Saturday, August 2, 2014

Reelect Linda Milhaven for Scottsdale City Council

Four years ago, I earned your trust and began my service on the Scottsdale City Council. Together, we have accomplished so much for our city. I have worked diligently to make our government more efficient and cost effective, diversify our economy and be responsive to you. That commitment has earned me the endorsements of:
Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce
Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors
Professional Firefighters of Arizona
State Senator Michele Reagan
Scottsdale Councilwoman Virginia Korte
Scottsdale Councilwoman Suzanne Klapp
I want to continue this great work on your behalf and hope you will allow me to return to the Council this year.
Early ballots come out Friday or you can vote at the polls August 26.
To learn more about my campaign, visit my website at
Linda Milhaven
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Your Continued Support

Thank you for being such a strong advocate for my campaign.  We are only 25 days away from the primary election -- time sure flies when you're meeting a lot of voters!

I’ve written before letting you know of the broad-based support I’ve received, to let you know how my campaign was going, and to ask for your continued support.  Today, I am writing to ask for your help on the single most important thing you can do to help my campaign cross the finish line with a victory -- please cast your vote for Shawnna Bolick.

Early ballots have already begun to arrive in mailboxes around Arizona.  Please be sure to mail yours in and vote for Shawnna Bolick in Legislative District 28.

Also, in order to continue to execute our campaign in a timely manner we have partnered with State Senator Nancy Barto and State Representative Justin Olson to raise campaign funds for our campaigns.  We are hosting a joint fundraiser on Monday, August 4th at the home of Bill and Debbie Cheatham from 5:30pm to 7:00pm at 5202 East Turquoise Avenue in Paradise Valley.  Please consider donating to all three of us.  We hope to see you there! 

Thank you for your continued support!


Shawnna Bolick has lived in Legislative District 28 for 13 years.  Shawnna and her husband, Clint, have two children, Ryne (12) and Kali (9), plus their six year old rescued greyhound, Beary Goldwater, live in the shadows of Squaw Peak.

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Twenty five days left!

In exactly twenty five days Arizonans will go to the polls and cast their vote for our Republican nominee for Attorney General. Early voting has already begun! If what the polling says holds true, voters will confirm what we already know: Mark Brnovich is the best candidate for the job.
We have 25 days left but our work is not done and we cannot let up. I know the campaign has asked a lot of you and you have not let us down.

Today I'm calling on you to dig a little deeper, one more time.
Please donate $25, a dollar a day, to get us through this last month - the final push.  There's no doubt that Tom Horne and his cronies are planning to unload their war chest. They've already begun false ads on television. If we want to keep up our momentum we have to be able to match him step for step.
This campaign was never about the money - we always knew we'd be outspent by a career politician. This campaign is about you and what you deserve from your elected officials - integrity.
We have a winning plan and we are ready to implement it, but in these last few weeks we need you to help carry Mark over the finish line. Will you donate $25 to Mark's campaign - can we count on you to take us to the finish line?
You have already done so much and without you our campaign could not have been so successful, but we cannot let up now.  Please make your donation of $25, a dollar a day for the last month, now.
Without your help, Tom Horne's reputation will continue to be a black eye for all of Arizona.

If you would prefer to mail a check, please send contributions to:

Mark for AZ
P.O. Box 24471
Tempe, AZ 85285
Thank you for your continued support,

Ryan Anderson
Campaign Manager
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Salmon. Shadegg. Munsil. And conservative leaders across Arizona agree.

Leading Conservative Voices Agree:

Hugh Hallman is the Right Choice for State Treasurer
Hugh Hallman is endorsed by conservative leaders across Arizona because he's the right choice to bring Republican values to the State Treasurer's Office.

Here's what three Arizona conservative leaders — Congressman Matt Salmon, former Congressman John Shadegg and conservative leader Len Munsil  — have to say about why they support Hugh Hallman for State Treasurer. 

