Thursday, April 14, 2016

Arizonans for Clean and Accountable Elections

Arizona Clean and Accountable Elections Act
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Filed: April 12, 2016        
Due Date: July 7, 2016
Number of signatures:  150,642
Arizonans for Clean and Accountable Elections
530 E McDowell Road, Suite 107-291
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Samantha Pstross, Applicant & Chairman
Mary Chlan, Treasurer
Requires lobbyists to disclose all meals purchased for elected officials and bans lobbyist funded travel or speaking engagements; improves Clean Elections funding for candidates, reforming initial funding and providing matching contributions from small donors; reduces contribution limits for nonparticipating candidates to $1000 for legislative and local candidates and $2500 for statewide candidates; requires corporations that spend more than $10,000 in elections to disclose high dollar donors; bans government contractors from contributing to candidates while negotiating or working under government contracts; prevents former government officials from representing clients before agencies and officials for two years after leaving their government positions.
The following political committees have filed with our office.
Filer ID = 201600532  "Arizonans for Clean and Accountable Elections"
Filer ID = 201600531 “L.Macias,Candidate for Representative, LD 18”
To view more information, click the link below, copy/paste the Filer ID number into the Filer ID search field on the right side of the Campaign Finance - Advanced Search screen to view their Statement of Organization.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Sunday, April 10, 2016


It's very important to re-elect Bruce he is Chairman of the RNC Rules Committee.  At this time we need a voice of reason to oversee any rule changes that may be considered. be
>>I Ask For Your Vote & Support For Re Election To RNC<<
Bruce Ash's Profile Photo
Dear Arizona State Convention Delegate
Congratulations on your election as a state delegate to our convention on April 30th and best of luck on your plans to become a delegate to the Republican National Convention.

When we meet in Phoenix , in addition to picking our national delegates we will also elect our members to the RNC to serve as National Committeeman and National Committeewoman. I am seeking re election and ask for your support and your vote not only for my past representation of Arizona values and principles but for all of the important things we are focused on in the upcoming convention and general election.
As your representative I stand for transparency and fairness at our national convention and keeping the party unified for the White House fight. I promise to continue holding our elected leaders accountable by turning the RNC into an independent political force into the future. I plan to support Robert Graham to become our next RNC Chair.
I am running against the influence of political consultants like Karl Rove who have repeatedly failed us in national elections and wants to parachute a "fresh face” candidate into the convention and GOP politicians' failure to deliver their campaign promises .
I promise to continue the insurgency through members of The National Republican Conservative Committee which I helped to create. We will continue representing conservative policy for our political party. We must continue our fight even after we win back the White House and retain our majorities in Congress and in statehouses through out the country.
Most importantly I plan to continue leading the RNC to recognize the power of the Republican electorate and our party volunteers who are the heart in our movement and the key to our successes . I have and will continue to serve as an influential gate keeper for the rules of our party which are fair and do not benefit one person or group over another. I will never stop being a consensus builder bringing diverse new groups into our party.
In an anti-establishment year you can depend on me to continue honoring your trust and never allowing anyone to move the goalposts in the middle of the contest. Between now and the convention I will be leading the charge to use Robert’s Rules at the national convention which will preserve the rights of our delegates. We delegates will be the driving force in Cleveland and not any behind the scenes groups.
Thank your for the honor and privilege of serving you.
Bruce Ash
National Committeeman
For Arizona