Wednesday, November 18, 2015

AZ Senator Jeff Flake Scoring Points for Fiscal Reform

Jeff Flake

Back in September, I was happy to report to you that the Department of Defense practice of spending millions of taxpayer dollars to the National Football League and other professional sports leagues for game day ceremonies honoring our military personnel would cease.
Honoring the troops have become part of the game day experience every football Sunday, and that's great.
But while our military will still take part in the festivities on Sundays, the Department of Defense -- the American taxpayer -- will no longer be footing the bill.
And now, I have even better news. Last week, I received a letter from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell which assured me that the league would reimburse the DoD for any inappropriate payments -- a big win for America's taxpayers!
Friend, this is exactly the kind of reform we can make happen by staying engaged in the fight to rein in Big Government spending and waste.
Jeff Flake
Jeff Flake