Saturday, July 19, 2014

Panic Button AZ Rep david Schweikert

Barack Obama wants nothing more this weekend than for you to forget there is an election in 2014. 
In fact, he wants you to delete this email.
He especially wants you to sit on your hands forget to vote in Arizona's August primary.
Guess what? 
We know better.
And, I have a feeling, like me, you're committed to saving this country.
Please know how much it means to have you on my team.
With sincere gratitude,
David Schweikert

Arizona Don't Let Them Fleece You...On Border Issues 2 Video's

Don't Let Them Fleece You
Don't Get Fleeced Video
Satellites? Send Obama the bill? Watch Mayor Scott Smith's
real ideas to fix Arizona's border crisis here.
Smith Governor 2014

Arizona-Show Low Mayor Daryl Seymore Endorses Andy Tobin for Congress

Andy Tobin, candidate for Arizona’s First Congressional District, is proud to announce the endorsement of Show Low Mayor Daryl Seymore.

Mayor Seymore joins a growing chorus of elected officials supporting Tobin’s campaign for congress—including Governor Romney, former Senator John Kyl, and former Congressman John Shadegg, along with five County Sheriffs, multiple Mayors and County Supervisors.

“Andy Tobin has been a true friend to the people of Show Low through some very challenging times for our town. His commitment to rural Arizona is shown by his record of support for restoring highway funds and fighting for water and forest resources — Andy has always been there for rural Arizona,” Show Low Mayor Daryl Seymore said.

“You know what you get when you have Andy Tobin—someone who is dedicated to the people he serves, someone who is consistent in their beliefs and someone you can trust to get the job done,” Seymore continued.

“I am honored to have the endorsement of Mayor Seymore, who has been a real leader for Show Low and has led them through the arduous process of rebuilding after the devastating wildfires,” said Tobin.  “I look forward to being a voice for Show Low and the rest of rural Arizona in the United States Congress.”

Andy Tobin has demonstrated his unwavering commitment to Arizonians which has earned him the respect and endorsement of our community at large.  We can count on him to represent us in Congress with consistent conservative values and conviction. 

We need your support
and please be sure and vote for Andy Tobin on August 26th!

Your Friend,


Bill Cortese
Campaign Manager
Andy Tobin for Congress

Friday, July 18, 2014

ASU Ranked Number ONE! Ken Bennett Candidate For AZ Governor

Go Devils!
As an ASU alum, I was pleased to see my Alma Mater was ranked number one on the annual “best buy” list released by the Fiske Guide to Colleges.

While some of you U of A folksmy son includedmight take issue with such a ranking, no one can argue the value that public education institutions have on our state.

But now, we find ourselves at a crossroads.  Will we invest to make the Grand Canyon State home to a world-class education system that prepares students for the competitive workplace that awaits?

Voters like you will decide.

In my view, the next Governor must resist further cuts to higher education and invest in University Research Projects as soon as possible.  Funding for Arizona’s great universities has suffered tremendous budget cuts over the last several years.  ASU alone has had its funding cut by more than $200 million.

As Senate President, we prioritized more than $400 million in funding for University Infrastructure Research Projects which created a new generation of  jobs, and transformed Arizona into one of the nation’s fastest growing bioscience states.

We can and must do it again if we are to make Arizona into a place people choose to live and raise a family.

Visit my website to learn more about my campaign and my plan for Arizona.

People, not politics,

A Special Invitation from Vice Mayor Jim Waring & Phoenix Councilman Sal DiCiccio

We have endorsed both Shawnna and Jill for their respective legislative races.  We are proud to back these two terrific ladies and you should, too! 

If you can not make Shawnna and Jill's fundraiser on Sunday, please consider making a direct donation to their campaigns.  You can make an online contribution to Shawnna at and Jill at .

We hope to see you there!

Check out our latest mail piece! Ftank riggs AZ Candidate For Governor

Frank Riggs for Governor
I wanted you to have a look at our new mailer that we're sending to Republican primary voters across the state of Arizona!
Check it out below, let me know what you think, and please share this email with your friends and family.

