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The Doors: AZ Candidate For Governor

Get To Know Scott

The first record Mayor Smith bought was The Doors first album.
Learn more about Mayor Smith. Click Here.

Friday, April 25, 2014

LET'S GO FOR A WALK!-AZ Congressman David Schweikert

Friends of David Schweikert
It is Nomination Petition Signature gathering season!
Please join one of the following neighborhood walks:
Walk with Oliver on -
Wednesday, May 7, 2014, 4 to 7 pm
Meet at the Paradise Bakery, 8777 North Scottsdale Road
Southeast corner of Scottsdale and Doubletree Ranch Roads
Thursday, May 8, 2014, 4 to 7 pm
Meet at the Fountain Hills Starbuck's, 16425 East Palisades Blvd
Walk with David on -
Monday,  May 12, 2014, 4 to 7 pm 
Meet in the parking lot, east entrance of Dillard's, Paradise Valley Mall
Tuesday, May 13, 2014, 4 to 7 pm
Meet at the Fountain Hills Starbuck's, 16425 East Palisades Blvd

Oliver Schwab at

You're Invited -Shawnna Bolick Candidate AZ House LD28

Join Us for a Meet and Greet for All Ages

with Shawnna Bolick, Republican candidate
for Arizona House of Representatives – Legislative District 28

Date: Wednesday, May 7th
Time: 5:30pm to 8pm

Hosted by Congressman Ben Quayle,
Phoenix Councilman Sal DiCiccio, former Senate President Brenda Burns, Roy Miller,
Jeff Sobotka, Brandy Wells,
Amanda Wilson, and Eric Wnuck

Antique Gatherings
3601 East Indian School Road
(SEC of 36th Street and Indian School Road)
Phoenix, AZ 85018
Light appetizers and refreshments will be served.  This is a kid-friendly family event that will include a pachyderm-themed scavenger hunt.
Please RSVP by email to, or call 602-842-1912.  Please let us know how many adults and kids (with ages) will be participating. 
Individuals can contribute up to $2,000 in both the primary and general election for a total of $4,000. PAC checks are also accepted. 

Contributions of any denomination are greatly appreciated. 
For more information about Shawnna or if you would like to donate by mail or online, please visit 

Thank you for your continued support!


Arizona your next Congressman

Andy Tobin is battle-tested. He’s done the difficult and important work of cutting taxes in Arizona and at the same time reducing state spending. Like me, he believes that job creation and prosperity come from the collective talents, energy, and hard work of the American people, not government.  

Tobin is conservative. As a legislator, he has pushed individual freedoms and limited government. He helped cut state government by 22% during his time at the Capitol and has been fighting to shield Arizona from the disastrous ObamaCare law since its passage.  

Now is not the time to send an unproven representative to Washington. Andy Tobin has been successfully fighting for our freedom and liberty for years. He has a good track record and we can trust his leadership.   

Democratic party allies have already spent millions in Arizona’s 1st Congressional District on behalf of the incumbent. We need to make sure that our conservative candidate--Andy Tobin-- has the resources he needs to compete and win. Please take a moment and give what you can to Andy’s campaign.

I hope you agree with me, we need a Congressman like Andy Tobin.


Federal law requires us to use our best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation and name of employer for each individual whose contributions exceed $200 in an election cycle. Contributions from foreign nationals and corporations are prohibited.

Contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

Higher Education Standards and Expectations

Scott Smith for Governor 2014
Higher Education Standards and Expectations
The push for higher education standards began in the states. These standards give more local control to communities while establishing higher educational expectations for our children. Education is the key to Arizona's economic prosperity. I will continue to support higher education standards for our children. It's why companies like Apple are coming to Arizona.
History of Developing Higher Education Standards
Scott Smith is the ONLY candidate for Governor that supports Governor Brewer's higher education standards for our children.
Conservative Leadership. Proven Results. Join the Team!

Can you help?Mark Benovich AZ Candidate for Attorney General

I wanted to give you a brief update on the campaign and let you know everything is going great.

