Saturday, December 20, 2014

AZ GOP Chairman Robert Graham Unedited Response To Questions Asked

Robert Graham's Response to YOUR Questions, unedited
[AFA Editor:  You may have read the list of valid questions we sent via email to AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham last week, requesting a response to clear the air.  We believe he is using the official PC email list because many of you told us you have never been on Graham's personal or campaign email list before but are now getting the emails from him.  It's against the governing Bylaws for anyone to use these emails for personal benefit as they are reserved ONLY for official business of the AZGOP and were provided to AZGOP in good faith.]  So below, please read the full response from Chairman Graham to your questions (SEE QUESTIONS HERE:
o   Q1.
o   Q2.
o   Q3.
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