Saturday, February 22, 2014

Doug Ducey-What you'll see from me regarding SB 1062

While we were on the RV traveling the state a controversy developed over a bill the legislature passed.  It’s immediately become national news, and I wanted to share my views on it with you.
In tomorrow’s Arizona Republic I will say, if I were governor, that I would veto SB 1062.
However -- and this is really important -- it doesn’t end there.  After that, I would make an active effort before this legislative session adjourns to convene the interested parties and work on a solution that protects religious liberty and addresses everyone’s concerns.
Those of you who know me well know I’m a businessman with conservative principles.  Part of leadership is listening to people and then driving a consensus that brings people together.  I believe that is eminently do-able in this case.  I believe all who are interested in this issue are people of good will who have Arizona’s best interests at heart.  The key is to bring people together, forge consensus and move forward from there.
Anyway, I wanted you to hear this directly from me so that no one else could misrepresent my views to you.  And in case you’re interested, here’s the exact statement I submitted to the Republic; I wanted you to see it here first:
"The religious liberty issues that SB 1062 attempts to address are legitimate ones, and I believe there is a way to draft language that would address the concerns of everyone involved and avoid the acrimony and notoriety that have accompanied this bill's passage. As governor I would veto SB 1062, but would then bring together all the interested parties before this legislative session adjourns to forge consensus on acceptable language protecting religious liberty.  I believe everyone involved are all people of good will, and I believe we can find common ground that will serve Arizona well."
Have a good weekend, and as always, thank you for your interest and support in the campaign!

Doug Ducey

AZ Candidate For Governor Doug Ducey-A VERY GOOD three days under our belts

We just wrapped up a three-day, six-county, announcement tour across Arizona and I couldn’t be more excited.
The number of people who turned out…the energy in the rooms…the expressions of support for my candidacy…on virtually every front the trip was a huge success.
One thing is clear:  Arizona Republicans are believers in opportunity.  We want a state where government is smaller and better run; where the tax code actually looks like someone thoughtful planned it; where individuals are free to pursue their dreams without being hamstrung by red tape and taxes; and where kids receive a quality education and graduate with real skills that help them get jobs.
Below are some pictures from the last three days.  They give you a good sense of the enthusiasm that was generated everywhere we went.

It was a whirlwind three days, and we have six months of hard work in front of us.  Thank you for your support to date – Angela and I are so grateful to everyone for your kind words and your commitment to the cause.
Please be sure to share the news about the kickoff with friends and family, and visit us at!
Thank you!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Statement from Mesa Arizona Mayor Scott Smith regarding SB 1062

Scott Smith for Governor 2014
"As a Christian conservative, I am very troubled that religious rights are being trampled as part of the current debate on changes in our society. But, I am also a member of a church that has experienced severe persecution because of its beliefs. 

I firmly believe that discrimination or bigotry in any form is unacceptable. I am concerned that SB1062 carries the real potential for unintended legal consequences that could negatively impact our most basic rights, including the freedom of religion.

This bill also could have a detrimental impact on Arizona's business environment at a time when our economy is still fragile. Our state must keep focused on creating jobs and building a strong future for our children. "

Thursday, February 20, 2014

An Arizona to be proud of-Ken Bennett For Governor

While I was in the city of Douglas a few weeks back, we found the home of my great- great-grandfather, the home he built by hand in the late 1800’s. Six generations later, much of our family is still here in Arizona...I met my wife while attending Arizona State University.  My parents attended state universities, and now my children have graduated from Arizona high schools and colleges.
Arizona is a big part of who I am, and quite frankly, there is no other place on earth I would rather be.  The reason I got into public service in the first place was to try to make my home town of Prescott a little better, especially as I was starting a family. That’s still the prevailing drive for me as I run for Governor; I think cities and states are made better by citizens who take the time to make them so.
 I believe that government should be about people, not politics. Consequently, I need your help. I’ve chosen to run under the Citizens Clean Election Act.  By collecting individual $5 contributions from Arizona citizens, I can acquire funding for my campaign without being beholden to special interest big money. 
View Video 
Please visit and do so. Once we qualify, the campaign no longer needs 
to engage in fundraising. This will allow us to concentrate on the issues that matter most to Arizona families.
I believe that Arizona’s greatest asset is its people…let’s build an Arizona to be proud of.
People, not Politics,

Ken Bennett

Arizona House Candidate For LD28 Mary Hamway Receives Endorsements from Republican Mayors