Frank Riggs
Check Out My New Mailer!
Check Out My New Mailer!
Like Frank on Facebook | Follow Frank on Twitter

Effie Carlson and Bill Adams Fundraiser - Tuesday, July 29th - Alexi's - 5:00 PM


Click to Contribute Online to Effie
Click to Contribute Online to Bill 

A Plan for Success: Ken bennett AZ Candidate For Governor

Ken Bennett for Governor

I’ve learned a lot during my two decades of public service, and if our state is to move forward we need to elect leaders who have a vision of what Arizona can be, and how they intend to get us there.
That’s why I’ve released our detailed plan to return Arizona to the level of prosperity I helped create while serving as President of the Senate. 
Our comprehensive plan, on, covers nine topical areas including; Education, Veterans, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Economy, Safety, Energy, Immigration and People.
I felt putting together a plan that seeks to address the needs of our diverse state deserved a thoughtful and deliberative process, not just repackaged rhetoric.  Our detailed plan is based on my years of experience serving at the local and state level, and a career running a business in northern Arizona.  That unique perspective will help bring common sense solutions to state government.
Highlights include the phasing out of the state’s income tax, the 5-5-5 plan to decrease the cost of health care, and the creation of the Arizona Bureau of Investigation to support local law enforcement and ensure state agencies are held accountable to citizens.
Developing a plan is one thing, but implementing it is something altogether different.  That’s why my public service experience makes this election so important.  If we are to get our state going in the right direction again, we need a Governor who will fight for our values and won’t require on-the-job training.
As the state’s CEO, you must know when to stand up and fight for what’s right and when you have to work together to govern effectively.  Arizonans deserve results and accountability, and that’s what they will get under a Bennett Administration.
Take a moment and review my plan for Arizona, and please feel free to offer your feedback.  If Arizona is to become the state we all know it can be, we must work together! 
Ken's signature

Ken Bennett

What's Coming Up:

  • Friday - July 18 @ 7:00p Arizona Cattle Growers Association & GPEC Gubernatorial Forum
  • Saturday - July 19 @ 9:00a AZ Association of School Business Officials Governor's Debate
  • Monday - July 21 @ 4:30p Citizens Clean Elections Commission 2014 Primary Election Debate
  • Tuesday - July 22 @ 5:30p KJZZ Gubernatorial Candidate Forum
  • Thursday - July 24 @ 6:00p Yavapai County Meet and Greet
  • Connect with Us and Join the Camp! 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Michele Reagan Endorsed By Governor Jan Brewer For For AZ Secretary of State

Today, my campaign received a big boost with the endorsement of Governor Jan Brewer.  We made the big announcement at Tom’s Tavern, an institutional, landmark business in downtown Phoenix, to supporters and the media.

Over the years, Governor Brewer and I have developed a close working relationship constructing conservative, responsible public policy for Arizona.  She accomplished great things as Secretary of State.  She extended voting access to military members overseas, modernized voting systems and reduced administrative costs, saving taxpayer’s money.  She has been a trailblazer not only in the Secretary of State’s office but throughout Arizona politics.  I’m happy to follow in her footsteps and honored to have her support.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Senator Reagan for years crafting sound public policy for Arizona.  There is nobody more dedicated and hardworking on improving opportunities for Arizona citizens and small businesses.  With Michele’s leadership, Arizona has become one of the most business friendly states in the country.  As a former Secretary of State, I know the duties and challenges of the office, and Michele is the one candidate who can meet those challenges with professionalism and experience.  As a colleague of Michele’s for many years, I am confident in her ability to head the second highest office in Arizona and I wholeheartedly endorse her campaign.” 
- Governor Jan Brewer

This Friday...AZ Congressman David Schweikert and Congressman Trey Gowdy

Please join me and fellow conservative Congressman Trey Gowdy for a telephone town hall THIS Friday at 6pm.
We will be live for one hour, talking about the issues that matter most to you.
Join the conversation... and find out the details of how to dial in by liking my Facebook page! 
David Schweikert

Have you heard? Andrew Walter's Event Has Gone Viral

Our upcoming ATF Event at Scottsdale Gun Club has gone viral!  We have received a wide range of coverage from USA Today to Fox 10 News.