I’m traveling around the state meeting with voters and the response has been overwhelming. We’ve picked up some big endorsements lately including the Arizona Right to Life PAC, U.S. Senator Jon Kyl, and numerous local and statewide elected officials.

Many of you are asking, “How can I help?” Well, there are several things you can do, including many right from the convenience of your home.

1) Sign my online petition. You can visit the Secretary of State’s website and sign my petition if you are a registered Republican or Independent. Visit this link, and have your drivers license handy.

2) Collect signatures. Are you willing to walk your neighborhood or precinct? Can you stand out in front of a public building like a library or a post office for an hour on a Saturday? If so, please reply to this email and we will get you petitions! I have to collect over 6,000 statewide signatures and the deadline is approaching fast!

3) Follow me on social media. If you haven’t already been over to our Facebook page, visited us on Twitter, or started following us on Instagram, please do so today!

4) Donate. We can’t spread our message without the help of people like you. Can you give a few dollars today? Do you have friends or family who would be willing to donate?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Arizona's GOP CD1 and CD2 Victory Offices Launched Mobilize to Win

Chad Heywood Logo
I wanted share some fantastic momentum taking shape around the state. During my campaign I promised we would have great technology, improve our communications, successful fundraising and provide tools and resources to our Precinct Committeemen.
The promises are being fulfilled by an active donor community and a remarkable team at the AZ GOP.  We are seeing Chairmen and PCs across the state working to make a difference.
To support their efforts...we have launched two victory offices with the primary goal to turn out voters in CD1 and CD2.  These two offices are the first of many we will open across the state.  The offices have been officially open for two weeks.  They are equipped with cutting edge phone systems, data technology, canvassing tools and much more. The offices are high energy and we are receiving very positive feedback.
Take a look at the launch day VIDEO.  (Click Here)
watch video
What PCs across the state are excited about.
1)  Official Photo Name Badge for credentials at the door when canvassing.
2)  Phone and Tablet software for walking neighborhoods.
3)  Red Republican Action Team T-shirts.
4)  District and Precinct Cash Rewards for working the "Mobilize to Win" plan.
5) Pass along issue Fact Sheets -from the Action Hub.
The goal for all of us should be to defend our liberty. The freedom we experience as a state and nation is an inspired miracle.  We must fight to preserve this liberty and have the willingness to work.  If we work...we win!  The ground game is the battle field...lets get on the field and make it happen!!
Join the AZ GOP and your fellow Precinct Committeemen in an effort that will make a difference.  You will be emailed a schedule of walk days coming to a neigborhood near you.  Your participation is key for success.
Lets Mobilize and Win 2014!!
Highest regards, 
Interesting Image

Robert Graham
Chairman, Arizona Republican Party

Arizona District 6: News & Events Phoenix City Councilman DiCiccio

This Saturday is the 10th Annual Pat’s Run where we celebrate the long-lasting legacy and heroism of Pat Tillman. Good luck to everyone who is running. Here are the news and events for this week. 
Phoenix Honors Nonprofit Agencies and Businesses for Strengthening Neighborhoods --The City will celebrate Community Development Week by honoring nonprofit agencies and businesses that have supported and used Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds in an exemplary manner. Neighborhood Services Department will host the awards ceremony at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, April 30, at St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance, 3003 W. Thomas Road, University of Phoenix Community Room. 
Western American Art on Display at Sky Harbor -- The American West of the 19th century has seduced and intrigued people for more than 100 years and now visitors to Phoenix Sky Harbor can be captivated by this genre with “The Enduring American Legend” art exhibition on display in the gallery in Terminal 4, level 3. 
Red, White & Beautiful – Thursday May 8th – 5:30pm at Foothills Golf Course. Ladies can pamper themselves, enjoy a fashion show, and buy accessories all to support Red, White and Boom’s Independence Day fireworks show. Tickets are $10 advance, $20 at door, and vendor’s tables are available. 
Ahwatukee Community Chorus – Friday, May 2nd -- 7pm at Desert Foothills United Methodist Church. Experience the season-ending concert of this community semi-professional, co-ed adult chorus. Information at 480-442-7324 or at 
Sunshine Oven Workshops -- Saturday, May 3 & 17 -- 9:00am-2:00pm at the Shemer Art Center and Museum. Get ready to cook your wonderful casseroles, roasts, baked dishes, breads, cakes, and desserts during our hot summer! Build and paint your own oven in a fun 4-hour workshop. Cost for the workshop is $100. 
Chihuly After Dark – Every Saturday thru May 17th -- 8pm-Midnight. The Desert Botanical Garden Chihuly exhibit goes dark with live DJs and cash bars. Every night there are different attractions such as LED hoop dancers, stargazing by ASU Astronomy Department or glow in the dark face paint. 
My best to you and your family,

