Monday, March 30, 2015

Congratulations to the Award Recipients at The Republicans of Maricopa County Lincoln Day Dinner

Via MCRC Briefs
Republicans of Maricopa County Chairman Tyler Bowyer reports that some 400 Republicans attended the Lincoln Dinner Saturday evening to hear patriotic guitarist Ted Nugent’s pep talk and watch outstanding precinct committee recognized for their work this past year.
According to Bowyer, Nugent joked that he and Sheriff Joe should go find Hillary(Clinton) and Lois Lerner and lock them up for the scandals they have contributed to under the Obama regime. Many of Ted's words were echoed with hoots and hollers, particularly with his sentiments that Republicans need to always stand up for what's right and say what needs to be said, regardless of how the media tries to spin it. He told the crowd, "real people want shit-kickers, people that are going to say it how it is." Ted is the longest serving board member on the NRA and is very outspoken about the GOP's need to be loud and proud.
Congressman Matt Salmon received a standing ovation (reflective of the GOP State Meeting in January) for his passionate words about protecting life and liberty and standing for what's right in Washington. He made many mentions of Republicans proving themselves with the majority by sticking to our word and holding leadership accountable to putting legislation on Obama's desk.
Executive Director April Riggins presented organizer Liz Alcorn with a dozen roses and high praise for an incredible job. They ended up putting upwards of 10 people at some tables.
Dr. C. T. Wright gave invocation and LD6 Sen Kelli Ward, lead the Pledge of Allegiance. Short talks were given by Chris DeRose, Congressman David Schweikert and Salmon. Bowyer served as the master of ceremonies and Arpaio introduced Nugent. Schweikert and Salmon present the coveted Lincoln Bust to George Teegarden and Reagan Busts to Sandy Bartlett and Marcus Huey.
Teegarden has been dubbed “Jack of All Trades” and “Unsung Hero of the County GOP.” He has quietly and humbly delivered thousands of hours of volunteerism throughout his long service to multiple State, County and District Committees. His work with voter data has resulted in countless numbers of PC recruitment, organizing and strategic GOP victories. He was honored for his impeccable service to the GOP.
The Ronald Reagan Annual Service Awards (“Volunteer of the Year”)
went to Sandy Bartlett and Marcus Huey. As Maricopa County is the largest Republican county in the nation, it is an extremely competitive accolade recognizing the “best of the best” in the Arizona political activist world. Winners are selected from the ‘Most Valuable Precinct Committeemen’ as nominated by 20 district chairmen from across Maricopa County, according to Bowyer. LD2 and LD13 did not submit any nominees.
Legislative District “Most Valuable Precinct Committeeman” 2015 Award Winners went to:
Barbara Sasser -  District 1
Michele Clendenen  - District 12
Marcus Huey - District 15
Mara Benson - District 16
Sandi Bartlett - District 17
Loraine Pellegrino - District 18
Gertrude Hickman -  District 19
Robert Stannard - District 20
Lisa Gray -  District 21
Barb Wyllie & Corky Haynes - District 22
Ron Smith - District 23
David Ludwig -  District 24
Dan Grimm -  District 25
Brian Kight - District 26
Andrew Costanzo -  District 27
Jane Lynch -  District 28
John Wilson -  District 29
Gary Cox - District 30
Chairman’s Circle Sponsors included Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Associa Arizona, Eric Cashman, Guy Phillips, Cora Phillips, Alex Meluskey, Roberta Meluskey, Craig Bergman, P. T. Burton, David Giles, Dale Giles, Toni Lindgrin, Liz Alcorn andDave Alcorn.
Host Committee Sponsors were US Senator Jeff Flake, Congressmen Matt Salmon, David Schweikert and Trent Franks, Arizona State Senators Kelli Ward, Nancy Barton and Judy Burges and Representatives  David Livingston, Phil Lovas, John Allen, along with Judy Cirullo, Matt & Donna Lee Eberle, Randy & Jean Culp, Stephen & Paula Bowe, Richard & Anita Miller, and Richard & Connie Uribe Donato.
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