Monday, October 6, 2014

Strong start to the week

Today, I received the endorsement of Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery.  Bill has a long distinguished career as an Arizona prosecutor and is a well-respected public servant.  I am honored to have his support.
“I had the privilege of working with State Senator Michele Reagan on efforts to reform Arizona’s Election, Petition and Campaign Finance Reporting statutes this past session of the Legislature.  Sharing my experience from various investigations conducted by the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, Senator Reagan applied her energy and intellect in fashioning a reform package that put the principles of fairness, integrity, and transparency front and center for Arizona voters.  Given the realities of the legislative process, not all reforms made it in the first try and the original bill had a very different look when finalized.  Nevertheless, Senator Reagan’s commitment to moving Arizona forward was on display throughout and has been a core aspect to her campaign for Secretary of State.
Sadly, Senator Reagan’s opponent for Secretary of State, a three-time loser for Governor, will do and say anything in pursuit of a Statewide Office.  Instead of the fairness and impartiality I have seen firsthand in how Senator Reagan conducts herself in service to the public, her opponent’s tactics rely on divisiveness and stereotypes.  This reveals a disturbing willingness to go to the darkest places in smear campaigning.  We can’t have that in the State’s Chief Election Officer.  I ask you to join me in supporting Michele Reagan for Secretary of State.”  
- Bill Montgomery, Maricopa County Attorney

We are in the final stretches of the campaign.  We continue to gain ground on our opponent but this race will go down to the wire.  Any contribution you can make to the campaign will be extraordinarily helpful in carrying us to victory.  Please consider a contribution of $50, $100 or $200 to my campaign so we can send Terry Goddard packing once and for all.