“Getting our state’s financial house in order must be a top priority for all members of our state’s executive branch. With our state’s debt approaching $9 billion, it is critical that we make serious and immediate changes to how Arizona spends our money.  Hugh Hallman understands this crucial issue based on his years of experience in the private sector and his long service as Tempe’s fiscally conservative Mayor.  Hugh cut Tempe’s budget while improving services.  We can trust Hugh Hallman to serve us well as Arizona’s next State Treasurer.”
— Congressman Matt Salmon
“Hugh Hallman has the proven conservative credentials to best serve Arizona in the office of State Treasurer. He has been a tireless advocate for fiscal responsibility, which is exactly what we need for a position that manages our tax dollars. I’m proud to support Hugh and believe he’s a perfect fit for the job.”
— Former U.S. Congressman John Shadegg
“We need the kind of responsible, effective leadership Hugh Hallman will provide as State Treasurer,” Munsil said. “Hugh has shown through his work in Tempe and on regional issues that he truly understands the role of government and how to oversee taxpayer dollars in a responsible way.”
— Len Munsil
Former Republican gubernatorial candidate and conservative leader

We are proud to have the support of dozens of conservative leaders from throughout Arizona, from Senators to Congressmen to leaders in their community, all of whom believe Hugh Hallman is the responsible choice for State Treasurer.

Check out our "Endorsements" page — chances are you'll see someone you know and trust from your community!
For more information on Hugh's campaign, visit
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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Early Ballots in the Mail Today!!!Effie For Arizona House LD23

It’s the sprint to the finish for our campaign. It is imperative that you let all of your friends and family in Scottsdale and Fountain Hills know that you support Effie for LD 23 House. Recent polls have shown that this race is tight between all four candidates, so we need your help today!
Here are some easy ways you can help spread the word….  
  1. Send an e-mail expressing your support for Effie. E-mail for a template to get you started. 
  2. Make a post on Facebook that expresses your support for Effie.
  3. Request a yard sign. 
  4. Spend a few hours distributing door hangers with us this Saturday morning (8:30 – 10:30 am). Looks like there is a cool front moving in!
  5. Invite a few friends to any of the following events:
    • LD 23 CANDIDATE FORUM - FOCUS ON EDUCATION hosted by The Arizona We Want Institute and Expect More Arizona Mustang Library, 10101 N 90th St, Scottsdale on Monday 8/4 at 6:00 pm
    • Back to school meet and greets (there’s a good chance you will also be able to meet other candidates running for State Legislature, SUSD Governing Board, and Scottsdale City Council). Bring your early ballots!
      • Monday, August 4, 11:00 – 1:00 - Peter Piper Pizza, 15745 N Hayden Rd. (Play date before school starts)
      • Wednesday, August 6, 9:00 – 11:00 - The Good Egg, 6149 N Scottsdale Rd. (Southern parents come after drop off)
      • Thursday, August 7, 9:00 – 11:00 - The Good Egg, 20567 N. Hayden Rd. (Northern parents come after drop off)
      • Friday, August 8, 5:30 – 7:30 - Peter Piper Pizza, 15745 N Hayden Rd. (Family dinner out after first week)
      • Wednesday, August 13, 1:30 – 3:30 - AZ Airtime  (First early release day)  
Thanks for your continued support!
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Heather Carter AZ House-Fiscally Responsible Healthcare Decisions

Since my first day as your state representative, I have fought government overreach and oppressive federal mandates.  So, rather than sit idly by and complain about “Obamacare,” I worked with Governor Brewer to exercise our constitutional state right to implement a healthcare system for low-income families crafted specifically for Arizonans – not one written by liberal Washington D.C. bureaucrats.

Governor Brewer’s Medicaid Restoration is NOT Obamacare.  You have heard my opponents say otherwise.  What they won’t tell you is the plan, which was approved twice by voters, was the one true fiscally conservative plan for Arizona.
Here are the alternatives I was NOT willing to consider:  Creating a ‘donut-hole’ in healthcare coverage for Arizonans, shifting uncompensated care costs from hospitals to rate payers and taxpayers, creating a $850 million to $1.3 billion hit to Arizona’s General Fund.  Not taking action would have resulted in massive costs to Arizonans, specifically our seniors before they are eligible for Medicare.