Sal DiCiccio
City of Phoenix
Councilman, District 6

Creating a More Business-Friendly Arizona

Building a stronger Arizona is what we all want. Bringing economic recovery, high-paying jobs and revenue to our state is the best way we can elevate Arizona and keep our standard of living high.

It is now time to figure out the best use of our resources to attract new businesses to Arizona and work to adjust our regulatory system to give Arizona the most favorable business environment possible. When companies weigh our year-round great climate, our access to interstate transportation, our well-educated workforce AND then they see a favorable regulatory environment, then those companies will want to expand into our state.

One step in building a more business-friendly environment is to provide small businesses with a bill of rights. I co-sponsored HB2260, small business bill of rights, which was signed into law by the Governor on Wednesday, April 23, 2014.

HB2260 requires state agencies to create and conspicuously post a small business bill of rights on their websites containing all applicable and agency-specific statutory rights. This bill of rights must include the process by which small businesses can file a complaint with the Ombudsman over administrative acts of government agencies.

In 1995, the office of Ombudsman-Citizens’ Aide was created as a way to make our state government more responsive to Arizona citizens. When a citizen feels they have been unfairly treated or unduly targeted by a state administrator, agency, department, board, or commission, they may contact the Ombudsman to help resolve the dispute. Now, small businesses have that same remedy.

Before HB2260, small businesses could be audited by government agencies without any sort of recourse in a system that was ripe for abuse. HB2260 is a major step in creating a business-friendly economic environment and helping to attract new businesses to Arizona. In addition, the Ombudsman must now prepare an annual report documenting the scope and severity of reported violations and abuse by state agencies.

HB2260 is a step in the right direction toward building a stronger Arizona and making our business environment more attractive to companies looking to relocate.

As the vice-chairman of the Commerce Committee, I believe that we need to create a business-friendly environment in Arizona with a favorable regulatory system that will entice businesses to relocate and bring jobs to Arizona and help grow the businesses already here. As your Secretary of State, I will work hard to continually keep Arizona front-of-mind with businesses looking to relocate.

As I run for Secretary of State, help me build a stronger Arizona, attract new businesses and jobs, and increase our state’s revenue.

Thank you.


Former AZ Senator Jon Kyl Endorses Andy Tobin for US Congress


Senator Jon Kyl Endorses Andy Tobin for Congress
“Andy Tobin is the battle-tested conservative that rural Arizona needs...”

Citing Tobin’s battle-tested track record of fighting for Arizona’s natural resources, economic development and integrity as a lawmaker, today Senator Jon Kyl endorsed Andy Tobin’s campaign for U.S. Congress. Kyl’s endorsement comes just three days after Republican Presidential Nominee and Governor Mitt Romney endorsed Tobin’s congressional campaign.

“Andy Tobin is the battle-tested conservative that rural Arizona needs,” said Senator Jon Kyl. “In a time when strong, experienced, honest and straightforward candidates are hard to come by, Andy stands out. He has been successful in fighting for economic development opportunities, job creation and individual freedoms for Arizonans.”

Senator Kyl continues, “I’m confident Andy will be focused on the needs of Arizona, including our vital natural resources. He understands the relationship between good resource management and rural economic opportunity. Andy has been fighting to shield Arizona from the disastrous ObamaCare law since 2008, and he has fought to protect worker’s right to a secret ballot. He has proven to faithfully represent Arizona’s conservative values. Andy is a tireless worker and my choice for Congressional District One. I hope you will join me in doing all we can to send a fine Arizona conservative to Washington.”

