Saturday, September 27, 2014

We have exciting news!

We have exciting news!

We just launched our first television ad of the general election, "Experienced Prosecutor, No Politics."

You will start seeing this ad on television beginning on Monday, but because I value your efforts, I wanted to be sure you got a sneak peek of the ad early.

Thank YOU.

It is because so many of you have donated to my campaign and worked so hard to spread the word about my candidacy that this ad is possible.

Within the past week, we have been able to fund this new television ad and we released a new radio ad! Your contributions are helping this campaign keep the momentum we’ve worked so hard to build.

However, my opponent still has a cash advantage and has recently begun to attack my character -- both in-person and shortly on the airwaves.

I have pledged to campaign on a positive message and what my priorities will be as Attorney General. I will not resort to the same tactics as my opponent. My opponent knows I am leading in the polls and she is desperate. But I need your help.

Can you donate today to help us keep this ad on the air? Simply put, the more we can raise, the longer we can keep our commercial running and spreading the truth.

I know I am the most qualified candidate running for Attorney General. I am the only candidate who has served as a local, state and federal prosecutor and my pledge to you is that I will return the Office of the Attorney General to its core mission: to do justice, no politics.

Click here to view my new TV ad and donate to keep it on the air!

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