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Former Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce Endorses Robert Graham as Chairman of AZGOP

Former Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce Endorses Robert Graham for Second Term as Chairman of Arizona Republican Party

PHOENIX – Robert Graham, Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, this morning received an endorsement from former Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce in support of Graham's run for a second two-year term. The election will be held at the meeting of the State Committee on January 24, 2015 at the Grace Community Church in Tempe.

Russell Pearce said, "I love this Party and our God loving, Freedom loving Patriots.  I know Robert Graham has been an effective advocate for the Republican Party and he’s worked hard to fight against the left for many years. I know how easy it is to criticize. I know Robert Graham to be a solid conservative and dedicated to the success of the Republican Party and our Platform.  His experience in supporting the conservative cause is something we truly need if we are to continue to combat the progressive forces in 2016. He’s done a great job steering the state party and because of his leadership we’re well-positioned to continue to build upon our success as a party as we get ready for the next election. I ask every Republican, every Conservative, and every Patriot to join me in support of Robert Graham for a second term as Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party."

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Friday, November 28, 2014

A.J. LaFaro Issues Apology: Maricopa County Republican Chairman Walks Back Statement on AZ LD16

My Sincere Apology To Jerry Clingman, Mara Benson, Chad Heywood, Deborrah Miller And
Taylor McArthur
A few days ago, I received several phone calls from LD16 Precinct Committeemen expressing their opinions and serious concerns about improprieties at the LD16 Organization/Election Meeting  that was held on November 20, 2014.  I requested they e-mail me their concerns and demands for the MCRC to nullify the election.  After reviewing their concerns and follow-up conversations with these individuals and others, I contacted Trevor Hansen informing him of the situation. 
      We exchanged several e-mails concerning the situation and I requested these e-mails be posted on the November 25, 2014, MCRC Briefs along with the initial written complaint from Jerry Clingman.
Posting Jerry Clingman's initial written complaint was poor judgment on my part and I want to publicly retract and sincerely apologize to Jerry Clingman, Mara Benson, Chad Heywood, Deborrah Miller and Taylor McArthur for publishing any false and defamatory statements that may have appeared in that initial written complaint - especially Mara Benson's role in the recent LD16 Organization/Election Meeting.
On November 26, 2014, several people received a Demand Letter from Kory Langhofer, Attorney at Law. The legal arguments he presented were compelling and I have personally concluded the MCRC, the MCRC Bylaws and the precepts the organization is governed by need to be thoroughly reviewed, discussed and understood as to the authority and responsibilities the MCRC legally has and does not have.  According to Kory Langhofer, the MCRC does not have the authority to nullify LD elections, thus my decision to nullify the LD16 Organization/Election was invalid.
I now realize the remedy for the LD16 Precinct Committeemen who feel their November 20th election was improperly conducted rests elsewhere - not with the MCRC.  For the record, I received written complaints not only from Jerry Clingman but several other individuals documenting their concerns demanding the MCRC nullify the election - including LD16 state elected officials and a precinct captain.  It is my understanding there are possibly other LD16 Precinct Committeemen who feel the same way.  Hopefully they will get justice.  I encourage these individuals to seek legal counsel.
Please note the following actions I have taken in order to comply to Kory Langhofer's demands:
1.  I requested Frosty Taylor immediately remove all the information concerning the LD16 Organization/Election issue from the MCRC Briefs.  That information was removed at 6:10am Thanksgiving Morning 11/27/2014.
2.  I requested Jerry Clingman immediately withdraw the Call to Meeting for the LD16 Organization/Election Meeting scheduled for Friday 12/05/2014.  It appears any possible remedy for the disenfranchised LD16 Precinct Committeemen rests elsewhere and I encourage them to seek legal counsel.
3.  I wrote this letter of explanation and apology for publication in the Friday 11/28/2014 MCRC Briefs. 
Respectfully yours - A. J. LaFaro, Chairman, Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC)

