Friday, May 6, 2016

Message From Arizona LD23 Chairman Jim O'Connor

Sign Candidate Petitions Online 
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One of our responsibilities of the office we hold is to choose the candidate or candidates you personally support and do what we are able to assist them in their election or re-election efforts. One of the most burdensome is the collection of “Petition Signatures” to qualify them for inclusion on the primary ballot.

As is the case with our own 10 signature requirement to qualify for the ballot for the office of PC, this task must be completed no later than the end of May. The number of signatures required, vary for each office sought by our candidates. When they walk door to door, or we do it for them, or they employ paid petition gatherers, there is a rule of thumb that to be safe in meeting the minimum requirement, it is wise to collect 30% more signatures than actually needed. This eliminates the possibility of having submitted signatures subject to challenge and possible disqualification.

A very smart way around that added burden on them and ourselves is to have signers execute their petition signature online with the Secretary of State's Office. If petition signers choose this on line process, 100% of the signatures will be accepted without challenge. Click on the link inserted below. 

Once on this page of the AZSOS website enter your AZ Drivers license number, your date of birth, your first and last names and click SUBMIT. You will then be asked to confirm your address by clicking the Yes or No Box. After that, a field of all filed candidates available for you to sign their nominating petitions will appear. Choose the candidate of your preference, or in the case of State House Representative two (2) candidates, by clicking on their name. The final page will ask for your email address.

Many of our LD 23 candidates are still in need of additional signatures. We ask that you and voting family members, friends and neighbors use this preferred system of signing candidate nominating petitions. This is a bullet proof way to ensure our candidates qualify to be included on our August Primary ballot. 
Jim O'Connor

Chairman, LD23

Thursday, May 5, 2016

AZGOP Chairman to Support Donald Trump for Republican Nominee for President of the United States

From First Vote to Last at Republican National Convention, AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham Voting for Trump
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PHOENIX - This morning Chairman Robert Graham of the Arizona Republican Party announced that based on the results of the March 22 Presidential Preference Election and the successful completion of the April 30 Republican State Convention, he is fully supporting Donald Trump as the party’s nominee for President of the United States. As a delegate to the Convention, he will cast any and all of his votes for Donald Trump.

“As Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party I support the will of the majority of our party’s voters who voted to support Trump by a two-to-one margin. So the choice is clear: Arizona Republicans support Trump, and I enthusiastically join them. As a delegate I will support their will with every one of my votes for Donald Trump to be our party’s nominee,” said Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham.

Saturday’s Arizona Republican State Convention was packed with Republicans supporting of multiple candidates, and more than 800 competed to become one of Arizona’s delegates to the National Convention. Each of Arizona’s 58 delegates is bound to Trump in the first round of voting but unbound after the first vote if no candidate receives a majority.

"Donald Trump’s Arizona Chairman Jeff DeWit and the Trump campaign worked hard to capture the majority of delegates.  Given the slate vote counts, if the national delegate at-large elections were a one-to-one match between Trump and Cruz or Trump and Kasich, Trump would have been the clear winner retaining the majority of delegates,” added Graham.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Great video explanation of Prop 123 on Newsmaker Sunday

Great video about Prop 123.
For those wanting to know more about Prop 123, Newsmaker Sunday hosted an engaging discussion with John Hook from Fox 10 and I to explain to Arizona why I am voting NO on Prop123:

Please forward this to any Arizonans looking for more information about Prop 123, and anyone concerned about the long-term health of our school finances, teachers, and taxpayers.

Thank you,

-Jeff DeWit
State Treasurer of Arizona

Make Sure Your Vote Counts In The August Scottsdale City Election!

In March the Scottsdale Republic printed a “hit piece” on me authored by one of my opponent’s supporters. Today they posted a response to that hit piece authored by Scottsdale resident and neighborhood activist John Washington. Good stuff, worth a read!

Help Me Keep Scottsdale Special!
If you agree with me that Scottsdale needs new leadership, click here for details about how you can help my campaign for Mayor. If you have any questions or would like more information, my web site is and my phone # is 602-228-9145. Littlefield
Please add to your address book to ensure you receive our emails.As always, if you wish to be removed from my email list just reply to this address with your request and it will be done.Paid for by “Vote Littlefield,” Bob Littlefield, Chairman, Kathy Littlefield, Treasurer. 480-951-2549
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Arizona Corporation Commissioner Tom Forese Endorses Matt Morales

PHOENIX  --Arizona Corporation Commissioner Tom Forese endorsed Matt Morales for Arizona House of Representatives in Legislative District 28. Commissioner Forese was elected for the Commission in 2014, and is regarded as one of the bright, young stars in Arizona politics.