“Senator Kyl and I go back a long way,” said Tobin. “His support for my campaign both energizes and humbles me. We both have a deep appreciation for how much work this type of undertaking requires. We have already logged thousands of miles traveling around the district and hundreds of hours on the phones seeking counsel from supporters, elected officials and grassroots activists. We’ve come a long way in Arizona. Now is the time that we must come together to send a proven conservative with a track record of advocating for Arizona to Washington. I believe that Senator Kyl’s endorsement goes a long way toward achieving our collective goal. I sincerely thank him for his support and confidence.”


Andy Tobin and his wife of 28 years, Jennifer, are the proud parents of five children- three daughters and two sons. Tobin is a small business owner who has devoted his life to positively affecting his community through job creation, public service and advocating for conservative principles. Tobin’s focus has been on creating sustainable jobs, helping small businesses succeed, building a stronger middle class and putting Arizona back on track. While serving as Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives, Tobin drastically cut government by 25 percent, balanced Arizona’s budget and presided over the largest tax cuts in Arizona’s history, saving Arizona taxpayers millions of dollars.

Tobin has fought for your family’s freedoms, your prosperity and your community for the past six years while serving in the Arizona Legislature. He continues to lead the fight to stop the implementation of the disastrous ObamaCare. As your Representative in Congress, Andy Tobin will represent your voice, and lead the charge in fighting for you against the wasteful spending, government intrusion, and out-of-touch insiders that are taking away your freedoms.

Join Andy Tobin today!


For more information, please contact Tobin for Congress Campaign Manager Craig Handzlik at or 928-275-1417

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Stand Up for Children; Mayor Scott Smith AZ Candidate for Governor

I am the only Republican candidate for Governor to support Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards. I do so because I believe we need to stand up for our children and make a genuine commitment to a better future – for them and for our state.

There has been a lot of unfortunate political rhetoric about the name of these standards. Whatever we call it, it is important to understand we are talking about standards, not curriculum.

Local control is, and remains, paramount. In fact, Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards empower local communities, schools and parents.

Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards is also a set of standards that was created by the state of Arizona with input from parents, teachers, the business community, and elected leaders.

I believe Arizona should commit to high standards of achievement that will allow all our children to have a career in an ever-competitive world. We also need to benchmark these standards and measure our performance.

As a businessman, I learned long ago that you do not improve results unless you measure performance. Arizona spends over $80 million per year in remedial education, teaching college students subjects they should have learned in high school. This is unacceptable.

The curriculum and teaching methods used to achieve high standards must be determined and implemented by local school districts, schools and teachers with parental involvement. And, our policies must put the needs of our children first.

Again, I am the only Republican candidate for Governor to support Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards. Please join my campaign to build a better Arizona by clicking here now.


Support GOP candidate - sign a petition today Joe Hart for AZ State Mine Iinspector

Joe Hart for Mine Inspector
Dear Fellow Republicans,

It is now easier than ever to step up and help Republicans qualify for the ballot. The Secretary of State's office has made it simple for every registered Republican voter to sign the petition of eligible party candidates running for a state office.

Use this link to log on to E-Qual at the Secretary of State's website. One you are there, provide your driver's license information to log in. From there, you can electronically sign the petitions of eligible candidates in your area.

This link is a one stop shop to sign petitions for Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Attorney General, State Legislature and even State Mine Inspector.

I am the only Republican candidate running for State Mine Inspector and I am asking you to show your support by signing my petition online.


Joe Hart
State Mine Inspector (R)

Walk With JeffSchwartz Candidate For AZ Senate LD23! Let's Gather Signatures!