Arizona’s Medicaid program is considered one of the most cost effective and efficient systems in the U.S.  Listening to voters and extending state-controlled coverage to those who need it most wasn’t the hard thing to do, it was the right thing to do – and it is NOT Obamacare.


Rep. Heather Carter 
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Why I'm voting for Scott Smith for Governor-Tom Tyree Yuma County Superintendent

Scott Smith for Governor 2014
Why am I voting for Mayor Scott Smith? I respect him.

He's been an incredible leader as a Mayor and before that as a CEO of a homebuilding company. He's solutions-oriented and doesn't pander or give simplistic responses when asked tough questions. And he's focused on practical ways to address the complex issues we have in our state.

As an educator, I reviewed all the candidates' plans to prepare our children for the future. By far, Scott's plan is the best. It's set on creating a world-class education system for every Arizonan child and committed to securing the resources to get the job done.

We want our children to be successful in life and that starts with education. So, join me in voting for Scott Smith, so we can make the smart choice, the only choice, to have a strong principled leader that supports education!

Tom Tyree
Yuma County Superintendent

PS - Make sure to fill out and mail in your early ballot or head to the polls on August 26th!
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Cindy McCain Endorses Kate Brophy McGee For AZ House

I am humbled and blessed to announce Cindy McCain's endorsement.  She is a leader in the worldwide initiative to stop human trafficking and co-chairs Governor Brewer's Arizona Human Trafficking Task Force.  She is a leader whose actions exemplify her words. She is truly an inspiration in my work at the Capitol and I will continue to champion issues that need a strong voice.
“Arizona was built by resolute leaders who were not afraid to blaze their own path.  Kate Brophy McGee embodies the steadfast leadership qualities to not only tackle the challenges facing vulnerable populations, but the vision necessary to create a positive future for Arizona.  Today, because of her efforts, vulnerable and abused children will have the opportunity to live their lives without fear, and grow up to be successful adults.  I am proud to call Kate a peer and colleague, but most importantly, I am honored to call her a friend.

The future of Arizona depends on strong-willed leaders like Kate.  Join me in supporting the reelection of Kate Brophy McGee.  Share her story freely; because our kids, and each and every Arizonan, will thank you for your commitment to her campaign.”
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Ballots have arrived!

Vote Today!Frank Riggs for Governor
Today, absentee ballots will start dropping in mailboxes across Arizona and I'm writing to ask that you make your voice heard and vote Frank Riggs for Arizona Governor!

We've come a long way since this race began. Our campaign was labeled the "underdog" and "dark horse" by the insiders, but throughout the past few months we've rallied support across the state as voters join our growing team of concerned citizens who want to stop the Obamanization of Arizona, repeal Common Core, and protect our conservative values.

We're less than a month from the August 26 primary, and from achieving what we've set out to do: Winning this election.

As absentee ballots begin to drop, I encourage you to help us spread the word about my campaign by:

  1. Completing your ballot and voting Frank Riggs for Arizona Governor.
  2. Chipping in $100, $50, $25, or any generous amount you can afford to help us share our conservative message with voters across Arizona over the closing days of this campaign.
Thank you for your continued support!

Frank Riggs
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My wife Jennifer and I are the proud parents of five children - three daughters and two sons.  I’m a small business owner who has devoted my life to positively impact our community through job creation, public service and advocating for conservative principles.

I hold my family, and our way of life here in Arizona, dear and I will protect it at all costs!

The past six years, while serving in the Arizona Legislature, I’ve saved taxpayers millions of dollars and led the fight to stop the implementation of the disastrous ObamaCare.

While serving as Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives, I drastically cut government spending by $3 billion, balanced Arizona’s budget and presided over the largest tax cuts in Arizona’s history.

Together, with Gov. Brewer and my fellow conservatives, we stood up to incompetent leadership and demanded that the federal government protect the borders in Arizona from an invasion of illegal immigrants and related violent crime. It’s time for me to take the next step and go to Washington to continue this fight, and that’s why it’s the #1 point in my 5 step plan for a stronger Arizona!