Elect Mary Hamway
PHOENIX (Thursday, February 20, 2014) – Former Vice Mayor and Councilwoman for the Town of Paradise Valley Mary Hamway announced the endorsements from eight Republican Mayors in her bid for the Arizona House in District 28. Hamway released the endorsements from the following Republican Mayors:
  • Mayor Scott LeMarr
  • Former Mayor Vernon Parker
  • Former Mayor Ed Winkler
  • Former Mayor Ron Clarke
  • Former Mayor Ed Lowry
  • Former Mayor Bob Plenge
  • Former Mayor David Hann
  • Former Mayor Kent Wick

"Mary Hamway was an asset to the Town Council during our time together and continues to be an asset to our community today," said Mayor Scott LeMarr. "There is no one more capable to serve our community down at the State Capitol than Mary."

"While serving with Mary on the Town Council, Paradise Valley was facing many challenges brought on by the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, and difficult decisions had to be made," said former Mayor Vernon Parker. "With Mary's support, we cut spending by 30%, reduced staff, and found ways to streamline government, and through these efforts, we made town government more efficient, effective and accountable."

Former Mayor Ed Lowry added, "I have known Mary for many years and I strongly believe there is no one better qualified to represent us at the State Legislature. Mary has an excellent understanding of the issues and will focus on creating jobs and building a healthy Arizona economy."

Mary Hamway concluded, "It is truly an honor to have the support of so many great leaders. Their collective efforts have made Arizona a better place to live, work and raise a family. As State Representative, I will work tirelessly to create quality jobs for Arizonans and make state government smaller and more efficient."

Learn more about Mary Hamway by clicking here.

Arizona Senator Michele Reagan's SB1403 Dark Money Ban Passes

Reagan's SB1403 Dark Money Ban Passes Committee Unanimously
I'm excited and proud to say that SB1403, my bill banning dark money in Arizona elections, passed out of the Senate Elections Committee. It didn't just simply pass out of committee; it passed out of committee UNANIMOUSLY...7-0! Follow this link to view the proceedings.

This reinforces what we already knew about my fellow Elections Committee members – that we all value integrity in our elections, that we’re listening to Arizona voter opinions, and we don't want to see our elections and referendums up for sale to the highest bidder.

The dark side of this fight is represented by left-wing, deep-pocket groups like liberal labor unions and billionaire limousine-liberals like George Soros. These groups don't even reside in Arizona, yet they spend massive piles of Dark Money to influence public policy and elections.

Like me, I know that you believe our elections should be open and transparent. Outside groups have every right to participate in the process, but they should do so in the light of day, just like the rest of us.

We know that money plays a role in our elections and campaigns – it’s a constitutional expression of our First Amendment Freedom of Speech; however, our Founding Fathers could never have expected, nor would they have accepted, millions and millions of undisclosed dollars, hidden in the shadows, influencing or buying our elections.

Supporting SB1403 is the first logical step to remove the veil of secrecy that clouds our elections. But there is far more to do. We have to move this bill through another committee in the Senate, then to the full Senate, and finally through the same process in the House of Representatives before it goes to the Governor.

WE HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO. PLEASE, help me get it there. Call your legislators, email your lawmakers, and tell them these shadowy groups must stop! Tell them that liberal, out-of-state interests cannot buy our elections.


It's time to end this shell game played with hundreds of millions of dollars ultimately trying to impose the will of the few onto the many.

This is just the first step in a long journey to shine light into the dark corners of our state. There is still much more work to be done on this bill and several other election-related bills. I hope I can count on your continued support to shine the light on Dark Money.
Visit Michele's web site
Thank you.