We need you! 
We are looking for volunteers to help collect signatures for 
Jeff Schwartz's campaign!
Signatures are required for Jeff to be on the ballot and this is step number one for his election. Please consider donating a few hours of your time to make a world of difference. The bonus is meeting new people and making new friends. The big bonus is electing new leadership in August!
Please join us on the following dates to walk with Jeff and the rest of his supporters to collect much needed signatures. Location for the Saturday morning walk and the Sunday afternoon walk will be provided upon RSVP.

Volunteers are needed on Saturday afternoon from 3-5 at Saguaro High School to help man Jeff's booth at the Beethoven 5K Run and to collect signatures.

Saturday, April 26th, 9:00 am - 11:00 am 
Scottsdale area TBD

Saturday, April 26th, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm 
Saguaro High School, North 82nd Street, Scottsdale, AZ
Beethoven's 5K Run 
Sunday, April 27th, 1:00 - 3:00 pm 
Scottsdale TBD

Please RSVP as we will be serving refreshments and want to be sure to have plenty on hand in appreciation of your efforts. 

We are looking forward to having you join us in getting Jeff elected! 
Thank you!
Amber Price
Volunteer Coordinator

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dear's time we talked;Elect Jeff Schwartz AZ State Senate LD23

Join the movement!
Let Representative John Kavanagh know 
you, too, are breaking up with him

It's so past time for a change, don't you think? When a relationship just goes ~that direction~ and you know it is time to break up. For the voters of LD23, that time is now.  
We've created an open letter to AZ Rep. John Kavanagh in response to his philosophies, voting records and back room relationships with lobbyists.
Please LIKE our page and post your own reason for 
breaking up with John.
#dearjohn #electjeff

Mark Brnovich for Arizona Attorney General Endorsed by Six City Councilmen

Six Councilmen Endorse Mark Brnovich for Attorney General
Today, Republican candidate for Attorney General Mark Brnovich received the endorsements of Councilman Tait Elkie of Fountain Hills, Councilman Jeff Oravits of Flagstaff, Town of Gilbert Councilman Victor Petersen, Vice Mayor Eddie Cook also of Gilbert, Prescott Councilman Greg Lazzell, and Councilman Jeff Weninger of Chandler.
“As a town councilman and attorney, I know the importance of having an Attorney General that can properly represent Arizona and its values. I support Mark Brnovich because he has the experience, integrity, and moral character to effectively represent Arizona. I hope all Arizonans will join me in supporting him.”
- Councilman Tait Elkie, Town of Fountain Hills
“I'm proud to support Mark Brnovich for Attorney General of Arizona.  By supporting Mark Brnovich, Arizona has the opportunity to elect an Attorney General with a long history of integrity and the preservation of our Constitutional rights.”
-Councilman Jeff Oravits, City of Flagstaff
“We need a constitutional conservative that understands the importance of states rights in the Attorney General’s office. Mark Brnovich is the candidate to answer this call and has the experience to take on the tough issues. Local leaders need a voice that will stand up for them and Mark is the candidate to do just that. I'm proud to support Mark Brnovich for Attorney General.”
- Councilman Victor Petersen, Town of Gilbert
“I proudly support Mark Brnovich for Attorney General. Mark will bring unprecedented integrity and strength of character to the Attorney General’s office. He isn’t scared to take on the tough issues and has a great track record of fighting for what’s right. Mark Brnovich is someone that all Arizonans can – and should – get behind.”
- Vice Mayor Eddie Cook, Town of Gilbert
“Mark is a great man focused on making a better and safer world that his children can grow up in. I have known Mark since college and ever since then, I have known Mark to be a man that cares about others and does what is right. Mark has the character and integrity to fight for all of us and stand for what is right. As someone that lives in rural Arizona, it would be amazing to have an Attorney General that understands the issues we face. I’m proud to support Mark Brnovich, my friend, for Arizona Attorney General.”
- Councilman Greg Lazzell, City of Prescott
“Meeting Mark, you know right away that he is a man of character and integrity,” Weninger said. “It is time that more people like Mark stand up to help our state. Mark will bring a new level of public service to our state and that is why I am honored to endorse Mark Brnovich for Attorney General.”
-Councilman Jeff Weninger, City of Chandler
Mark Brnovich remarked: “It’s great to see these fine councilmembers join the growing list of community leaders supporting my campaign. They have embraced my message of accountability and transparency from the Attorney General’s office and it’s an honor to have their support. I won’t let them or the voters of Arizona down.”
For more information, please visit

thank you Gov. Romney!