As your Representative in Congress, I will represent your voice, and lead the charge in fighting for you against reckless immigration laws, wasteful spending, ever-increasing taxes, government intrusion, and out-of-touch insiders that are taking away your freedoms.

I will fight to create sustainable jobs and help small businesses succeed.  I will build a stronger middle class and put Arizona back on track.  I will protect our borders and invest in defense.  And…I WILL HOLD THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION AND EXECUTIVE BRANCH ACCOUNTABLE!


I decided to serve in office because I wanted to fight and protect freedom and ensure prosperity for my children and yours and make a real difference in Washington!

I need your vote, please vote early today and together, we’ll bring Arizona conservatism to Washington.

Thank You and God Bless,


Andy Tobin
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Campaign Update: Kate brophy McGee AZ House LD28

The Yard Sign Adoption campaign started out with a bang!  Thanks to ALL of YOU, nearly 100 signs found great homes this past week!  Thanks as well to those who dusted off your yard sign from the last campaign and proudly re-displayed it.  If you’ve not yet received your sign, or if you would like a refresh, please let me know and I’ll make sure you get one.

Brophy McGee car magnets are also available, so please let me know if you’d like one – we can deliver it at the same time.

Please take a moment to check my website, , for the latest updates on the campaign.  I’ve been honored with some outstanding endorsements from public officials and from friends like you, and I’d be so proud to list you as a supporter.  If you’d like to include your name on the Endorsements page, please let me know!  Like the yard signs, your personal endorsement is a great way to let your friends and neighbors know that you support my reelection.

As we move into the final weeks before the August 26th primary, please know how much I appreciate your help and support.  This is a team effort, and I could not do this without you.  Thank you so much for your actions, big and small, which added together have given the campaign great momentum.


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Our Veterans Deserve Respect and Support: Ken Bennett AZ Candidate For Governor

No one deserves our respect and support more than our veterans.  My wife’s father served in World War II and Korea, and I have brothers-in-law who saw combat in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  It has been a privilege to be involved with numerous veteran and military projects and to establish countless meaningful relationships with veterans across the state.

That’s why it’s so appalling to see the failings within our VA system. We must ensure this gross incompetence and neglect of our veterans never happens again.

Our next Governor must have an established relationship with our congressional delegation to ensure our veterans get the help they need.  If the VA falls short, we as a country and state have a duty and obligation to our veterans that their healthcare issues are addressed expediently and they are provided the level of care they earned and deserve.

Please take a moment and review my comprehensive 9-point plan to move our state forward at

People, not politics,

People, Not Politics.

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Barry Goldwater Jr. and Dean Martin Agree: Integrity Matters for the next State Treasurer

Barry Goldwater Jr. and Dean Martin Agree:

Hugh Hallman is the Responsible Choice for State Treasurer
Hugh Hallman is endorsed by conservative leaders across Arizona because he's the responsible choice with the right credentials for the State Treasurer's Office.

Here's what two Arizona conservative leaders — former Congressman Barry Goldwater Jr. and former State Treasurer Dean Martin — have to say about why they support Hugh Hallman for State Treasurer. 

“Hugh Hallman is an honest man who will represent the people’s interest. Hugh is an active citizen who has been a tireless leader in shaping our state’s economy, improving our education system, and being involved in the political process. He shares the Goldwater commitment for financial stability and fiscal responsibility, finding solutions to our greatest fiscal problems and advocating on behalf of the people of Arizona.” 
— Former Congressman Barry Goldwater Jr. 

“I know first-hand the skill set it takes to perform the duties of a Treasurer: honesty, integrity, attention to detail, and fiscal responsibility.  There is only one person this election I would trust to manage the billions of dollars in the Treasurer’s office: Hugh Hallman.  As an economist and as a Mayor of Tempe, Hugh Hallman has demonstrated these traits. If you share my belief in honesty, integrity, and fiscal responsibility, then join me in voting for Hugh Hallman for State Treasurer.
— Former State Treasurer Dean Martin
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Bart Turner Fundraiser on August 6th for Glendale City Council

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Arizona elections for sale?

