaign at the Fountain Hills Republican Club meeting at 9 am tomorrow at the Fountain Hills Community Center, which is located at 13001 N. La Montana Drive, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268
Thank you for your time,

Wil Cardon

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett and Sen Bob Worsley New Website to Track Bills in Az Legislature...

Secretary of State Ken Bennett and  Sen Bob Worsley 

have launched, the first statewide civic engagement platform where voters can rate pending legislation and discuss issues that impact Arizona with the statewide voter registration database, Arizona Voices allows only one vote per registered voter giving legislators an accurate glimpse of public opinion on any bill in their respective districts.  In addition to the ability to comment and rate legislation, the system also allows for citizens and legislators to post visionary ideas for the state and get feedback from the online community.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Brenda Barton Candidate For Arizona Legislative District 6 Endorsed By Three AZ US Congressman

I have some great news for you! My campaign got three huge endorsements yesterday from Congressmen Franks, Gosar, and Schweikert!

All three men are leaders for our state and always looking to advance conservative principles to put Arizona first.

Join Congressmen Franks, Gosar, and Schweikert in supporting my campaign to ensure Arizona stays on the right track. We have come a long way in the last couple of years but there is still a lot of work left to do!

Here is what they had to say:

“Brenda's steadfast commitment to advancing conservative principles in the state house has been unparalleled.  Arizona needs leaders like her.”
– Congressman Franks

“She has rolled up her sleeves and met with me in the field to review the positive impacts of forest thinning and worked on the 4FRI forest restoration policy with me.”
– Congressman Gosar

“While supporting limited government and fighting against federal overreach, Representative Barton has fought for balanced budgets and sensible spending reforms.”
– Congressman Schweikert

I am honored to have the support of these conservative champions and I look forward to continue serving the great people of Arizona.

In your service,


Press Release From Maricopa County Republicans

Press Release
Contact: Barbara
This web site has been created for Republicans
May submit OP-ED'S
Campaign Material
Campaign Mangers, Public Relations Firms
Arizona GOP
News Updates
Candidate Information
District Chairman
What's happening in your district
All submissions will be posted without editing
No name calling
No bashing
Share with us what you are doing to preserve the Republic