Sunday, November 23, 2014

Maricopa County Precinct Committeemen Information

November 17, 2014
Fellow Precinct Committeemen (PC):
Thank you for choosing to serve as a PC.  We know your time is precious and your efforts are greatly appreciated.
 Beginning this week, all of our Legislative Districts will organize to elect their new District leadership and State Committeemen for 2015-2016. Everyone running for these positions deserves to be applauded, and we wish the best to all.
At the MCRC Statutory Meeting on January 10, 2015, we will elect new County leadership.  Jeni White and I will be running together for election at that meeting.  I am running for County Chairman and Jeni for First Vice Chair.
Some of you who know us may find this surprising.  In 2013, we ran for County leadership on opposing slates.  Since then we found ourselves working together on various campaigns and learned that we work very well together and have built a good friendship.  We also discovered two things we have always had in common, a source of mutual respect for one another and a positive vision for the MCRC:
  • Support and empower you, the PCs -- and your District Officers.
  • Cultivate, train and support Republican candidates identified locally by you.
  • Present Republicans and our platform positively.
  • Work together to win every possible race for Republican candidates in general elections.
The 2016 Presidential election, and every race down the ticket, will be a critical juncture for individual liberty and the future of America.  Our goal is to offer YOU the best possible resources and volunteer support in the primary as you work for your candidates of choice -- and then to work all-out with you to help our nominees TROUNCE their opponents in the general election.

We think your County leadership owes you that level of support because that's what wins elections. We have a proven track record of doing this, and we're pledging that support to you.  We would be honored to have YOUR vote on Saturday, January 10.

More information about us can be found on our Web site: www.TeamRed.GOP

You can also follow us on Facebook:

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact either of us.

Lisa: or 623.340.8173

Thank you so much for your consideration.
Together we will make a difference!

Lisa Gray and Jeni White