Thursday, December 4, 2014

Aaron Borders picks up endorsement from Constantin Querard

 Aaron Borders, candidate for 2nd Vice Chair of the MCRC, announced the endorsement of Constantin Querard (best known as 'CQ'). Querard, a former LD 16 Chairman, has also served the MCRC and AZGOP as an EGC member
In a statement, Querard said: "Aaron is a man of integrity - he does what he says and he has a heart for serving those around him. Aaron is also one of the hardest working individuals I have been around, something that showed in his impressive showing in a very Democrat district. Finally, Aaron is committed to the conservative cause, and I was impressed that he stood strong even in the face of those who urged him to compromise on principles in exchange for political gain. He's a hard working conservative who wants to take our Party's message into every neighborhood. That's why I'm proud to support Aaron Borders for 2nd Vice Chair of the MCRC."
Upon receiving Constantin's endorsement, Borders stated: "CQ is a leader for the conservative cause in Arizona, and I am proud to have his endorsement as I run for 2nd Vice Chair of the MCRC. I will not let my supporters down should I be given the honor to serve the MCRC."

Aaron Borders is married to Shelly Borders, a fourth-generation Arizonan. They have four young children. Aaron is a business owner, a board member of the West Valley Youth Sports Commission, and a licensed financial specialist. In his limited free time, Aaron enjoys serving at his church, spending time with his family and coaching his sons in football. In addition to Constantin Querard, Aaron has been endorsed by Arizona House Majority Leader-elect Steve Montenegro, Arizona House Majority Whip-elect David Livingston, Maricopa Community College At-Large-elect Tracy Livingston, Representative Darin Mitchell and Senator Don Shooter.
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