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We’re in this together, working together, building on traditions based on
trust that you can count on. That’s what I have demonstrated throughout the years. Being positive, vibrant and proactive in creating success for all Republicans across Arizona.
BACKGROUND Timothy Lee is retired from a business career that spans more than twenty five years. He resides in the city of Phoenix in Legislative District 24, where he is an active participant in many social, charitable and political endeavors including:

 Chairman, Legislative District 24, Phoenix, AZ
 Precinct Committeeman, LD24 Balsz #38 Phoenix, AZ (PC for 30 years)
 Arizona Republican Party, Treasurer 2006 – 2015
 AZGOP Chairman’s Lifetime Achievement Award 2015
 Barry Goldwater Award for Lifetime Service 2012
 GOP Lifetime Achievement Award 2011
 AZGOP Chairman’s Service Achievement Award 2010
 Delegate, 2008 Republican National Convention
 Arizona Republican Party, Executive Committee, CD 1 Member-At–Large
 Pinal County Republican Committee, First Vice Chairman (5 years)
 Western Pinal Republican Club - Charter Member, Vice Chairman, Treasurer
 Chairman, Casa Grande, AZ Planning and Zoning Commission (5 years)
BA Degree The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Master’s Degree Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.
Thank you for your time and consideration. 

Your vote is greatly appreciated!Timothy Lee
(602) 449-1000

Aaron Borders 2nd Vice Chair Maricopa County republican Party OPEN LETTER TO PC'S

Dear PCs of Maricopa County

Last year I asked for your vote for 2nd Vice Chairman, not as part of any slate but promising to work with whoever got elected. I campaigned on my campaign experience and my conservative endorsements. These endorsements were from people who knew my work ethic and professionalism. They were from multiple District Chairmen, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, County Attorney Bill Montgomery and many other legislators and elected officials.

After earning your vote I dove headfirst into the job. The Chairman tasked me to build a basic party infrastructure for the Members-at-Large, LD Chairs and PCs. Within the first month I had it ready, proofed, and the Chairman promoted and implemented it.

Next, the Chairman asked me to concentrate all of my energy on his primary agenda which was to build the PC ranks. So I put together a PC recruiting contest. With the hard work of many PCs, MALs and District Chairmen we recruited hundreds of new PCs!

Many PC were asking for resources. I often said, "We should go down as the board that provided every tool and resource a PC could ask for" so I created a PC Resource Guide, unique to each district, and enlisted the help of Nancy Cottle to help me fill it with content and edit it. It was nearly 80 pages, containing nearly every tool imaginable. It was finished in August of 2015 but has yet to be sent to print by our county office.

I point this out to demonstrate that I am always excited to be part of growing, educating and helping our county party. However, as a business professional who works in finance and has worked on campaigns that have had to comply with FEC rules and Arizona election laws, I saw things that concerned me. Things like actual  question marks under MCRC Expenses in our financial statements.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Maricopa County PC'S You May Have been Scammed By MCRC Leadership

On special meeting rules states removal is for 1st and 2nd vice chair and if the Chairman's name is not on the ballot, you are screwed if you thought you would be able to remove him. Someone will need to make a motion from the floor if they are allowed. He can be removed Removal of elected officials.
Maricopa County Republican Committee Leadership Creating Division Among The Party Grassroots
Ballot voting shall be used if there is a contested election. The Credentials Committee shall keep the roll of the voting members qualified to vote. Only those ballots distributed by the Credentials Committee shall be accepted for tally. Removal of officers shall be determined by a majority vote of the members of the MCRC present, in person or by proxy. The procedure for removing the offices of 1st Vice Chairman, and 2nd Vice Chairman shall be as follows: On the ballot, each member of th 
E. Removal of Elected Officer
Any elected officer may be removed by majority vote of ballots cast at a special meeting where a quorum of the total MCRC membership is present in person or by proxy at any duly called and noticed meeting., An elected officer may not be removed at a regular or special meeting unless his proposed removal is set forth in the ten (10) day notice of call of the items of business of such meeting. A proxy shall be sent with the call.
MCRC present, in person or by proxy, may vote either Yea or Nay for each office.
Special Meeting
This is a meeting called by the Chairman for the purpose of voting for the Removal of the Chairman, and/or First Vice-Chair, and/or Second Vice-Chair of this Committee.
The chairman have cost himself a position within the Republican Party.

