Thursday, April 28, 2016

Secretary Reagan announces online candidate filing system

News from Michele Reagan Arizona Secretary of State
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Secretary Reagan announces online candidate filing system
Filing period opens May 2

Phoenix - Secretary Michele Reagan’s work to transition the office from paper to pixels continues with the launch of a newly developed candidate filing system.  Beginning May 2, 2016 the Secretary of State’s office will implement 21st century methods for candidates who want to run for state or legislative office.

One of the first of its kind, candidates for public office can file their political committees, nomination paperwork and financial disclosure statements with the Secretary of State’s office online.  Candidates have the opportunity to provide contact information, web address, a picture and biography.

“We’re really excited to provide this innovative system that allows people to file and run for office without having to come to our office in person,” said Secretary Reagan.  “From day one we’ve tried to make the Department of State more accessible to all Arizonans, not just those in the Phoenix metro area.  The implementation of this system marks off another item on our to-do list!”

The candidate filing period runs from Monday, May 2, to Wednesday, June 1, 2016.  The Primary Election will be Tuesday, August 30 with early voting beginning August 3.  The voter registration deadline to participate in the Primary is August 1. All registered voters, including those not registered with a party, widely known as independent voters, are eligible to cast a vote.

For more information about running for office and/or upcoming elections, visit running-office.                                               
Matt Roberts
Director of Communications
Arizona Secretary of State, Michele Reagan
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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Meet Christine Jones for Congress Exploratory

This Friday, come and meet Christine Jones, who is exploring a run for Congress representing Arizona’s 5th congressional district!
Bring your family for some great food and discussion at the iconic Gilbert Water Tower Park. Join Christine as she discusses issues facing Arizona and this country, and how applying common sense conservative principles will help get them back on track.
Downtown Gilbert
45 W. Page Ave.
Friday, April 29th
5:30 PM – 7 PM

Barbara, we hope that you are able to attend!
Also, if you haven’t already, make sure to like Christine on Facebook for instant updates or sign up for updates at


Christine Jones for Congress Exploratory
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Monday, April 25, 2016

Alex Meluskey Best Week Yet!

Meluskey for Senate

I had an extremely busy yet fun weekend on the campaign trail. I had the pleasure of meeting many engaged Arizona voters at the Pima County Fair in Tucson who are fed up with how things are in D.C., and who are ready for true citizen representation.
Roberta and I enjoyed talking with voters at the Crossroads Gun Show at the Arizona State Fairgrounds. 
Roberta and I also had a wonderful time at the AzRA lunch on Saturday where we continued to solidify our support.
I am hearing from voters all over the state that it's time.
They say it's time for an outsider, someone who is not a politician and who has run a successful business. 

Help us keep this momentum going by volunteering with our campaign—either in one of our offices or at one of the many events will be at over the next couple of months.
Your humble servant,
Alex Meluskey
Candidate, U.S. Senate -- Arizona
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Jeff DeWit Arizona Treasurer Says There Are alternatives to Proposition 123

Arizona could afford sizable increases in education funding without raising taxes and without dipping deeper into its land trust fund, Treasurer Jeff DeWit said Thursday.
Arizona has taken in $400 million more in cash than it has ever had before, offering an alternative to settling the school-funding lawsuit that doesn't risk the land trust fund, Treasurer Jeff DeWit said Thursday.
DeWit and other opponents of Proposition 123 outlined a competing vision for boosting education with existing resources and promised legal action on two fronts related to the measure that goes to voters next month.
"We have the money to solve the lawsuit without raiding the trust fund," DeWit said, pointing to charts showing future surpluses currently expected to top $1 billion by fiscal 2019. He said he plans to ask the judge overseeing the case against the state to adopt his plan after the May 17 vote
Another Prop. 123 opponent, attorney Tom Ryan, said he plans to ask Attorney General Mark Brnovich to examine whether events at businesses in support of Prop. 123 run afoul of the state's rules against offering inducements to voters.
It was the most public pushback against Prop. 123 to date. The measure has garnered support from lawmakers as a legal settlement and with educators and business leaders, who say it provides public schools more money without raising taxes.
The key for DeWit is a sudden influx of cash to the state's coffers, partly reflecting an improving economy.
“We knew it was going to be big, and as it kept coming and kept coming, it was a record haul,” DeWit said. “It is the highest in the history of Arizona. I don’t know how in good conscience we can let the voters vote on a measure that assumes the state is broke without telling them that we have more money than we’ve ever had.”
Christin Palmer, a spokesman for the Let's Vote Yes for Arizona Schools campaign that supports Prop. 123, dismissed speculation over future surpluses.
“If the past years have taught us anything, it’s that we can’t count on this funding stream always being there,” he said of the surplus. "We just learned our lesson not only about spending the state’s rainy day fund but also projecting outcomes we weren’t guaranteed to materialize.”
Lorenzo Romero, Gov. Doug Ducey’s budget director, said DeWit’s proposal is unrealistic.
To make sure you secure the level of funding needed to resolve the lawsuit, he said, the state would have to find enough ongoing cash. Based on Ducey’s budget projections for fiscal year 2016,  the state would have $484 million in cash at the end of FY 2016, and about $460 million in the rainy day fund.
“Let’s just say you spent all that cash to meet that obligation, at that point you’re out of cash," Lorenzo said.
Supporters of Prop. 123 cast it as a $3.5 billion cash injection into the state’s schools over 10 years without raising taxes.

