Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Darla Dawald Announces 2016 Run for Arizona State Rep. Legislative Dist. 8

What makes a Wife, Homemaker, and Business woman want to run for the Arizona State Legislature?
"I saw my country, the American Dream, our values, our economy, our workforce, our Constitutional Rights and Liberties, being dismantled by professional politicians that no longer even pretend to represent their Constituents, and I decided enough was enough.  I am not a politician.  I am not a professional community organizer, but I am a proud citizen of this great nation, this great state, and this wonderful community of Patriots, who will no longer stand by and let 'the powers that be' run roughshod over American local culture.  We need to restore our American culture, our local communities,  and the American Dream, and so a few years ago I rolled up my sleeves and got to work doing just that."

Indeed she did.  Darla Dawald began by networking on the internet with like-minded individuals, utilizing the new horizons of social media and combining them with her passion for her community and began helping to build a network of citizens that were also tired and fed up with "politics as usual."

"I was raised in a middle class home by hardworking parents, with four siblings.  We were taught that hard work, determination and perseverance would bring us success in our pursuit of the American Dream. My parents encouraged us to become leaders instead of followers. I was blessed with a career in the management of a multi-unit retail and administrative healthcare enterprise in which I developed business acumen and management skills that helped me not only with my later business ventures, but with winning my battle with cancer 14 years ago."

In 2009 as a result of her efforts and enterprise in social media and community networking, she was appointed as National Director of the "Patriot Action Network," an online community owned by Grassfire, that she helped expand to a membership of over 92,000 members, who are devoted to the U.S. Constitution and its principles.

In her role as Director she traveled extensively with the Tea Party Express, in numerous national tours in which she spoke at more than 200 "rallies for Freedom."

She was also selected as one of three national coordinators and was a featured speaker at the historic Taxpayers' March in Washington D.C. on September 12th, 2009, an event which boasted an attendance of 1.7 million people.  She then appeared on Fox News and CNN to advocate for her patriot principles, and is now a frequent guest on radio shows in Arizona and in other communities.

"I've always been an active member of the communities in which I worked and Lived," she said.

She has been active in the Rotary Club, Vice President of the PTSA, board member and volunteer for the Navajo County Fair, and member of the City of Holbrook's Prison Task Force. She served as an advisor of the medical assisting program for the local college and was a coach for the Odyssey of the Mind program at the public school for three years. Darla also has served in ministry and in her church, as youth pastor, worship leader and church volunteer. She is also an advisory board member of the "Thrive Cultural Academy,"  and teaches a class in Etiquette at the school in Casa Grande.   "My priorities have always been God, Family and Country," she says.
"I am not a politician, I am a concerned American that loves my country and my state. Join me in this fight to preserve our freedoms and uphold our Constitution. I honor the framers of this great country and will do everything within my power and abilities to stave off the major push toward fascism."
About a year ago, Darla launched her own website, "One Nation Rising,"  [ONE NATION RISING] , a community network of citizens that are working to advance American Constitutional Rights and Liberties."
Today she said:
"We need to Unite, then rise to the occasion of Standing to preserve One Nation Under God, Liberty, Freedom, and Our Constitution through education, conservative leadership, and grassroots effecting positive change through elections at the local level.  I'm excited to announce that I filed the papers for my candidacy for Arizona State Representative 2016 in Legislative District 08. It's official. I'm running!  And that means that you are too.  Together we can not only take our community and our country back, but begin locally to create a nation and a culture of which we can be proud!"