Arizona LD16 Organizational/Election Meeting Declared Null And Void AND An Open Letter Responding to Accusations of Fraud

improperly conducted. Read complaint and follow up correspondence below regarding the directive to conduct a new organization meeting under the supervision of the MCRC.
Complaint LaFaro received Mon. morning, Nov 24: Subject: Re: LD16
1.     Chad Heywood conspired w/ Deborah Miller (both state officers, Deborah was a candidate for Recording Sec on their slate.) Mara Benson and Taylor McArthur to create a fraudulent election. Deborah Miller w/the assistance of Chad and Mara took over Credentialing. (she was a candidate). I had found volunteers W/ election experience and training to handle credentialing they were thrown out. Even my complete proxy was not excepted by Deborah.
2.     Incomplete proxies were accepted (a couple were seen) but Deborah allowed no one to see the proxy count or validate. All w/the assistance of Chad and Mara acting as Chair. The proxies and all were taken w/ no one to oversee but Deborah and Chad.
3.     The meeting was adjourned w/out all elections results being announced. 

4.      I want Deborah and Chad removed from their positions and a new election called.  -- Jerry E. Clingman -  LD16 Chairman 
An Open Letter Responding to Accusations of Fraud in the LD16 Leadership Election
From Deborrah Miller, Assistant Secretary of the Arizona Republican Party
"There is an old saying that if you say a lie long enough and often enough people will start to believe it is true."
For the past few days I've seen attacks on my character and allegations made and assumed that people would know they were bogus. Unfortunately, I'm finding that some folks will lie and malign without regard to facts or due process if it means holding on to a little power, and in a large state and county, people aren't sure what the facts were. You have only read one side of the story, and it is factually incorrect and offensively defamatory.

For new PCs who may not know me, I am a grassroots conservative who's been involved in the party for two decades. I've given my life to this party. You have elected me as your assistant secretary of the state party twice unopposed. I served under Tom Morrissey, was actively involved in the party under Randy Pullen, and have served the past few years under Chairman Graham. I have been there counting petitions on controversial issues like the McCain censure. At all times I've acted with integrity.

Some other names you may not know -- Sharon Giese is our elected National Committeewoman and has served in that capacity with Randy Pullen, Tom Morrissey, and Chairman Graham. She has also served as the RNC's elected Parliamentarian. Chad Heywood is the Executive Director of the Arizona Republican party. George Khalaf is the Political Director of the Arizona Republican party.

Jerry Clingman, the chairman of LD 16, did not attend his own meeting to stand for re-election. Jerry was in Wisconsin on a hunting vacation, and he's still there now! That he speaks as if he were a witness to events at the election is a joke. Here are the facts of what happened at the LD 16 meeting, as will be attested by myself, Sharon Giese, Chad Heywood, George Khalaf, and MANY LD 16 PCs who were eye witnesses to the entire process.

Jerry Clingman asked 1st Vice Chairman Mara Benson, a candidate for re-election, to chair the meeting in his absence. Mara asked me for assistance because she knows my background and integrity with the elections process.

Jerry had failed in his duty to appoint a Credentials committee before he left on vacation. Seemingly at the last minute, he asked his live-in partner, Kay Reardon, a candidate for Corresponding Secretary, to manage credentials. It soon became clear to Mara and me, and many other members present, that Kay was in no way prepared for this duty.

1.      Kay had asked volunteers who were not Precinct Committeemen to help with credentials. This is against LD 16 by-laws. I informed Kay that this could not be allowed.
2.      Kay had no plan to validate proxies on signing in or to determine the right amount of ballots for each PC based on proxies carried.
3.      Kay did not bring a ballot box. It makes you wonder if she even realized we were having an election.

Kay's lack of basic preparation put Mara in a bind as the presiding officer. In order to ensure a smooth and fair election, she asked me to observe and help with the process. Chad Heywood and George Khalaf from the state party were also there to observe. Maricopa County had sent no representation.

Credentials and Proxies

Neither Chad nor George checked anyone in at credentials. Chad simply gave his perspective when asked about disputes.

Jerry Clingman claims that his proxy was rejected. It was not. I questioned Jerry's proxy initially because it was a fax, not an original. I consulted with Chad Heywood and Sharon Giese; on their recommendation, I approved the proxy and ensure that his assignee, Kay Reardon, received a ballot for him. Apparently AJ LaFaro's main witness and information source doesn't even know whether or not he cast a vote at the meeting! (Hint, Jerry: You did.)

