Friday, January 2, 2015

Get to know us! Lisa Gray and Jeni White

Republicans need to bring our A game to this critical Presidential election cycle.  Our electeds and nominees at every level need the best possible support and turnout in Maricopa County. That means training and empowering PCs, grooming and supporting candidates, building our base with voter registration and education, and presenting our platform and principles in an upbeat positive light that expands Republican influence.

We've proven our ability with outstanding results in all these areas -- just look at our résumés and our districts' awards. We're both known for an inclusive, consensus-based leadership style that will help to maximize results with the many talented volunteers in the party.  And for proof that we can work well across the party, one need look no further than the fact that we are running as a team now after running as opponents two years ago.

Maricopa County deserves the best.  #VoteTeamRed

• Campaign Manager for Jeff DeWit, State Treasurer-Elect
• Former Chairman, LD9/LD21 / Former 1st Vice-Chair / Former 2nd Vice-Chair
• Developed PC training material and trained hundreds of PCs
• Organized West Valley Gubernatorial Forum, 600+ attended, fundraiser for multiple districts
• Spearheaded successful AZGOP statewide Super Saturday Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) event
• Created to recruit PCs and Maricopa County Republicans Facebook page to promote our party
• Planned/implemented GOTV activities with PCs, Republican Club and TEA Party members, canvassing and distributing slate cards to 25,000+ households

• Former Chairman, LD20/LD18 / Outgoing Secretary, MCRC / LD18
• Current 2nd Vice-Chair, AZGOP
• Chaired LD18 2012 Victory operation, targeting 25,000+ households and turning the LD from blue to red - State Dems now consider LD18 "safe red”
• Provided ballot chase and electioneering data to all LDs in 2012, key local races in 2014
• Converted MCRC records to electronic storage accessible by all EGC members
• Conducted ballot counts and proxy validation for several Legislative Districts, 2012, 2014
For more information and endorsements: www.TeamRed.GOP 
Maricopa County Republicans Has NOT received any compensation to post this information,it is a courtesy post