Frank Riggs Former Candidate for AZ Governor Files AS Coporation Commission Candidate

Image result for frank riggs arizona governor
Riggs, who served in the Army, moved to Arizona in 2002. Since then, he said, he has run a non-profit organization that helps charter schools finance buildings.

Filer ID = 201600410  "Riggs for AZ"
Filer Name:
Riggs for AZ 
Filer ID:
Filer Type: 
Candidate (Exploratory)
Registration Date:
Last Amended Date:
Mailing Address:
PO Box 1690
Cave Creek AZ 85327
Phone: (480) 437-1032
Filer Address:
37486 No. 102nd Street
Scottsdale AZ 85262
Office Sought:
Corporation Commissioner
Party Affiliation:

AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham's Letter to PC's Regarding Special Meeting on Jan 16th

Did AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham send this letter in influence your vote? 
He however happens to be correct removing any of the elected officers would entail an election to replace them at a cost to the party. The best solution is to stop the drama and infighting and learn to support each other. The next election cycle is the way to remove them from office without creating a divide among the worker bees of the party. be

P.S Also Votes of no confidence and resolutions only creates animosity and not worth paper they are written on and the time it takes to do it. It's not a big dark secret that I feel McCain has been DC to long, however the "Anyone but McCain" may just elect Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick, you may want to re-think that request and let the voters decide. 
To view this email as a web page, go here.Forward to Friends

January 10, 2016

Dear Fellow Maricopa County Precinct Committeeman,

If you're reading this letter you've been called to a meeting to vote in a recall election targeting several
officials whom you elected to serve as leaders of the Maricopa County Republican Party.

As your peer in the party, as a fellow grassroots activist, and also as chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, I ask that you refrain from voting to remove any of the duly elected volunteers (Tyler Bowyer, Jeni White, Aaron Borders) who are serving us.

While no one seems to have the courage to take responsibility for this recall effort, let me be very clear that the only person who put this recall election on the ballot, unilateraly, by himself, is Chairman Tyler Bowyer. Even having the needs to ask, why would he do this and what are his motivations to create a recall and include himself to be recalled?

That leaves no one but you to judge the merits of reversing a decision you made, quite recently, to put these individuals into leadership positions in our county party.

There is a small minority within the party that would rather fight each other than fight the progressive Democratic left. They allow their rage and hatred for those who do not align with their party infighting to disrupt, derail and waste our precious meeting time as PCs.

Many of us who are especially active in the party have heard absurd rumors and ridiculous conspiracy theories. I, for one, reject any gossip or activity that is not focused on helping the GOP win in November.
Keep in mind what is in front of us...the Presidential election. We as Arizona Republicans and specifically Precinct Committeemen must commit ourselves to taking back the White House. We took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Imagine if Hillary wins the Presidency...she will have the likely opportunity to appoint 2 – 4 Supreme Court Justices. What would that do to our nation?

Far too much is at stake to make enemies when we need to make friends.

It is my hope, and the hope of the great many among us who volunteer to serve our party, our nation and
our Constitution, that our greatest efforts will be against our greatest enemy, and that petty squabbles will not deter us from success in our mission to save our state and nation.


Robert Graham

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Candidate for US Senate Alex Meluskey Ask: Are You Crazy?

Meluskey for U.S. Senate
Do you want to stop the influx of illegals coming through our porous borders?

Do you want a wall built and additional border control agents on foot to enforce our borders?