Most recently I had an interview with KTAR's Rob and Karie show discussing the great packages this event offers and how this idea came about.  You can check out the interview by clicking here.

I'm proud to support our 2nd Amendment rights and this event is a great opportunity for friends to get together and have fun in a safe, responsible environment.

We have had an amazing amount of support for this event, so don't miss out.  If you don't have plans tomorrow night, click to RSVP or contact Grace and let her know you're coming!


Andrew Walter

Arizonans LAST CHANCE before Voting by Mail Starts

Don't miss this chance to talk with YOUR
Republican Candidates -
right before Mail-In Voting Begins!
Saturday, July 26, 2014 

Candidates Forum & Fiesta

Bring your friends & Neighbors -
Guests are welcome!

4:00pm Social & Visit with Candidates  
5:00pm Forum

Scottsdale Plaza Resort
7200 N Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale AZ

 Buy Your Tickets NOW! 
$20  per person Early Bird

Fiesta Buffet & Cash Bar

Last Chance before VOTING BY MAIL STARTS!

Arizona Republican Candidates for :
Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General,
Superintendent of Public Instruction, Treasurer,
Corporation Commission, Legislative Districts 23 & 28,
Scottsdale City Council and Scottsdale School Board &
Congressional Candidates and more!

For More Information:
PO Box 14425, Scottsdale AZ  85267

Lori Urban   480-221-9633
Leona Johnston  480-837-6068

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

AZ Senate Candidate LD 23 Jeff Schwartz Endorsed by the Arizona Republic!

'Jeff Schwartz can change Arizona's image' 

July 16, 2014 ~ Today the Arizona Republic offered their much respected endorsement to Jeff Schwartz, State Senate candidate for Legislative District 23.

"State Rep. John Kavanagh's interests have always been bigger than the Scottsdale-Fountain Hills district that elected him for four terms.

Fighting illegal immigration was more important than thinking of the tourism industry vital to his district, for instance. When municipal officials needed a sponsor for a local-interest bill, they didn't bother asking Kavanagh - until his wife became mayor of Fountain Hills. Then, his interest in local affairs perked up.

Kavanagh is now seeking the Senate seat for the district. After eight years in the House, the odds favor his election. He is articulate and doesn't shrink from debate. But this is a good time to reflect on his service and ask: Is his the type of representation a historically moderate district wants?

There is a better choice. Home builder Jeff Schwartz is making his first run for office, motivated by what he says is a widespread disaffection. "People don't feel they have a part in the process," he says, pledging to be more available to voters.

Businesses are skipping over Arizona because they see "erratic behavior" from the Legislature, he says. Changing that would be the state's best economic development tool.

His meaning: Kavanagh has been at the center of many of the bills that gave Arizona a prime spot on late-night talk show monologues, from SB 1070 to a bathroom bill aimed at countering a Phoenix City Council vote.

Schwartz isn't the perfect candidate. He stumbles on details. He suggests posting Department of Public Safety officers as a second line of defense along the border, an unworkable idea. 

But he does bring a businessman's sensibility to issues, something the Legislature could use a lot more of. He speaks passionately about the importance of education. He measures pros and cons logically.

He'd be a good senator for the district and the state. We recommend him in the GOP primary for District 23."
~Editorial board, The Republic |
Jeff Schwartz honored and grateful for this quality endorsement and sends his heartfelt appreciation to the Editorial Board of The Republic and for their confidence and encouragement.
Now...please help us spread the good news!

~Share this on social media!~
~Request a sign (here)!~
~Write a letter to the editor!~
~Donate (here)!~

These guys can't be trusted...

