Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Millennial Generation is Now the Largest Voting Bloc in America.

It's Election Season - Let's Learn How They Think!
Saturday, September 10th 2016
Gainey Golf Club 
7600 E Gainey Club Drive, Scottsdale AZ 85258
10:30AM Social | 11:00AM Meeting | 12:00PM Lunch
Join us on Saturday, September 10th w/ Guest Joey Cilano: 
The youth of America are an ever-changing demographic. As generations go by, new fads, trends, and experiences become more and more popular as preferences change. This is true also of political feelings. The Millennial generation is now the largest voting bloc in America - wouldn't it be smart to get an idea of how they think?
Joey Cilano, Chairman of the Arizona Federation of College Republicans
The Millennial Generation is Now the Largest Voting Bloc in America. It's Election Season - Let's Learn How They Think!
Joey Cilano is the Chairman of the Arizona Federation of College Republicans and has been active in local politics for the past three years as a leader in the College Republicans and a Precinct Committeeman in Yavapai County. A student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Joey works every day to spread the word about Republican values such as free markets, limited government, and self-determination. His presentation on the Millennials of America will give an insight into the minds of Millennials, how they think, what they believe, and what they want, all based on his experiences on campus for the last several years.
Tickets: $30 per Person 
(A Reservation Made Is A Reservation Paid.)
Help Our GOP Candidates Get Elected! The Time Is Now!  
With the election less than 90 days away, candidates will need help if we are to see victory in November. Volunteers can make the difference in both Presidential and local elections and we must be part of that volunteer force. To that end, Robert Graham, Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party has asked the AzFRW to take a critical role in this election.
The AZGOP is opening Victory offices around the state and will be conducting phone banks from those offices and from individually selected sites as well. Chairman Graham has requested that we provide volunteers to help staff the phone banks in those offices or arrange to do some phone calling from our own sites. This is an ideal role for the AzFRW, and we can make a real difference.
For more information, contact Kathy Hedges at or via telephone at (602) 274-8100.
Please do your best to be a part to keep Arizona RED.  Our candidates are counting on us!
Thank you for your continued selfless service and patriotism.

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