Arizona elections for sale?

Early ballots go out tomorrow and our campaign is positioned for victory, but we need your help to reach the finish line!  I would not be writing you if this was not critical.  My campaign is facing a dark money group who has spent over $500,000 to buy this election!  Are you willing to contribute $25, $50, or $100 to help us counter these mystery millionaire donors with a dubious political agenda?

With your support we can show them that the Secretary of State’s office is not for sale.  My opponents are running on making elections more “open and honest” yet allow their campaigns to be financed by secretive and unknown special interest groups.  Contribute to my campaign today to show them that we will not be intimidated by anonymous donors trying to buy Arizona’s second highest office.

This is crunch time and I am counting on you.  By the time you receive this email, you will have already received the first mailer attacking me by a dark money group. It is appalling that an outside group is willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars influencing our election, while hiding who is pulling the strings.

Arizona needs more transparency in elections, not anonymity.  If we cannot trust candidates to have open and honest campaigns, how can we expect them to protect our elections?  I am the candidate who has and will continue fighting for transparency and accountability.  Thank you for your generous contribution in this fight against this dark money group.


Senator Michele Reagan
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Ken Bennett AZ Candidate For Governor 5-5-5 Plan

With 1.3 million people on AHCCCS, Arizona’s next Governor will need a detailed plan and the experience necessary to deal with the rising costs of healthcare in the Grand Canyon State. 

The best aid we can provide is to help people help themselves. Along with providing opportunities for employment, the Medicaid and AHCCCS systems themselves need to be re-designed.

That’s why I’ve proposed the 5-5-5 Plan.  First, we must create enough high-paying jobs to move 5% of current AHCCCS enrollees to a health plan provided by their employers. Second, we can reduce the cost of AHCCCS by 5% by eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse.  Finally, we will convert 5% of enrollees to a pilot program using Health Savings Accounts.

When Arizonans find themselves in hard times, we should provide temporary aid. However, too many recipients are thinning the resources available to those truly in need.  As we improve the economy and restructure AHCCCS and Medicaid, we will see the number of Arizonans in need drop significantly.

Please review our comprehensive 9 point plan to move the state forward at

Onward toward victory!

People, not politics,

People, Not Politics.

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Arizona-Follow Up: 8/2/14 Rally With Mike Huckabee

To those of you who have RSVP'd, I'm looking forward to seeing you this Saturday, August 2nd, in support of my good friend, Congressman Trent Franks, and the GOP's efforts to keep the House and take back the Senate in this ever-important upcoming election cycle.

We will be kicking off the 2014 Victory Rally at 5:30 PM at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort (7200 N. Scottsdale Rd, - Scottsdale, AZ, 85253).

We are quickly approaching capacity for this FREE event so if you haven't reserved your attendance, please click at the "RSVP" button below or just go to

Yours truly,
Mike Huckabee 
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

2 Great Opportunities to Support Jeff Schwartz For AZ Senate! Please Join Us!

2 Opportunities to show your support!

Join us to show your support for Jeff!
On Monday, August 4th and Wednesday, August 6th LD23 State Senate Candidate Jeff Schwartz will participate in two different debates. There are only a few more opportunities to show Jeff your support before the August 26th primary election. Please join us at these events to rally behind Jeff! 

Monday, August 4th all LD23 candidates will participate in the LD23 Education Forum sponsored by The Arizona We Want Institute.

August 4th
6:00 pm
LD23 Candidate Education Forum

Mustang Library
10101 N 90th Street Scottsdale, AZ
"The first goal of the Arizona We Want citizens' agenda is to "Create a world-class education system where all students have access to a quality education regardless of social or economic status." As such, the focus of this Forum will be to discuss current education key leverage points, and your plans for education in Arizona." 

Wednesday, August 6th the Jewish Community Association will be hosting a forum/debate between businessman Jeff Schwartz and John Kavanagh at the JCA Social Hall.
August 6th
LD23 State Senate
Debate / Forum

Social Hall - JCA 
12701 N. Scottsdale Scottsdale, AZ 85254
This is an excellent opportunity for the Jewish community to show support for Jeff Schwartz, the only Jewish candidate running for office in LD23! 

