Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Filing window for Proposition 124 pro/con arguments opens

News from Michele Reagan
Arizona Secretary of State
(602) 542-4285

Secretary Reagan introduces efficient online system for ballot measure arguments

PHOENIX - Michele Reagan, Arizona’s Secretary of State has announced her office has opened the online filing period for pro/con arguments related to Proposition 124.  The ballot measure will appear as a part of the May 17th statewide special election and seeks to reform the pension system for police and firefighters.  Arguments should be filed utilizing the online system and must be received by February 23, 2016.

The argument must be 300 words or less and must be written exactly how the filer wants it to appear in the Secretary of State’s publicity pamphlet as it will be entered into the pamphlet verbatim.  Due to statutory requirements, each online argument must be subsequently accompanied by an original, notarized version as well.  The notarized version may be mailed or dropped off in-person at the Secretary of State’s office in Phoenix, and must be received by 5:00 p.m. on February 23, 2016. Interested parties should pay special attention to the restrictions noted on the AZSOS.gov website.

The argument must include the name, address, city, and telephone number of the person or persons signing. However, only the name of the signer will appear in the publicity pamphlet. Any additional information, such as the title of the argument filer or the filer’s city of residence, must appear within the 300 word text of the argument.

Similar to the notarized version of the argument filed with the Secretary’s office, the $100.00 fee must be received by February 23, 2016. Payment may be submitted online through the Secretary of State’s portal.