Nobody disputed the credential process. There was a motion from the floor to accept the credentials report, and it was passed without questions. Nobody was turned away. Credentials were approved by the body at the meeting and NOT ONE PERSON AT THE MEETING QUESTIONED IT. Not even Kay Reardon.

Kay sought to invalidate two proxy forms because they did not provide the witnesses' phone numbers. Her argument was that if you don't have a witnesses number you can't verify them so they should be thrown out. Take a look at the official proxy forms in the MCRC and AZGOP bylaws, and you'll see that there isn't even a place on the forms for a witness phone number.

I concluded and communicated that a proxy form is valid if it includes the correct information and signatures. You can't throw out a proxy because a witness who is not a voter in this election doesn't have a phone number. Not even voter registration requires a phone number! Just as the affidavit for becoming a PC asks for email and phone number, but does not require it. The legal counsel to the state Republican party who has served in 3 different chairmen's administrations agrees with me on this. Mara as the presiding officer accepted the proxies.

Two proxies were thrown out because they did not include the name of the person who was carrying the proxy. Senator Dave Farnsworth was carrying them. Dave understood it was an effort to play by the rules and respected the judgment whole-heartedly. He is a good man.

AT ALL TIMES KAY WAS PART OF THE PROCESS and JERRY CLINGMAN THE ACCUSER WAS NOT IN ATTENDANCE! Michelle Ives who was in attendance sat at the proxy table and viewed what was done. I understand that there can be differences of interpretation, but when that is the case, the chair of the meeting makes the final judgment and the chair of the meeting was Mara Benson.

Ballot Box

Brian Orner grabbed an open crate at the school to be used for a ballot box because Kay did not bring one. Chad Heywood asked Spencer Pearce, a candidate for 2nd Vice Chair and a nephew of Russell Pearce, to observe the box as ballots were cast because he knew that Spencer was a friend of Kay and Jerry and Spencer's integrity was without question. George Khalaf from the state party also viewed the ballot box to make sure it was observed at all times.

Ballot Counting

Chad Heywood invited Representative Kelly Townsend to observe the vote counting as an act of transparency. Kelly had endorsed and spoken for Jerry Clingman who was not there for his own meeting. I believe that Chad invited her to observe so that Jerry's supporters would feel confident in the fairness of the process. In the room counting votes were Spencer Pearce, Chad Heywood, myself, Michelle Ives, and another PC whom Jerry and Kay had asked to help with the process.

The state committeeman nomination process began, and voting began for the state committee. Mara the chair then read the results of the officer election.

The results were:
Of the 108 eligible PC's, 33 attended by proxy and 52 were present for a total of 85 voters. 79% turnout!

Robert Graham Announces Two Key Endorsements for Second Term as Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party

PHOENIX – Robert Graham is running for a second two-year term as Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party in an election to be decided at the meeting of the State Committee on January 24, 2015 at the Grace Community Church in Tempe.

Bruce Ash, the National Committeeman representing the Arizona Republican Party enthusiastically endorsed Graham today and made the following statement, “Robert has handled the complexities of being chairman and has revolutionized outreach, digital and resource development like no other AZGOP chairman in the past quarter century. His reelection gives the AZGOP a modern and unified strategy for 2016.”

Sharon Giese, the National Committeewoman representing the Arizona Republican Party, was excited to hear of Graham’s plan to run for another term and said, “In our current position as members of the national committee, we get to see state parties that function well and others that struggle. We are grateful that Chairman Robert Graham has chosen to run for reelection as Arizona Chairman. Under his leadership, the state party has worked with everyone in our party, stood for conservative principles, and has had the most well organized and funded ground game in years. We need this type of leadership in 2016 against Hillary Clinton and the national democratic machine. We hope you will join us in supporting Robert Graham for Chairman in January of 2015.