Lei Lani Cortez Candidate for Arizona House of Representatives LD 24

Lei Lani CortezWhy am I running?
Is anyone in government listening? Are our State Legislators listening? Ever wondered why not?
Something is wrong when our elected “representatives” don’t seek our opinions and often support political party issues clearly not in our best interests. That’s what we face in Legislative District 24. When was the last time our legislators solicited your concerns?
Elections are about you, your children, your families, our neighborhoods, and our future.
Elections have consequences.
It’s time you had someone who understands the art of listening.
It’s time you had someone who knows the legislative district and the political process as envisioned by our founders.
It’s time you had an elected official who will have a place at the table of government representing your issues.
Over the next few months, you will see me on a fact finding mission at many community, city, and state meetings. You are encouraged to discuss your hopes, fears, and concerns about our future because your issues are important.
As an Arizona Native I understand we all have a vested interest in the future of our district and State.
ALL Legislative District 24 residents and businesses, regardless of party affiliation, are encouraged to take the time to contact me, I’LL BE LISTENING. You can reach me, I look forward to hearing from each and everyone of you.Lei Lani Cortez 
Lei Lani Cortez was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and shares a rich family heritage with Arizona; where her parents moved to in 1945 from Milwaukee Wisconsin for health reasons to raise their family.  Lei Lani married her husband Joe in December of 1964 and has raised three beautiful children. Her husband Joe is also a native of Arizona where his grandfather was a powder man for the mines and traveled across the southwest in a covered wagon with his family to the various mining towns.
Lei Lani Cortez holds a Bachelor of Science in Management and a Master in Education. In Addition she holds a Six Sigma Lean Green Belt certification from Arizona State University Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). Lei Lani Cortez has over twenty years consulting experience in the banking, education, government, manufacturing, mortgage, telephony, utilities, travel, and the communications industries.
Lei Lani Cortez enjoys volunteering and helping others; in 1995 she joined the Fiesta Bowl committee and became a Fiesta Bowl Yellow Jacket and a lifetime member in 2003. In 2006 Lei Lani Cortez became a Fiesta Bowl Ambassador. Her real passion is advocating for children with disabilities; their youngest daughter has disabilities and in 1998 their granddaughter Bethany was diagnosed Autism. On September 11, 2001 Mrs. Cortez became a certified Level III Educational Child Advocate and started providing pro-bono services to families with children with disabilities.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

AZ Candidate For Governor- A Proud Day for the Ducey Family

It was a big day for the Duceys today — Doug formally announced he's running for governor of Arizona!
We started at 11 a.m. at The Yard restaurant in Phoenix, where Doug outlined his vision for Arizona to a packed crowd. The boys took a few hours from school and joined us on the podium, and Doug delivered some terrific remarks. There was so much positive energy in the room — you could feel the enthusiasm the minute you walked in!
From there we head to Tucson and then spend the next few days criss-crossing the state.
In case you missed them, here are two video clips from local news stations:
In case you missed them, here are two video clips from local news stations:

Please forward this e-mail to friends and family, and share the good news about Doug's candidacy. Or visit the website at and sign up today!
We're off to a good start! Thank you for all you've done, and there'll be more to come during the coming weeks and months!

Warmest Regards,
Angela Ducey

Mark Brnovich Candidate for AZ Attorney General-- Momentum continues to grow

Momentum continues to grow for our campaign! We have been all over Arizona speaking with voters about Arizona values and spreading my message of what restoring integrity will bring to the Attorney General’s Office.

Last weekend, I appeared on “Politics Unplugged” with the Democratic candidate to discuss the Attorney General’s race.

Tom Horne was invited to appear on the show but he declined.

What is he afraid of?

Is he too busy dealing with personal matters to focus on being the state’s top lawyer?

Republican primary voters want a candidate they can be proud of. They want a conservative candidate who can win the General Election. We deserve an Attorney General who makes headlines for the right reasons.

The momentum has shifted in our favor and Democrats will do everything they can to keep Tom Horne as the Republican nominee.


Liberal Democrats know that if he is the Republican nominee, they will take control of the Attorney General’s Office.

Check out the discussion from “Politics Unplugged” from this weekend by clicking here to watch the video.

Please help us spread the word. You can share this video and visit our website today.
We can win this race. We will win this race. With your help we will restore integrity back to the office of the Attorney General.