The influx of undocumented children at our border is a serious issue. 
This is a national security crisis. We need to secure the border, and we need to take this issue seriously.
President Obama and Ann Kirkpatrick are not, and the policies they support are making matters worse. 
One of our opponents, Adam Kwasman, isn’t helping matters either.
This morning Kwasman is a national laughing stock for mistaking a bus of students from Marana School District for illegal immigrants. The video is going viral, and just like that - he has turned this issue into a joke – just what the left and the liberal media wants.  
It’s clear that Adam Kwasman will say or do anything to get elected.
An embarrassing mistake for Kwasman: these aren’t illegal immigrants – they are the children of voters in this district. Voters who are just as frustrated as you and I with Washington’s failures to control our border.
First it was Gary Kiehne, comparing law enforcement officers to Nazis. Now, it’s Adam Kwasman.  Click here to read Kiehne's "Nazi" comments.
Frankly, both Kiehne and Kwasman are cause for embarrassment and they just can’t be trusted to do or say the right thing when representing you.  And...they are now national punchlines!  Which is embarrassing for ALL of us!


Andy Tobin is the only serious, battle-tested conservative in this race.  This is why Tobin is endorsed by four county sheriffs and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, among many others.
He’s the only candidate who voted for and helped pass SB1070. Andy Tobin understands what it will take to secure our border and get this situation under control. He will fight for border security, National Guard at the border, and won’t cave to President Obama.
We need a consistent conservative that we can trust to do (and say) the right thing - Arizona is in the national spotlight!  These are serious times and we need Andy Tobin at the front line!  
Please be sure and vote Andy Tobin on August 26th!
Your Friend, 
Bill Cortese


Campaign Manager
Andy Tobin for Congress

Get involved Friday and Saturday Frank Riggs For AZ Governor

Frank Riggs for Governor
The campaign is heating up and we need volunteers to help us reach voters across Arizona.

Want to get involved? Join us this Friday and Saturday at 4:00pm for phone banks & volunteer training in Phoenix (New Church at 1728 West Grovers -- SE Corner of Grovers and 19th Ave in Phoenix). We'll have pizza and beverages for all our volunteers and we're looking forward to a great turnout so we hope you can make it!

Sign-up now if you plan on attending and encourage your friends and family to do the same!

With your help and support, I can win this race and together we can put Arizona on the right track. I will secure the border, lower taxes and grow our economy. Can I count on you to volunteer for my campaign and help us win?


Frank Riggs

Arizona Primary August 26th Make Sure You Can Vote-Check Your Status

Best Way to Increase Voter Turnout? Check Your Status Online!
Don’t show up at the polls on Election Day and be disappointed to find that you are not registered to vote, or are not registered to vote at their current address.

Do not let his happen to you! Check your voter information at the Secretary of State website and if it's not current use this link to upate:
If you're a voter in Maricopa County, you can also use this link to request an early ballot online for the August 26th Primary Election. Pima County online requests can be taken here.

Other counties, click here MAP for instructions and forms. As we all know, early voting is the best and most convenient way to ensure your vote is counted.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Attorneys General Wasden and Suthers Endorse Mark Brnovich For AZ Attoryney General

Today, Republican candidate for Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced that he has received the endorsements of two well-respected Republican attorneys general: Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden and Colorado Attorney General John Suthers.

Lawrence Wasden is Idaho’s longest-serving attorney general and is the former President of the National Association of Attorneys General. John Suthers is the second longest-serving attorney general in Colorado history and has served on the National Association of Attorneys General executive committee since 2007.

In their endorsements, Attorneys General Wasden and Suthers thanked Mark Brnovich for stepping forward to run as a candidate and remarked: “We believe Mark will provide the State of Arizona, and our Nation, with inspired leadership, professionalism, and a dedication to strong adherence to the rule of law.”

Mark Brnovich remarked, “I am so honored to receive the endorsements from these two esteemed attorneys general. I look forward to working with them and other attorneys general if elected this November.” Brnovich added, “It will be a priority of mine to join with them in protecting the rights of individuals against the overreach of the federal government.”