Saturday, October 3, 2015

Mary Hamway: It's official

Mary Hamway
It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that I announce I have officially filed paperwork with the Arizona Secretary of State's office to run for the Arizona House of Representatives in District 28.

In addition, I'm proud to announce that longtime Legislative District 28 residents Kathy Petsas and Jane Lynch will serve as my campaign Chair and Treasurer.

My top priorities as a State Representative are simple:
  • Grow our economy and create high-quality jobs by reducing burdensome regulations that hinder job growth

  • Improve education by redefining the funding formula and making public education more efficient, adaptable and accountable

  • Improve fiscal responsibility and accountability in state government by streamlining and consolidating government processes

  • Secure our border by working with local, state and federal leaders on a reasonable solution
Please visit to get more information about our campaign and where I stand on the issues. Also I encourage you to get involved with our campaign by clicking here.

I look forward to working with you to take our state to the next level.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

With gratitude,
Mary Hamway
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AZ Rep Matt Salmon Op-Ed: Fix The Filibuster

Updates from Congress
Congressman Matt Salmon
Breitbart - The modern day filibuster is an institution which is reminiscent more of the former Soviet Union than Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Sadly, far too few understand the destruction this has wrought on American politics. READ MORE
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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Schwartz and Bowyer's Brouhaa: Arizona LD 30 PC'S Were Approved in Violation of ByLaws-Update

The shame of all of the brouhaha going on in Arizona LD 30 is the group did not keep it in house and opted to air their dirty laundry for all to see. I do know at the time the PC'S were appointed that it was pointed out to the Board of Supervisors  it was violation of the ByLaws and the BOS chose to approve the appointment with disregard to the information provided to them. You Tube Link

Timothy Schwartz’s and Tyler Bowyer’s LD30 Shame
When thinking of the purpose of party organization, the intent is clear. Our ONLY mission is to elect more Republicans, and to defeat Democrats. Period. Sadly, there are those who sacrifice the mission in order to achieve their vain ambitions or political battles.
On December 6, 2014 Gary Hirsch soundly defeated Timothy Schwartz as the new Legislative District 30 Republican Chairman. In fact, Mr. Hirsch won with over 68% of the district vote.
During Hirsch’s tenure, the District was successful at fundraising and drawing in record meeting attendance. In every measurable way, Legislative District 30 was a success under Chairman Hirsch. The future looked bright.
Unfortunately, Mr. Schwartz did not handle his defeat graciously and began to organize in a possibly deceptive manner.
Although Mr. Schwartz would lose fairly in his election to Mr. Hirsch, it appears he signed appointment forms for 99 new precinct committeemen and committeewoman prior to his election. How is this even possible?
According to the MCRC by-laws, recruiting PCs prior to his election would mean it would be impossible for them to be appointed at all. Under the by-laws, the appointment forms need to be signed within 15-days of him receiving the actual appointment forms. At this stage, the Maricopa County Chairman would be required to appoint them within the next 15-days. In our case, the date of appointment would have been December 29th, clearly before the January 31st statutory meeting. The recruitment of the PCs during that 30-day period would be a violation of the MCRC by-laws.
Additionally, MCRC by-laws require the use of a standard PC appointment form. It appears that Chairman AJ Lafaro allowed Mr. Schwartz to edit the form. As if by coincidence, the new form does not require the applicant to date his signature. If you understood the above, by not requiring a date it is impossible to actually know “when” these PCs were appointed and if that appointment was a violation of the by-laws.
In our above example, it could be that all 99 PCs were actually recruited after Mr. Schwartz’s loss but the actual forms were backdated to cure an obvious violation of the by-laws. We will never know because Chairman Lafaro allowed Mr. Schwartz to change the form.
Regardless, it appears that County Chairman Mr. Lafaro violated the MCRC by-laws by appointing PCs during the forbidden period by submitting them to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. Although the County Board of Supervisors was notified of this violation, they directed duly elected Chairman Gary Hirsch to resolve the issue with the new Maricopa County Chairman Tyler Bowyer.
Chairman Bowyer was elected on January 6, 2015 and he quickly acknowledged that the PCs were actually appointed in violation of the by-laws. Chairman Bowyer actually had Chairman Hirsch draft a removal packed for those appointment PCs. The removal list was originally posted her however I have received a corrected statement. You might want to block out the voter IDs in the phony document you posted on your website.
Here's the pertinent reason: Any person in possession of a precinct register or list, in whole or part, or any reproduction of a precinct register or list, shall not permit the register or list to be used, bought, sold or otherwise transferred for any purpose except for uses otherwise authorized by this section. A person in possession of information derived from voter registration forms or precinct registers shall not distribute, post or otherwise provide access to any portion of that information through the internet except as authorized by subsection I of this section.

When Bowyer received the removal packet, he took no action until April 1. At that time, he signed a letter attesting to the improperly appointment PCs and that they were in fact appointed in direct violation of the by-laws. The directed that these newly appointed PCs would need to go back through the proper process. Although Chairman Hirsch was promised that this letter would go out in April, the letter was not mailed until the end of May.
Bowyer Letter 1
Although the letter specifically instructed that these new PCs had to be reappointed, the PCs did not respond the letter.
During the summer, Bowyer met with Chairman Hirsch and asked him to ignore the by-law violations and allow these new PCs to participate. Chairman Hirsch agreed because he felt that Chairman Bowyer would not have the courage to make a decision and he believed that these newly appointed PCs were for the good the party. Bowyer promised that their appointment would not be used against him in a recall.
Unfortunately, on September 17th Bowyer had Executive Director April Riggins call Chairman Hirsch to notify him that Chairman Bowyer was issuing a recall against him. Although a recall petition was sent that night and the signatures were not verified, Chairman Bowyer decided to move forward with the recall meeting.
Chairman Hirsch asked Bowyer why he went against his word on the matter, and he was informed that his legal counsel Karyl Krug told him he had no choice but to move forward with the recall election (which is not true according to the MCRC by-laws). As you recall, Ms. Krug was recently outed as a super liberal lawyer working for the Maricopa County Republican Party.
While Chairman Hirsch is confident that he would have successfully beaten back this illegal recall attempt, he honorably chose to resign on Sunday afternoon. He would not allow his district and the Republican Party to be dragged down in petty, personal and unproductive disputes. Especially when the County Chairman isn’t a man of his word.
The First Vice Chair will act as interim chairman and, in accordance with LD 30 bylaws, will schedule a new election at a time of his choosing.
Chairman Hirsch is owed an apology and investigation into these activities. He not only made Legislative District 30 a better District than he found it but he made decisions that were in the best interest of the Republican Party as a whole. He was dealt with dishonestly by Chairman Tyler Bowyer and Timothy Schwartz and his recall attempt was made possible by PCs appointed in violation of District and County bylaws.—
We received this email and decided to post it in its entirety along with images from the links.
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