Miguel Olivas Candidate for Arizona 3rd Congressional District

I am a Republican candidate for Arizona’s third Congressional District.  I’m often asked why I am willing to trade the comfort of my private for the dysfunction and disrepair of public life.  The Answer is clear - Arizona, its 3rd district and our nation, are worth the fight.  I want to keep our nation’s promise to those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, and our values.  I want their families to feel secure that the sacrifice their loved ones paid, was not in vain.   
I can spend the next minute telling you about my personal accomplishments, but I feel that time is better served telling you the reasons I am running for Congress.  The reasons are woven into three neatly folded flags.  
I have stood in the rain with the sound of a bugle call, a 21 gun salute, and I watched soldiers hand both my paternal and maternal grandmothers neatly folded flags.  In 2004, I heard the same bugle call, but this time it was different.  As a young soldier presented my mother the flag, I felt comfort, because a couple years before, my father met his two Presidents.  The President that signed the letter that accompanied his flag, and the other, his lifetime President, Charlton Heston.   
I remembered my grandfather Olivas’ funeral.  My Father’s hand was draped over my shoulder.  My Father was a mechanic in Arizona copper mines.  His hands were scarred and his presence strong.  I sobbed, not because these men were dead, but because I realized that my education, my profession, and everything I had in life, was built by those hands.  
No statue will ever be erected in the names of these three men, but everything I believe in, the love I have for family, my God, and the sacrifices they made for our freedom, are woven into those three folded flags.   
I’m running for Congress, because I share the values of my forefathers; I am willing to risk what I have to ensure this country remains strong; and I will stand with the same resolve for liberty, as those that made our country a place where hard work and grit can create real opportunity.
As a native of Arizona, my family relied on natural resource based industries like mining, agriculture, and cattle ranching to work and earn a living.  I built a successful small consulting business that assists the start-up, growth and optimization of businesses.  Before starting my own company, I worked as a staff member in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. 

I understand from first hand experiences the challenges and changes needed in Washington D.C.  Being actively involved in civic and political issues since the early nineties, I have sought to create effective change in government.  I have always defended local governments, businesses, and individuals from extremist policies that have:

  • Threatened our economic and individual freedoms;

  • Threatened our national security; and

  • Threatened "States' Rights" by establishing a strong centralized federal government. 

My family and I now feel that the time has come for me to offer myself as a servant in the public arena.  I am hopeful that I can bring some of those common sense ideas straight from the people to the U.S. House of Representatives.

I have also been actively involved in creating change in my community.  During 2013, I worked with the U.S. Veterans Administration, elected officials, and local non-profit organizations to lead the effort to secure $3.4 million to support the mission to eradicate homelessness among veterans in Pinal and Yuma Counties – An additional $11 million, nationally. 

Another area of interest is the tax burden on the citizens of this nation.  We are taxing our best natural resources right out of work...our people.  Young families must be able to do more than survive financially; they must be allowed to prosper.  Senior citizens should receive the social security due to them without once again being taxed on that income. 

As you can see, I am excited at the possibility of serving the people of the 3rd Congressional District of Arizona and the nation.  But before I can serve I must conduct a very aggressive campaign.  Raul Grijalva is one of the nation's most radical Members of Congress.  In part because he voted against:

  • Moving the U.S. toward energy independence,  

  • Protecting American citizens from predatory actions by agencies like the NSA, IRS and EPA, and

  • Protecting our nation’s veterans.

These are some of the reasons I feel strongly that I must step forward and offer the people of Arizona's 3rd Congressional District a choice.

To be successful in this endeavor it will take a very strong and dedicated grassroots organization.  I believe the voters of this district will step forward with my family in a united volunteer effort.  As you may have guessed my children and family are already hard at work designing flyers, and building winning strategies of their own.  All of them are volunteering to help knock on doors, place yard signs and of course, participate in any upcoming parades. 

With thousands of brochures to purchase, hundreds of yard signs to order, scores of radio ads to place, and seven counties to cover, I will need help.  I am turning to the people who have known me the longest, who know me best, and humbly inviting you to get involved in my campaign and help make a difference. Facebook Page Web Page 

Mark Brnovich Candidate for AZ Attorney General Audio

Interview with Mark Brnovich Candidate for AZ Attorney General
and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery

