Thursday, June 9, 2016

Andy Biggs Condemns Ninth Circuit Ruling Against Second Amendment Right to Carry Concealed Weapons

Biggs For Congress
Wants Arizona Out of Ninth Circuit Court
GILBERT - Today, Andy Biggs released the following statement on the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court ruling stating that there is no Second Amendment right for members of the general public to carry concealed firearms in public.
"The Ninth Circuit Court ruled today that Americans are not protected under the Second Amendment to carry concealed weapons in public. This should come as no surprise; almost three-fourths of the rulings of the Ninth Circuit Court are overturned. Thousands of Arizonans enjoy the freedom of carrying weapons with or without a conceal carry permit, and this ruling comes as another impediment on law abiding citizens. 
The Ninth Circuit Court covers about 20% of the United States population and its overwhelming amount of cases does not provide the people of Arizona a fair shot at justice. I plan on joining the efforts Governor Doug Ducey, Former Senator John Kyl, Senator Jeff Flake, and Congressman Matt Salmon to rid the State of Arizona from the Ninth Circuit Court into a newly establish district court."
About Andy Biggs
Senator Andy Biggs is an Arizona native and has lived in Gilbert with his family for the past 25 years. He is married to Cindy and they have six children. He is a retired attorney and is licensed to practice in Arizona, Washington, and New Mexico. The Senator has a bachelor’s degree in Asian Studies from BYU and a J.D. degree from the University of Arizona. He earned a M.A. in Political Science from ASU and has done additional graduate work there. Senator Biggs served Legislative District 22 in the State House of Representatives for eight years before being elected to the State Senate in November of 2010. Andy has earned the designation “Champion of the Taxpayer” from Americans for Prosperity for his cumulative service in the state legislature and has been honored numerous times by the Goldwater Institute as a “Friend of Liberty.”

Secretary Reagan reiterates comments regarding state’s Election Procedures Manual

News from Michele Reagan Arizona Secretary of State
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Secretary of State Michele Reagan reiterates comments regarding the status of the state’s Election Procedures Manual.

“The principal focus of my Elections Team is to make sure our August Primary and November General Elections go smoothly and voting is easy for all Arizonans.  We are running 4 statewide elections this year and 2016 did not seem the appropriate time to be rewriting any election-related policies or procedures.

“Arizona law requires that there be an Election Procedures Manual in place before each election, not a new or revised manual. The 2014 Election Procedures Manual remains in place with full legal effect. This Manual represents the policies and procedures all of our local officials and poll workers have been trained to execute. Now is not a prudent time to have to retrain these workers.

“Beginning in the spring of 2017, we will undertake stakeholder meetings throughout the State to solicit input from the public. It is our intention to have this substantially revised manual issued by the end of 2017 to reflect changing trends in voting and the policies and procedures related to our system of elections; including 2016.” 


Sunday, June 5, 2016

Virginia Korte:How You Can Support Scottsdale’s Number One Industry 

I want to express my appreciation to all of you who took the time to respond to my email last week about “How Tourism Enhances Our Quality of Life.” It is this kind of dialogue that helps to make our great city even better.

Many of you asked: “As a resident of Scottsdale, what can I do to support tourism?” It is probably simpler than you may think – especially if we all pitch in to do our part.

Whenever possible, we should shop and eat at local businesses.  When we do that it not only supports the sustainability of shops and restaurants, it puts sales tax revenue into the city treasury so we can invest in many of the amenities that make our city unique. It is also important that we begin doing a better job of supporting and approving bond proposals to maintain some of our most critical infrastructure and services.  It is essential to ensure that our arts and cultural facilities, parks and streets are in top-notch condition for visitors to enjoy – so their positive experience makes Scottsdale a place to which they return.  And makes our city a better place to live.

The tourism trade is no different than any other business: repeat business is good business, particularly for our city.

By serving on your City Council, I am aware that not everyone always agrees on important issues.  A diversity of opinion is often healthy.  But if there is one thing on which we have consensus, it is the responsibility we all share in supporting and encouraging tourism.

As residents of Scottsdale, we have plenty to be proud about – but there is always room for improvement.

PS:  One of the most significant concepts being considered to attract visitors and remain competitive in the tourism trade is the proposed Desert Discovery Center, an educational center to serve our children and residents, too.  This Tuesday the City Council will be discussing the next steps in the DDC research process.  The meeting begins at 5PM in the Kiva at City Hall.  I hope you will attend and show your support for the importance of our city’s tourism industry and our citizens. 
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Mary Hamway:Let the Race Begin

Mary Hamway
Now that the deadline to file signatures has come and gone and the race for 
State Representative for District 28 is taking shape, I wanted to take a moment to 
welcome the four Republican candidates joining me on the ballot. I believe the next 
three months will bring a spirited debate and a renewed focus on the policies that govern 
our state.

I believe that District 28 needs a strong, mature voice representing them at the Capitol. 
As a current councilwoman in Paradise Valley, I have worked diligently to make our 
community a great place to work and live. I have been extensively involved in promoting 
the town's tourism interests, which provide over 40% of the town's revenue. This past year 
I led the charge to improve storm water management after so many of our residents were 
affected by the storms of 2013. I continue to support our limited government model, ensuring 
that we will not need a property tax any time soon.

I have always believed that a state representative should have a well-rounded resume. 
It takes real-world experience and commitment to tackle the problems facing everyday 
That is why I am extremely proud of the 18 years I spent in the information technology industry working on projects as large as the Columbia Space Shuttle and as small as moving a company 
to the paperless office.

Finally, I can think of no other district in the state that cares more about education than 
District 28. As a former PTO President for Kiva Elementary School and a proud parent of an 
ASU graduate, I know first-hand how critical education is to the future of our Arizona workforce. 
We need skilled individuals to enter the Arizona workforce, and that starts at the earliest level of elementary school and continues all the way through the university level.

It is going to be a fun summer talking with you, the residents of District 28. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on what you want from your state representative, and I will work very 
hard to gain your trust and vote.
Thank you,

Mary Hamway
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Christine Jones: Campaign Update

Christine Jones for Congress
We've had some great things happen this week and there's more to come!
We're Official!
It's official! I am on the ballot for Arizona's 5th Congressional District! Tuesday, I turned in 2,748 signatures to the Secretary of State's Office to place my name on the August 30th ballot. In just 27 days, thanks to your hard work, we got the job done! Read our press release HERE.

Christine Jones
Signs Everywhere!
Our campaign signs are flying out the door as widespread support spreads across the district. Show your support for the campaign by planting one of these catchy signs in your front yard or business. Request your sign HERE.
Department of FailureFeds Fail Again
Wednesday, I issued another failing grade to the TSA for outrageous wait times, terrible customer service, serious security lapses and under-the-radar bonuses. The "Department of Failure" series continues as I'll call out the career politicians and bureaucrats for their ongoing failures. Read my report HERE.
Tuesday Night Meet & Greet
This Tuesday please join me and the campaign for a meet and greet at the home of Kelly and Marcie Pond in Chandler.

You can RSVP on the website by clicking HERE.
Donuts & Yard Signs
Join me and the team next Saturday, June 11th, as we gather for donuts at campaign headquarters from 8-10 AM. We'll treat you to a donut and send you out the door with a yard sign. Details for next Saturday are HERE.
It's been a wonderful week as the campaign continues to grow across the district. I want to thank you for all of your support and for being an important part of this grassroots success.
Christine Jones
Christine Jones

P.S. I appreciate your continued support and I look forward to serving you in Congress in the future.
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