Wednesday, May 3, 2017

How Could Sinema NOT Have Known?

PHOENIX (May 2) -- The Arizona Republican Party continues to hold Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema accountable taking more than $53,000 from's founders, executives and their relatives.

The Party today released a digital ad asking Sinema how this money -- and the people that gave it her -- could have possibly been overlooked for so long.

Sinema said in an interview with ABC 15's Melissa Blasius late last week that "none of the individuals that made these contributions list any affiliation with Backpage, or the founders of Backpage."
Backpage founder Michael Lacey has given more than $15,000 to Sinema since 2013.
The first result that pops up on a Google search of "Michael Lacey" and his affiliation "Village Voice Media" is a Phoenix New Times article about Lacey leaving Village Voice Media to run full time.
"How could she not have known?" Arizona Republican Party Chairman Jonathan Lines said. "Between Lacey, other Backpage executives and their relatives -- they've given her more than $53,000. In any sort of political operation, you know the people that give you this kind of money. It's absolutely absurd, and voters deserve to know the truth."