If you answered yes to either one or both of these questions, then
John McCain would classify you as a “crazy” according to an interview he did with the New Yorker this past July. He went on to say, “We have a very extreme element within our Republican Party.”


It is worrisome that a man who has wielded such political power for so long classifies those who wish secure our border as extremists. A nation without borders is not a nation at all and cannot maintain its sovereignty, this is not an extreme view—it is an honest one. McCain’s border stances are manic at best. One year he is crafting border policy with Ted Kennedy, then with the blink of an eye he is on the television telling the “crazy” faction on the right he will build the wall.

 It is impossible to believe anything he says when it comes to Arizona’s border with Mexico; he has had many years to make that abundantly clear.
Thank You For Your Time
Your humble servant,
Alex Meluskey
 Candidate for U.S. Senate--Arizona

Invitation To: "Defending Israel from Media Bias" Republican Jewish Coalition

Please Join Us for an Educational Discussion
RJC Logo
"Defending Israel from Media Bias"
Gary Kenzer 
National USA Executive Director of Honest Reporting

Sunday, January 31
6:45 PM - Registration Opens
7:00 PM - Program Begins

Congregation Beth Tefillah
10636 N. 71st Way
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

No Charge for current RJC Members
$18 for non-current Members and Friends

Kosher Refreshments will be served. RSVP is required.
Please RSVP by emailing Abby Schultz 
at or calling her at 202-349-9586

Gary Kenzer of Skokie Illinois the first National USA Executive Director of Honest Reporting began work for the organization in September 2006. Prior to his work with Honest Reporting, he was the National Director for Magen David Adom USA, another Israeli based organization. Other Jewish agencies he has worked with includes the Jewish Community Centers of Chicago, and B'nai B'rith Youth Organization (BBYO) where he was a Regional Director in Illinois and for the Kentucky Indiana and Ohio Region. He also consults with his professional association on political advocacy issues and trains over 500 students a year on becoming political advocates for the profession of Social Work and the clients, families and communities served. 

How to Access Maricopa County Republican Committee Web Site

Information on how to access the Maricopa County Republican Committee web site for those who donot have the information.
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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Maricopa County Republican Committee Leadership Creating Division Among The Party Grassroots

A flyer for next week's MCRC Special Meeting for Removal of Officers that is being stuffed as I write this into the precinct committeeman packages. This is outrageous and divisive, if you expect the AZGOP to elect a Republicans in 2016 YOU HAVE GOT TO STOP EATING YOUR OWN AND PULL TOGETHER. “A house divided cannot not stand.”
Like Obama the leadership of Maricopa County Republican Committee is creating a divisive environment for PC’S to get along and move the party forward. A good leader creates a harmony among their worker bees, and doesn’t let their personal conflicts effect the group. This is grade school actions not grownups.GET OVER ALL OF THE BS AND LEAD.

GET OVER ALL OF THE BS AND LEAD. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU WHO ARE A PART OF CREATING THE DIVISIVE WITHIN THE MARICOPA COUNTY REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE. WHAT PC WOULD WANT TO ASK ANYONE ELSE TO BE INVOLVED WITH A BUNCH OF VINDICTIVE CHILDREN. I have blacked out your names and LD, however if you keep this crap up I will no qualms in informing the entire Republican party who the troublemakers are. be
To all Chairmen:
 To me, this removal letter indicates collusion between Chairman Bowyer and certain individuals. How is it that these individuals had sufficient notice to prepare letters of support for the Chairman when I, and I would suppose many others, had no prior information? Is this the transparent leadership Maricopa County needs? Is this what we want? Chris, Please add my name to your letter.

 Alan Gaugert Chairman, LD 29 623-330-3622 On Sat, Jan 9, 2016 at 7:17 PM, wrote: 
Fellow Chairs, Further disturbing information has emerged after the packet stuffing party today. Attached is a two page letter prepared in advance and printed in several thousand copies advocating for the removal of Jeni and Aaron. 
This letter is now included in the Mandatory Meeting packet that all PCs will receive. To me this indicates that Chairman Bowyer shared the plans for this special meeting with these individuals prior to the call letters release and allowed them time to prepare these statements. Meanwhile we, the district chairs, were left in the dark. If you have not emailed me already to add your name to the pre-mentioned letter, in light of this information that points to Tyler's premeditated decision to intentionally leave us in the dark please let me know and I will add your name. 