Robert Graham, Chairman
Elected in January, 2013, Graham is Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, responsible for leading the state’s GOP initiatives while overseeing and growing a well-funded and organized party. Graham has a record of leadership and experience serving Arizona residents and its charitable organizations through his commitment of time and financial contributions.  Graham was President and CEO of RG Capital, responsible for the company’s financial advisory, investment banking/consulting and corporate development business. He brings more than fifteen years of experience in domestic and international corporate development and operational management.  Graham’s accomplishments in business have been recognized regionally by AZ Business Magazine as a Top Entrepreneur, and nationally by Boomer Market Advisor magazine as Advisor of the Year, and recently appeared in Forbes magazine.  Graham earned a Masters in Business Administration from the prestigious Thunderbird School of Global Management following a Bachelor of Science in Global Business Management and Finance from Arizona State University. In the 2014 elections, Graham led a successful Victory effort that saw Republicans win every statewide leadership position. Graham also led efforts to grow the base of the party by pursuing an aggressive outreach program to Arizona's different ethnic communities and non-traditional Republican groups.

Graham has lived in Arizona for 20 years. He and his wife, Julia, reside in Phoenix with their five children. Graham and his family are active members of their church and local community.
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Wishing You A Safe Thanksgiving With Family and Friends

Tom Morrissey –‘Why I’m Running For ’Maricopa County Republican Committee Chair

MCRC Chair CandidateTom Morrissey –‘Why I’m Running’
I led us through a presidential election cycle in 2012.  We experienced the “perfect storm” when we went through a biased redistricting process, a presidential debate that had to be rescheduled, a tense state convention, warring factions within the party, lack of traditional financial support and an attempt, by the left, to brand us as racists because we opposed illegal immigration.
I met these challenges by standing on constitutional conservative principles.  We fought the redistricting debacle in court.  I reached out to all parts of the party. The Presidential Debate was a success due to the efforts of our staff, especially Lori Urban
We raised $3.8 million.  We had the most successful election in the history of the AZ GOP and delivered the  state to Governor Mitt Romney.  The AZGOP headquarters was painted. We added new flooring, furniture and a restored air conditioning system.  Our IT system went from virus plagued to virus free. 
I met with the Latino Christian Community, conducted monthly meetings with Univision and invited Republican Hispanics to our meetings and to join in our quest to return this nation to greatness.   I was told that I was the first State Republican Chairman that they had ever met - and welcomed them in our party. 
We championed the American African Republicans under the leadership of ReverendClyde Bowen and Dr. CT Wright.  The Jan 1 celebration of “The Emancipation Proclamation” - one of the greatest documents in the history of this country - has become an annual event.
Constitutional Conservatism is on the march and it has a broadening horizon for our great party.  In order to nourish this movement we must take bold actions and stand against strong winds.  We have no choice but to do so if we are to save this great republic. 

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Maricopa County Precinct Committeemen Information

November 17, 2014
Fellow Precinct Committeemen (PC):
Thank you for choosing to serve as a PC.  We know your time is precious and your efforts are greatly appreciated.
 Beginning this week, all of our Legislative Districts will organize to elect their new District leadership and State Committeemen for 2015-2016. Everyone running for these positions deserves to be applauded, and we wish the best to all.
At the MCRC Statutory Meeting on January 10, 2015, we will elect new County leadership.  Jeni White and I will be running together for election at that meeting.  I am running for County Chairman and Jeni for First Vice Chair.
Some of you who know us may find this surprising.  In 2013, we ran for County leadership on opposing slates.  Since then we found ourselves working together on various campaigns and learned that we work very well together and have built a good friendship.  We also discovered two things we have always had in common, a source of mutual respect for one another and a positive vision for the MCRC:
  • Support and empower you, the PCs -- and your District Officers.
  • Cultivate, train and support Republican candidates identified locally by you.
  • Present Republicans and our platform positively.
  • Work together to win every possible race for Republican candidates in general elections.
The 2016 Presidential election, and every race down the ticket, will be a critical juncture for individual liberty and the future of America.  Our goal is to offer YOU the best possible resources and volunteer support in the primary as you work for your candidates of choice -- and then to work all-out with you to help our nominees TROUNCE their opponents in the general election.

We think your County leadership owes you that level of support because that's what wins elections. We have a proven track record of doing this, and we're pledging that support to you.  We would be honored to have YOUR vote on Saturday, January 10.

More information about us can be found on our Web site: www.TeamRed.GOP

You can also follow us on Facebook:

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact either of us.

Lisa: or 623.340.8173

Thank you so much for your consideration.
Together we will make a difference!

Lisa Gray and Jeni White