~Early ballots drop this week! 
Make sure to vote for Jeff

Just how far has Arizona come?

We've come a long way since Arizona’s Territorial Legislature established a modest highway system consisting of just two roads in 1909.  Lucky for us, the leaders of the time understood the importance of infrastructure and how crucial was for economic growth.

From land and water resources, to Arizona’s roads and highways, our state’s economic fortunes depend greatly on high quality infrastructure.  Over the past few years, the legislature has had to make difficult decisions to get us through the downturn.  But now, as the state emerges from the recession, we must address issues related to our infrastructure if we are to boost job growth and economic development.

My plan for Arizona is based on decades of public service at the state and local level.  That experience has prepared me to deal with issues related to transportation, land management and water sustainability; all crucial to Arizona’s future.

Please take a moment to review my detailed plan to deal with the state’s deteriorating infrastructure at  

Remember, Early Ballots go out Thursday July 31.  I think it’s time we elect a Governor with a proven track record of success, not someone who requires on-the-job training at this critical time.

People, not politics,

People, Not Politics.

We need your help now! Scott Smith AZ Candidate for Governor

Scott Smith for Governor 2014
Can you believe it? It's less than one week until early ballots go out to voters and we need your help now! Our volunteers have been making thousands of phone calls to voters across Arizona, spreading our campaign's message of economic opportunity, a world-class education system and a fresh vision for Arizona, and we need YOU to help reach more voters. Email Ryan Carkhuff at to become a phone bank volunteer and then forward this email to your friends and family to keep our momentum going!

Profile in the Arizona Republic
Earlier this week, the Arizona Republic stopped by a campaign event of ours in Mesa and wrote a piece on our campaign. I'm proud to be able to talk about real solutions to the huge challenges facing our state, instead of the political pandering we see from my opponents. Arizona needs leadership to build on the foundation Governor Brewer is leaving behind and I'm confident I will be able to do that. Take a few minutes to read the article here.

Over the past six months of this campaign, we've heard some pretty ridiculous promises from my opponents. Satellites on the border? Sending President Obama the bill? Too many times, I've heard these kinds of statements and simply had to ask, "Really?" We released a web video this week on some of these silly remarks; make sure to watch it here!

Coalition Picks Up Support
Maricopa County is consistently recognized as one of the most business-friendly, well-run counties in the country, so I'm very glad to announce I've received the endorsement of County Board Chairman Denny Barney and Supervisor Andy Kunasek. Chairman Barney and Supervisor Kunasek are two great conservative leaders who know what it takes to create an environment that allows small businesses to thrive and I'm looking forward to working with them as Governor!

The countdown to Election Day is down to 31 days and early ballots come out in 5 days! We need your support now more than ever and the easiest way to do that is by volunteering and by engaging with our campaign on Facebook and Twitter. With your help, we'll continue to march toward a better Arizona and victory on August 26th!


AZ Republic endorses Andy Tobin for Congress

We are so glad that the Arizona Republic sees what so many voters in AZ 1st Congressional district do sharing that they felt like Andy Tobin is an, “engaging, refreshingly candid conservative with an interesting message to impart.”

The Republic said, “Among the three candidates for the GOP nomination to challenge incumbent  Democrat Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick in CD 1, Tobin is the superior option. He has ample political experience, including his leadership position as Speaker of the Arizona House. And the fact he hails from a town so small and rural it makes Chino Valley look metropolitan helps in this largely rural district.”

The Republic's take:  “In the GOP primary race for Congressional District 1, it is easy to recommend Andy Tobin.”

Andy Tobin has demonstrated his unwavering commitment to Arizonians which has earned him the respect and endorsement of our community at large.  We can count on him to represent us in Congress with consistent conservative values and conviction. 

We need your support
and please be sure and vote for Andy Tobin on August 26th!

Your Friend,


Bill Cortese
Campaign Manager

Andy Tobin for Congress