 Chris Herring On Jan 8, 2016, at 9:04 PM, wrote: 
Fellow Chairmen, I write to you as a frustrated chairman faced with yet again a need to answer confused inquiries from my PCs due to the actions of our county party leadership. Below you will find a letter I plan to send to my PCs regarding the surprise inclusion they found in their Mandatory Meeting call letter packet. I believe that many of you and your PCs are frustrated that yet again our chairman is acting unilaterally and not involving the district leadership. I believe it is appropriate and necessary that we as chairmen take the lead to reassure our PCs that they can have confidence in our leadership as district chairs despite the infighting of others. I feel a message showing a unified group of LD Chairs will go a long way to send this message to our PCs. So if you feel the same I ask that you respond to this email and I'll add your name to this letter. I have already expressed the below to Chairman Boyer but have not received a response. 

 Dear Fellow PCs, I write to you as your chairman and as one of several chairmen who are frustrated with the recent action of our county chairman Tyler Boyer. I understand that you were surprised to learn that your presence is being requested at a special meeting for the purpose of recalling officers of the county party. I also understand if you are frustrated that you are being asked to stay even later in the day after having performed your PC duties at the already lengthy Mandatory Meeting. I further understand if you are frustrated that you have not been provided any background information on why a special meeting has been called and provided very little time to research the issues you are asked to address. I want to offer you my apologies as your district leader. Unfortunately, our county chairmen decided not to share any of this information with us and we were forced to learn about it as you were. I want to apologize that you do not have a county chairman who has enough respect for your time to allow you additional time to plan to attend this meeting, even though he had a number of opportunities to let you know this was being planned. I also want to apologize that your county chairman does not respect you enough to provide any justification for this meeting or ample time to research the issues on which you will be asked to vote. Please rest assured that despite this demonstration of exceedingly poor leadership on the part of the county chairman, your local district chairs are united to support you as PCs and patriots. We have asked the chairman to reconsider his unilateral executive action out of respect for you. Please reach out to me with any concerns and I will address them as best I can. Sincerely, your chairman and the undersigned LD Chairs: LD21 Chairman Chris Herring

Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 Pro-Life Student Lobby Day at the Capitol- Jan. 19th

Event Site:

Maricopa County Republican Committee Bylaws Proposals & Recommendations for January 16, 2016 Meeting

Maricopa County Republican Committee
MCRC Bylaws Proposals & Recommendations
January 16, 2016 Mandatory Meeting