“I've had the pleasure of working with Matt Morales for a number of years, and I am proud to call him a friend,” Forese said. “Matt has the combined attributes of principle and the ability to communicate. From being down at the legislature, I know that we need more of what he can bring to the table, which is why he has my endorsement and my full support as his campaign moves forward. His constituents in LD 28 will benefit from his leadership and experience. Please join me in supporting Matt Morales for Arizona House of Representatives in the August 30th Republican Primary!”
“I am extremely grateful for Commissioner Forese’s endorsement,” Morales said. “Tom is someone I look up to, and I have valued his friendship throughout the years as we have known each other and worked together to make Arizona one of the greatest places to live.  I look forward to continue working with him for a better Arizona, and to meet the needs of our shared constituents in LD 28.”
About Matt Morales
Matt Morales is a fifth-generation Arizonan and small business owner who has called the Grand Canyon State “home” for his entire life. Matt understands both of the needs to stand on principle and to do so in a way that seeks to build relationships and consensus on issues. He hopes to bring this approach to the floor of the Arizona House of Representatives in January 2017. Matt has lived in Legislative District 28 for over ten years. He is married to the love of his life, Mindy, and they have two sons - Max and Miles. When he is not hard at work for his clients or serving his community, Matt enjoys participating in martial arts, motorcycling, writing code, and playing with his boys.
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Virginia Korte: Taking Steps Toward Making Our City More “Walkable” 

Together we can make our great city even better.

Scottsdale embarks on a project of which few people are aware -- but one that will benefit many.

Improvements will begin on one of the most traveled multiuse paths in Scottsdale: the SRP canal banks between Chaparral Road and Indian Bend Wash.  Besides constructing a desert-colored concrete path and adding more landscaping along the western bank of the canal, new pedestrian bridges and enhanced crossings will be built.  There will also be an emphasis on creating more connections to nearby neighborhoods.

Approximately half of the project’s funding is coming from federal grants and the remainder is being paid for with revenue from the dedicated transportation sales tax.

This new project is part of the plan to create a corridor for bicyclists and pedestrians all the way from the Papago Park region, through downtown Scottsdale and eventually connecting with our McDowell Sonoran Preserve.  It is just one of the projects that is either underway or being planned to make Scottsdale more pedestrian-friendly for our residents and visitors.  Check out this link for more information:

I believe it is important for us to continue developing connections between our shopping areas, restaurants, arts and cultural venues – and also our parks and neighborhoods.  Walkability is what helps make a city a community.

I am committed to working with businesses, organizations and neighborhoods to increase our connections to one another in order to sustain our special quality of life.
 PS:  Feel free to share my email with your friends and neighbors.  And please contribute to my campaign – it’s easy, simply click the “donate” button above and go directly to my secured website.
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Christine Jones I’m running for Congress!

I've officially announced my candidacy for the Republican nomination in Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District.
As a conservative business leader, I believe we have enough career politicians in Washington. We need citizen representatives with business and real world experiences if we are going to fix the multitude of problems facing America today - runaway spending in Washington, a failed immigration policy, and threats from ISIS on the battlefield and in cyberspace.
The voters are tired of politicians who make big promises and fail to deliver. That needs to change.
Unlike career politicians, I don’t just talk about what needs to be done…I do it.
As Executive Vice President of Go Daddy for more than 10 years, I played an essential role in the creation of over 4,000 jobs, including more than 1,500 in the East Valley. I bring successful private sector business, technology, and policy-development experience to the table.
Today, my campaign released this video:

See you on the campaign trail.

Christine Jones
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Meet the SEAL Team of the Republican Party & Learn How the EPA is Hurting AZ

Join us on Saturday, May 14th 
Hear from our two dynamic guest speakers, Thayer Verschoor, president of the Arizona Republican Assembly (AzRA) and Arizona energy advocate, Jason Hayes.
PRWC General Meeting | Saturday, May 14th  
Thayer Verschoor, President of AzRA
The SEAL team of the Republican party, AzRA is an organization committed to maintaining a conservative presence throughout the Arizona political arena. AzRA's mission and strategy is to promote true conservatives in all positions of leadership - from elected office to appointed positions - within the Republican party.

Join us on Saturday, May 14th to learn more about the ongoing efforts of the Arizona Republican Assembly, and to get the inside scoop on current opportunities to get involved.

Jason Hayes, Energy Advocate in Arizona
New regulations from the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) could mean that the majority of Arizona no longer meets ozone limits -- a classification that would result in statewide job losses, and significant damage to the state's economic development. 

Reserve your ticket now to learn more about how the EPA is affecting the Arizona economy and local businesses, and what you can do to help. 

Jason Hayes is the Associate Director for the American Coal Council (ACC), a national energy industry association that represents 160 member companies whose operations span the coal industry - from the hole in the ground to the plug in the wall.
Tickets: $30 per Person 
(A Reservation Made Is A Reservation Paid.)

Paradise Republican Women...
Embrace challenges
Are leaders and mentors
Get involved
Empower others
Work as a team
Believe in our values and principles
We Welcome New 2016 PRWC Members: 
Gwynne Autrey   
Anna Morrison  
Elizabeth Brantley    
Priscilla Perles  
Laine Byrum   
Patricia Roski  
Sophia Catalo    
Crystal Smith  
Theresa Franklin   
Kimberly Guimarin
Jeanne Sterrett 
Charlotte Hoek 
Mary Jumont 
Ruth Lazar 
Sheri Lopez
For membership information please contact:  Anna Morrison at or 623.234.3717. 
Mail applications with a $30 check to P.O.Box 14425, Scottsdale, AZ 85267