Check Out Current Events Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Hair on Fire News Talk Radio on BlogTalkRadio
Raised in Arizona, Mark Brnovich is a graduate of Arizona State University. After law school, Mark prosecuted felonies in the Gang/Repeat Offender Bureau of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office and worked as an Assistant Attorney General for Arizona and as Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Arizona. Mark also served his country as the Command Staff Judge Advocate for the 153rd Field Artillery Brigade of the Arizona Army National Guard for eight years. Mark met his wife Susan while both were working as prosecutors. They live in Phoenix with their two daughters.
For more information, please visit or to connect with Mark on social media, visit his Facebook page or follow him on Twitter: @Mark4AZ
About Bill Montgomery
Bill Montgomery was first elected Maricopa County Attorney in a Special Election in 2010 and re-elected in 2012 on a pledge to fight crime, honor victims’ rights, and protect and strengthen our community. As a West Point Graduate, decorated Gulf War Veteran, former Deputy County Attorney and a professional prosecutor, he has dedicated his personal and professional life to serving others.
Bill earned his J.D. from ASU’s College of Law, graduating Magna Cum Laude and receiving the Order of the Coif. As a prosecutor with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, he quickly gained a reputation as an aggressive prosecutor, later serving as a Bureau Chief of the Auto Theft Bureau, which recorded a 35% drop in auto theft under his leadership.
As County Attorney, Bill is committed to vigorously prosecuting crimes and holding criminals accountable. He believes in the responsible application of Arizona’s tough sentencing laws to ensure violent and repeat criminals are kept away from our fellow citizens and communities. He is committed to partnering with law enforcement along with business and civic leaders to protect and strengthen communities, and has been an outspoken advocate for holding criminals who harm our children accountable.
Bill is equally determined to fight fraud and identity theft through the County Attorney’s specialized Fraud and Identity Theft Enforcement bureau. He also recognizes a citizen’s right to defend his or her family without fear of prosecution. Bill has also helped shape legislation designed to protect victims of crime and reform Child Protective Services, resulting in the creation of the Office of Child Welfare Investigations, and he continues to be a passionate advocate for Crime Victim Rights in Arizona.
Bill currently resides in Gilbert, Arizona with his wife and their children.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hair on Fire News Talk Radio Guest Mark Brnovich AZ Candidate For Attorney General

February 18,2014
Hair on Fire 4 P.M.- AZ Time. 6 P.M. EST
E-Mail questions to:
CALL IN NUMBER 1-347-857-4081
Host: Barbara Espinosa: Publisher of American Freedom by Barbara
Co-Host: Randy Pullen when available
Barbara L. Espinosa
"Action Is Character"
American Freedom by Barbara
Hair On Fire News Talk Radio
Guest: Mark Brnovich
To understand Mark Brnovich you have to go back to how his family came to the United States. Markʼs mother, who legally immigrated from the former Yugoslavia in the 1950ʼs to escape communism, taught him at an early age the importance of freedom and limited government. The family moved to Arizona in the 1960ʼs and Mark grew up in Phoenix and attended public schools from 1st grade through High School.

Mark went on to graduate from Arizona State University (BS, political science, cum laude). Like many Arizonans, he was drawn to San Diego, where he graduated from law School (University of San Diego 1991) but returned to his roots in Arizona after graduation. He met his wife Susan while they both worked as prosecutors for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.
Mark has also served as the Director of the Goldwater Institute’s Center for Constitutional Government, and authored numerous studies, articles, and briefs advocating for free markets and individual liberty. Mark worked in the Gang/Repeater Unit in the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office and prosecuted many difficult and high profile cases (1992-1998) while also joining the Army National Guard (1997-2004). Always interested in new challenges, he went to work at the Attorney General’s Office (1998-2003) and represented the Arizona Department of Gaming, where he developed an expertise in gambling law, as well as gaining an increased appreciation for Native American culture. He served as an Assistant United States Attorney where he prosecuted public integrity crimes, as well as crimes occurring throughout Indian Reservations. He left the U.S. Attorney’s office to serve the people of Arizona as the Director of the Arizona Department of Gaming (2009-2013), a law enforcement agency that investigates illegal gambling activity, as well as working with tribal regulators to ensure the integrity of tribal gaming.

During his four-year tenure, the Department seized hundreds of illegal gambling devices for the first time in the agency’s history, as well as investigating and assisting in the prosecution of illegal gambling operations. In his final fiscal year as Director, the Department returned more than $250,000 of his agency’s budget appropriation to the state’s educational improvement fund.

In 2010, Mark was selected by his peers as Chairman of the Commission on Privatization and Efficiency (COPE), a private and public partnership committee dedicated to streamlining state government operations through the input of citizens and the private sector.

Mark and Susan have two children, who attend charter schools. Having his kids’ future in mind, Mark looked at the Attorney General’s office and was not happy with what he saw. With the support of his family and the encouragement of Arizona conservative leaders Mark stepped down as Director of the Department of Gambling and entered the race for Attorney General.

Mark is a lifelong Republican and member of the NRA.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Arizonians Sign Your Republican Candidate's Petition On Line-Get Her/Him On The Ballot

Easiest Way Ever to Sign Candidate Petitions
By logging on to the Secretary of State's website here every registered Republican voter can sign the petition of eligible party candidates running for a state office. The system requires you to provide authorization of your driver license information to log in, after which you can electronically sign the petitions of candidates. If you are a Democrat, the list of available candidates is short, and the ballot you get will likely only have one name for each office because your party has already made your choice for you.