This is a summary of the many proposed amendments to the bylaws and the recommendation of your elected officers for your consideration.  It is expected that there will be 17 separate ballot questions for the various proposed amendments.  If an effort is made to vote en bloc, that is, one vote for all of the amendments, a NO vote is advised.
1.           Stylistic changes – this includes correction of punctuation, capitalization, conversion from the passive to the active tense, and other grammatical changes which do not materially alter the meaning of the language.  YES
2.          Replace current definitions – this primarily adds a few definitions and puts them in alphabetical order.  YES
3.          Add style sheet – this describes the preferred language, tense, and style for the proposed changes.  This is OK but really doesn’t belong as part of the official bylaws.  NO
4.          Article I.2  - Remove AZGOP reference.  This clarifies the wording of MCRC, as it relates to its description in ARS.  YES
5.           Article I.3  - Meetings Republican only.  This states that our meetings are not subject to AZ “open meetings” law, as are the meetings of governmental agencies.  This is implied, but not yet clearly stated in AZ statutes.  Compliance by LD23 (& other district committees) with the open meetings law is actually fairly difficult.  YES
6.          Article II.2.B  - PC’s term of office.  This attempts to redefine when a PCs term begins and ends.  Now, the term of a newly elected PC starts when the August election results are certified by the County Board of Supervisors, which is the practice in AZ.  New PCs are thus official in the last 2 months before the November election.  This proposed change would delay the start of the newly elected PCs term until the District Organizational Meeting, which occurs in November or early December, that is, after the November election is over.  NO
7.           Article II.2.C  - PCs appointed any time.  Current bylaws delayed the appointment of PCs to fill vacancies until after the MCRC meeting in January.  This was likely a carryover from times past when communication occurred by regular mail.  Now that electronic communication is almost immediate, there doesn’t seem to be a reason to have lag time for notification of the MCRC before the January meeting.  YES
8.          Article II.2.D  - PCs appointment process.  This proposal essentially provides a mechanism for the MCRC Chairman to fill a PC vacancy in a precinct without the involvement of the Precinct Captain or the District Chairman.  This is a “top-down” process, rather then the current “bottom-up” process.  NO
9.          Article II.3.D  - Precinct Captain removal.  This specifies that, in order to remove a Precinct Captain and elect a new Captain, the majority of PCs in a precinct must concur.  The current language was vague and potentially allowed a minority of PCs in a precinct to accomplish this.  YES
10.        Article II.4.C - Time limit to replace LD Chair.  This provides a time limit, attempting to prevent an inordinate delay when filling a vacancy in a District Chairman position.  YES
11.         Article II.4.D  - Time to LD Chair removal meeting.  Similar time limit to prevent delays in the process.  YES
12.        Article II.4.D  - Petitioning PCs pay.  This requires that the PCs in a District wishing to remove a Chairman pay for the expense of the special meeting for that purpose (preventing MCRC from covering that expense).  YES
13.        Article II.5  -  Time limit to replace other LD officers.  Similar time limit to prevent delays in filling vacancies.  YES
14.        Article II.6  -  Delete LD "resign to run" override.  This eliminates the statement that LD officers running for a non-paid political office need not resign from the LD office.  The bylaws contain no such requirement for a non-paid office, so stating that there is no requirement is thought to be redundant and unnecessary.  YES
15.        Article III.1.D  - Time limit to replace EGC officers.  Another attempt to prevent delays in filling vacancies.  YES
16.        Article IV.2 C  - Disallow voting credential handoff.  This was a very controversial issue at several meetings of the MCRC Bylaws Committee.  It has been common practice at MCRC meetings to allow a PC to pass off his/her credentials if he/she needs to leave.  As we know, the meetings sometimes get very long and many PCs have other legitimate obligations to work, family, etc.  This amendment would prevent PCs with those obligations which cause them to leave the meeting before its conclusion from having a vote.  NO
17.         Article VI.5.B. -  Remove non-R endorsement penalty.  Another very controversial issue.  This removes the penalty for a Republican PC who endorses a non-Republican candidate.  The question is whether a Republican PC should support a non-Republican while being a PC, versus the legal ramifications of removing a PC's MCRC voting rights for such activity.  NO.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Arizona Capital Prayer Walk-Bring Your Bible- What about Religions That Don't Use A Bible to Pray?

Why is the Center for Arizona Policy a political lobbying group allowed to use the Arizona Capital for a Prayer walk? Did they get a permit?
Asking you to bring a Bible is not inclusive of all religions, What about Buddhism, Judaism, Islamic, Asian and all other religions that don’t use a “Bible to pray”? It would have a better request would have been to ask you to

Bring your “Prayer book”.
Capitol Prayer Walk 2016
Monday, January 11
7:00 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.
Arizona State Capitol
Meet at the Capitol Flagpole at 7:00 a.m. 
Please make sure to dress warm, wear comfortable shoes, and bring your Bible. Join us for the entire time or as much as your schedule allows. Click here for more information.

AZGOP Training Bylaws and Robert's Rules Check the DATES