This week our campaign has really hit the gas and gained some serious momentum. Governor Mitt Romney has now come on board to endorse my run for Congress! Thank You Governor Romney!

This endorsement is incredible news for the campaign but we still need YOUR support to defeat Kirkpatrick, Pelosi and the rest of their liberal allies.

Anything you can afford will be greatly appreciated in our conservative battle to restore Arizona’s 1st Congressional District to “We The People.”

Thank You!

Invest In Our Children - Education Over Incarceration

-Invest In Our Children-
Education Over Incarceration

Are these the headlines that inspire you?  

Teachers are getting pink slips, kids are losing classroom time and "specials", and your state representative - who wants to be promoted to your state senator - thinks it is our "moral obligation" to guarantee private prisons profits.

If you are as outraged as I am, join me in standing up for our kids. Invest in a bright future rather than a bleak one.

I need your help. If you live in LD23, please sign my petition online HERE. If you don't live in LD23, please send this to your friends who do by clicking HERE.

If you have friends who feel like we do, please invite a few over to your home so I can meet them and we can work on this together.

Please contact me to schedule an event soon.

Thank you,

Jeff Schwartz
Candidate and Businessman

What we're building

Last week we were proud to send you the news that business legend Jerry Colangelo had endorsed my campaign for governor. 
It led to this news story in the Phoenix Business Journal. 
The article also mentioned other organizations that have endorsed our campaign, though they were just the tip of the iceberg.
Over the first quarter of the year, we have set out to build the broadest coalition of supporters of any campaign.  Business leaders, social conservatives, veterans, tea party leaders, gun owners, small businesspeople, current and former elected officials, Republican party leaders, community leaders…all these and many more are part of our coalition.
They represent a broad spectrum of the Republican party and are critical to victory in August.
Check out our website and see for yourself.  For the next four months, we’ll be able to rely on a great network of supporters as we approach primary day.  It’s a great strength for our campaign, and something no other candidate can come close to replicating.
We're always looking to expand our base of supporters.  If I could ask you to do one thing with this e-mail, please invite others to join our broad coalition by sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, or forwarding it to friends by using the links below.  If everyone who receives this message forwards it to five or six friends or family members, the impact would be dramatic.  Please help by doing this, today if possible!
All the best,


Monday, April 21, 2014

AZ Candidate For Governor Mayor Scott Smith on Job Creation

Mayor Scott Smith On the Issue:
Job Creation
I am the only candidate with a proven track record of success as a CEO in both the private and public sector.
Learn more about Mayor Smith
Conservative Leadership. Proven Results. Join the Team!

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake and Peoria City Councilman Tony Rivero Host Townhall

Contact: Tony Rivero
Councilmember, City of Peoria

Sen. Jeff Flake, Councilman Tony Rivero To Host
Town Hall on West Valley Issues

            PEORIA, Arizona (April 21, 2014) — Sen. Jeff Flake will join Tony Rivero, Peoria City Councilman to host a Town Hall event in Peoria on April 23.

            The Town Hall will address issues of importance to the West Valley, as well as specific concerns of the Latino community.

            The Town Hall will be held from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on April 23 at Rock of Ages Ministries, 11427 N. 79th Avenue in Peoria. The event is open to the public and the media.

            “This will be a great opportunity to have a chance to talk with West Valley residents about issues that are specific to their community,” Sen. Flake said. “I look forward to the opportunity to hear from local residents on how we can work with them to address these key issues and improve their community.”

            Rivero said that Sen. Flake has been a strong advocate for West Valley residents, and he is proud to be able to work with the senator on economic growth and job creation.

            “My constituents as a City Councilmember have told me for the past four years that they want limited government that plays a positive role in job growth,” Rivero said. “That’s the approach Senator Flake has taken during his time in public service”.