Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tom Morrissey –‘Why I’m Running For ’Maricopa County Republican Committee Chair

MCRC Chair CandidateTom Morrissey –‘Why I’m Running’
I led us through a presidential election cycle in 2012.  We experienced the “perfect storm” when we went through a biased redistricting process, a presidential debate that had to be rescheduled, a tense state convention, warring factions within the party, lack of traditional financial support and an attempt, by the left, to brand us as racists because we opposed illegal immigration.
I met these challenges by standing on constitutional conservative principles.  We fought the redistricting debacle in court.  I reached out to all parts of the party. The Presidential Debate was a success due to the efforts of our staff, especially Lori Urban
We raised $3.8 million.  We had the most successful election in the history of the AZ GOP and delivered the  state to Governor Mitt Romney.  The AZGOP headquarters was painted. We added new flooring, furniture and a restored air conditioning system.  Our IT system went from virus plagued to virus free. 
I met with the Latino Christian Community, conducted monthly meetings with Univision and invited Republican Hispanics to our meetings and to join in our quest to return this nation to greatness.   I was told that I was the first State Republican Chairman that they had ever met - and welcomed them in our party. 
We championed the American African Republicans under the leadership of ReverendClyde Bowen and Dr. CT Wright.  The Jan 1 celebration of “The Emancipation Proclamation” - one of the greatest documents in the history of this country - has become an annual event.
Constitutional Conservatism is on the march and it has a broadening horizon for our great party.  In order to nourish this movement we must take bold actions and stand against strong winds.  We have no choice but to do so if we are to save this great republic.