Bob Littlefield For Arizona State Representative, Legislative District 23

First, I want to thank the voters of Scottsdale for their support over the last eleven years. 
Bob Littlefield
Your support has allowed me the privilege of serving my community for three terms as a Scottsdale City Councilman. However, Scottsdale has a three-term limit for Councilmembers, so I cannot run again for Scottsdale City Council.
I believe I still have much to contribute to my community, to the state of Arizona and to you, my fellow citizens. I want to continue my efforts to protect our quality of life and insure our tax dollars are spent wisely. That is why I am running for the Arizona State House of Representatives in Legislative District 23.
Most recently my wife Kathy and I ran the successful campaign to defeat a third-of-a-billion-dollar city property tax increase which, despite a $230K campaign to promote it (our campaign spent less than $5K in contrast) was defeated by a margin of 60-40.  If you want to see this kind of pragmatic, effective fiscal conservatism in the Arizona State Legislature I would appreciate your financial contribution, your help with my campaign and, of course, your vote.
My top priority as a State Representative will be encouraging economic growth. Our state needs money to improve education, protect our most vulnerable children and to maintain and update our infrastructure. But we can’t fix these problems by increasing taxes – higher taxes would actually hinder the economic growth Arizona needs to meet the needs of our residents.
While everyone gives lip service to supporting economic growth, it is clear what we are currently doing as a state is not working as well as it should. Arizona just lost a competition we should have won to become an FAA drone test site, and companies that should be moving to Arizona are moving to other states instead. My experience as a successful high-tech businessman and entrepreneur, and my background in the fast-growing aviation industry, gives me the tools to promote innovative, out-of-the-box ideas for increasing economic growth in Arizona. Our state must wean itself off the booms and busts associated with the real-estate development industry, and I have the knowledge and experience to help make that happen.
During my time on the Scottsdale City Council I have been a strong supporter of the tourism industry, and I will continue to actively support growing tourism at the state level.
If you have any questions or would like more information feel free to contact me. 

Phone: (602) 228-9145 · Web: · email:

Kathy Littlefield Candidate For Scottsdale City Council

Dear Fellow Citizens of Scottsdale:
I am running for Scottsdale City Council for several reasons. 
The number 1 reason is the lack of fiscal responsibility on the part of the current City Council majority. As former City Treasurer Smith often noted, for the last several years this City Council has dealt with declining revenues, not by cutting expenses, but by cutting contributions to the capital budget. He said flatly that our current level of city spending is “unbalanced and unsustainable.”  The voters of Scottsdale made in clear in the recent bond election that they will not increase their city property taxes by 31% to bail the current City Council majority out of the financial hole they have dug for themselves. We need a strong conservative watchdog to set over our money.
The second reason is the current City Council majority’s cavalier attitude toward public safety. It’s not just about how much money we spend, it’s about what we spend it on. Keeping our citizens safe is job #1 for any city. The citizens of Scottsdale certainly know this as they have made it clear many times that fully funding public safety is their number one priority.
Up to now Scottsdale has been a very safe city. But the current City Council majority’s willingness to underfund critical public safety needs in order to redirect money to less important but more politically favored activities threatens to make Scottsdale less safe. We are losing police officers to other valley cities and our busiest fire station is understaffed, yet the current City Council majority refuses to make funding these critical needs a priority. I will fight to fund critical public safety needs first and, if that means other popular but less critical items lose their funding, then so be it.
The third reason is that Scottsdale residents need to have a strong representative voice on the Council which is focused on their quality of life.  Too often, their concerns are ignored by the very Council members who owe their position to citizen voters.  Time after time residents come to Council urging caution regarding issues that affect their neighborhoods.  Time after time I’ve watched their voices being ignored.   While I do not promise to always agree with them I do promise to listen to their concerns.
Finally, I will work to restore transparency and accountability to Scottsdale City government. One of the main reasons I worked so diligently against the 2013 city bonds was that voters could not tell how their tax dollars would actually be spent.  This concerned me because I believe citizens have a right to know where and how much of their tax money would have been spent on each bond item.  The absolutely astonishing negative reaction to the bonds tells me that voters do not trust the current City Council majority to spend their tax dollars wisely.  Also, the fact the Council refused to EVEN DISCUSS these issues after the bonds were so overwhelming defeated shows just how out of touch this Council is with the voters.        
In short, I would be a voice for the citizens of Scottsdale.  I would be honored to be your choice in the upcoming City election.

Phone: (480) 951-2549 · Web: · email: