Thursday, January 26, 2017

Frank Thorwald No Longer An AZGOP Chairman Candidate

Via MCRC Briefs 1-26-17
Frank Thorwald Withdraws As AZGOP Chair Candidate: As of Today, I am no longer a candidate for Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party. I wish to thank all my supporters for their tireless work on my behalf. Also, I would like to thank the other candidates for chairman for honoring our gentleman’s agreement not to attack one another when campaigning on the issues. As many of you know, I have been in communications since November with Trump’s staff about serving in the Trump Administration. I intended, if elected, to serve as Chairman for two years and then look at the possibilities of serving in the Trump Administration. However, the opportunities are looking extremely positive. Therefore, I have decided to withdraw, at this time, and look to the future for running again as state chairman. During the interim period between now and when I would start serving in the Trump Administration, I have offered my services to assist whichever candidate is elected to the State Chairman. 
   My goals have not altered throughout the campaign; I still believe that we need to have clarity, transparency in all things that we do. The chairman needs a kitchen cabinet made up of all factions of the party, so that they can express their views and ideas. We need to tailor how we grow the party and the training of our wonderful PC resources to each of the counties and LDs throughout the state; reorganize our meeting dates, so that we do not have multiple LDs or counties meeting on the same night, so the trainers, chairman and candidates can visit and work with the county and LD PCs more often. I have proposed and worked with the other candidates for state chairman as well as several county chairmen to develop draft legislation to deal with proxies and to allow for teleconferencing and remote voting, so that we can get greater participation from PCs throughout the state. 
    Again, I wish to thank all of you considering me for chairman and it has been a great honor to meet and work with all the wonderful party members throughout the state. This is not goodbye, simply looking at where my talents can provide the greatest benefit to our nation and to our party.