Saturday, November 7, 2015

Arizona: Mary Hamway Getting our campaign off the ground

Mary Hamway

The first step in getting our campaign off the ground is collecting signatures.

Our campaign must collect a minimum of 491 signatures to qualify for the ballot, but we are working hard to file the maximum of 1,472 signatures.

You can now sign nominating petitions online through the Arizona Secretary of State's website. The process is simple and just takes a minute. Please click here to sign my nominating petition.

My top priorities as a State Representative are:
  • Grow our economy and create high-quality jobs by reducing burdensome regulations that hinder job growth

  • Improve education by redefining the funding formula and making public education more efficient, adaptable and accountable

  • Improve fiscal responsibility and accountability in state government by streamlining and consolidating government processes

  • Secure our border by working with local, state and federal leaders on a reasonable solution
Please visit to get more information about our campaign and where I stand on the issues. Also I encourage you to get involved with our campaign by clicking here.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

With gratitude,

Mary Hamway