The plan relies largely on increasing withdrawals from the state’s land trust fund from 2.5 percent annually to 6.9 percent for a decade. DeWit favors leaving the trust fund distributions at 2.5 percent and using the surplus to provide the same amounts promised to schools under Prop. 123. More at Source


AZ Gov Doug Ducey has received a low job approval, if you were paying attention during the election you are not surprised. He had been Arizona Treasurer for a nano second. His main claim to fame was selling ice cream franchises.
Image result for doug ducey governor

He wasn’t qualified to be Governor and if not for hype and a lot of money ($21.5 million) he would not have been elected.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Virginia Korte-Generating Funds To Improve Scottsdale’s Systems and Services 

The most important responsibility the City Council has is to create and approve the city’s annual budget.  How we spend taxpayer dollars is our highest priority.

The general operating budget for fiscal year 2016-17 currently under consideration shows projections of $278 million in revenue, for which 66% is personnel services expense.  We pride ourselves with our community services at our parks and libraries, senior services at Granite Reef and Via Linda Senior Centers and our public safety.

However, our General Operating Fund does not cover our capital improvement needs.  Scottsdale’s most significant challenge is finding the funds to maintain some of our most critical infrastructure like our senior centers, parks and libraries – including the technology that helps the city operate efficiently to keep the cost of government under control.

To continue being a world-class city where people want to work, live and visit, it is imperative that we grow and diversify our economy.  That will help us generate more revenue to keep our taxes low and provide the funds to invest in improving the city’s systems and services.

Tuesday evening the City Council begins discussing the proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year and the plan to address repairing and updating some of the city’s essential infrastructure.  The meeting begins at 5p.m. in the Kiva.

It is vital that we work together to protect Scottsdale’s prestigious brand.  It is also vital that everyone has a voice in the process to preserve our special quality of life.

  PS:  Feel free to share my email with your friends and neighbors.  And please contribute to my campaign – it’s easy, simply click the “donate” button above and go directly to my secured website.
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Bob Littlefield-My Campaign Yard Signs Have Arrived!

My campaign yard signs have arrived! 
If you want one for your yard (or for your neighbors) you can pick them up at your convenience from our front porch at 8926 E. Sheena Drive, 85260. Or, we will get as many as you can use delivered to you. If you can volunteer to help me distribute yard signs in your neighborhood that would be great!

Campaign signs can be placed on private property immediately. Campaign signs are not allowed in the public right-of-way until June 30th. State law does not allow HOAs to completely prohibit campaign signs but it does allow them to limit when signs can be displayed, so if you live in an HOA check with them for details.
Help Me Keep Scottsdale Special!
If you have any questions or would like more information about my campaign, my web site is and my phone # is 602-228-9145. Littlefield
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Mary Hamway A quick note

Mary Hamway


We are only days away from filing our petition signatures to qualify for the ballot for the Arizona House in Legislative District 28. I am so happy to tell you that we are one final push away from getting to the number we need to reach our goal. It only takes a minute to sign my petition online through the Arizona Secretary of State's website, and the process is simple and you can do it from anywhere.
Click here to sign my petition now.If you have already signed my petition and want to support the campaign in other ways, please click here.

Thank you!

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Scottsdale Exploring How To Expand Our Economy and Tourism  

In my email last week, I mentioned that to continue being a world-class city where people want to work, live and visit, we must grow and diversify our economy.  One of the primary ways we can accomplish that is by expanding our efforts to attract visitors.

As you know, the tourism industry is the engine that drives our economy.  So it is critical that we consider every option to not only sustain our tourism trade, but also expand it.

Working together we must explore all opportunities, because the competition for tourists is intensifying.  We can not afford to rest on our laurels.  We must be creative to compete.

One opportunity being explored is the Desert Discovery Center.

Currently, the feasibility of the DDC is merely being studied.  An architect will be hired to create a conceptual site plan.  Additionally, an operations and business plan is in the works along with program development.  The results of this process are not expected to be presented until August of 2017.  However, during the interim, citizens have been invited to offer their input.  In fact, two public outreach sessions happened last week.

Unfortunately, there are people trying to make the DDC a political issue.  As a consequence, there is considerable misinformation that is very misleading.  I believe you and your family deserve the facts, not fabrications filtered through those with a political agenda.

If you would like more information about the Desert Discovery Center, you can go to:


PS: Feel free to share my email with your friends and neighbors.  And please contribute to my campaign – it’s easy, simply click the “donate” button above and go directly to my secured website. 
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