Monday, December 8, 2014

Lori Urban Candidate For AZ GOP Chairman

I am running for AZGOP Chairman because I believe that our leadership is elected to serve......
 “of the people, by the people and for the people”.    I believe in our Republican Party of Freedom, Faith, Family and Belief in the Individual and the great potential we all have.  I believe in Ronald Reagan's words - “I do not believe we are doomed to a fate that will fall on us no matter what we do.  I do believe we are doomed to a fate that will fall on us if we do nothing.”  It is not enough to believe and agree with our Republican Principles - we must share our message to grow.

As your AZGOP Chairman, I will move immediately to close our primary.  We can no longer send this to committee to study.  70% of the registered Independents that voted in our last primary, voted a Republican ballot.  We need to register them as Republicans. 

I will encourage our Executive Committee to be move of a voice in our Republican Party.  I am very honored to work with great people like Maricopa County Chairman AJ LaFaro, Congressional Candidate Gabby Saucedo Mercer, Arizona Freedom Alliance voice Lynne Breyer.  We are all committed to a stronger message for the AZGOP. 

AJ LaFaro, as 1st Vice Chairman, is a strong voice within the legislature and closing our primaries. 
Gabby Saucedo Mercer, as 2nd Vice Chairman, is a beautiful, eloquent voice for our Republican principles - Pro Jobs, Pro Family, Pro Security. 
Lynne Breyer, as secretary, will continue to share her conservative voice and is a great asset our AZGOP . 
Our current 3rd Vice Chairman, Christopher Campbell, is very knowledge with legislative issues and parliamentary procedure.  I also have a finance committee in the works, that will bring back many of the donors that we have lost, from not standing firm with our Republican Message.

Our AZGOP must have more of a voice in our communities, reaching out to more voters to increase our voter registration, our Precinct Committeeman numbers and share our message with people
whom need to hear our Republican Message of Yes!  Yes, we support Freedom!  Yes, we support Family!  Yes, we support Faith!  Yes, we support our State's and Nation's Security!  Yes, we support a Smaller Government! 

Robert Graham has bought into an idea that the Party must not be involved in defending the very principles upon which it was founded, but must only be focused on voter registration and voter turnout.  I disagree with that position.  I am convinced that the reason people vote Republican instead of Democratic is because of our belief in Faith, Family and smaller government. 

However, we can look for just a minute at the success or failure of our party here in Arizona using his guideline.  According to the Secretary of State, the number of registered voters has increased by 14,838, Republican voter registration is DOWN 32,830 under his watch (Jan 2013 to Nov 2014).   Arizona only reached 37th in voter turnout.

We just experienced a Republican tidal wave of success across the country - where all but only 4 states (of the continuous 48) gained Republican members in their legislatures.  2 of those states have Republican super majorities, Oregon - well it's Oregon, and then there is Arizona.  We barely kept the majority that we had.  Thank goodness for ................     Our race for Superintendent of Public Instruction was a nail biter and we note Diane Douglas was left off many AZGOP campaign pieces.
We may pick up a congressional seat, but that is mostly due to the efforts of Martha McSally and the National Republican Congressional Committee.  So, in Arizona we barely held onto the offices we already held.   In fact, every state bordering Arizona enjoyed Republican increases.  So, using Robert's own yardstick, he failed.

I have raised money for the Arizona Republican Party, Maricopa County Republican Committee and many candidates.  I have served Arizona as a precinct committeeman (the most important position in our party) and state committeeman.  I have brought people together and encouraged them to be active in our Republican Party through my service as Chairman of the Arizona Young Republicans and as President of Paradise Republican Women and my work within the AZ Federation of Republican Women.  I have served as the Arizona Republican National Committeewoman.  I have worked for over 30 years to share our conservative message of Freedom, Faith and Family.

I ask for your Vote and Support on January 24th at our state AZGOP meeting.  I look forward to
working for you and with you, to grow our Republican Party.

Thank you!

Lori Urban