Friday, January 2, 2015

Less than two weeks remain until the MCRC board elections

Aaron Borders for 2nd Vice Chair MCRC
Phoenix -
Less than two weeks remain until the MCRC board elections. I am running for 2nd Vice Chair of the MCRC, and I would be honored to earn your support on January 10th. I am not running on a slate. My allegiances are to no one but you - the precinct committeemen of Maricopa County.
I have been endorsed by elected officials such as : 
-Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio
-Arizona House Majority Leader-elect Steve Montenegro (LD13)
-Arizona House Majority Whip-elect David Livingston (LD22)
-Representative Darin Mitchell (LD13)

Representative Brenda Barton (LD6)
Jay Lawrence (LD23)
-Representative-elect Anthony Kern (LD20)
Representative Paul Boyer (LD20)
-Senator Don Shooter (LD13)
Senator Kelli Ward (LD5)
Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio
Maricopa Community College At-Large-elect Tracy Livingston

District Chairmen :
-David Henderson (LD15)
-George Ortiz (LD 19)

-Kevin Payne (LD 21)
-Eric Morgan (LD 22)
-Ian Murray (LD 25)
-Ron Harders (LD 27)
-Alan Gaugert (LD 29)
-Gary Hirsh (LD 30)

Grassroots Leaders :

-Sophia E. Johnson, 1st Vice Chair (LD19)
-Jana King, 1st Vice Chair (LD29)
-Francine Romesburg, Grass Roots Tea -Party Activest Facilitator (LD20)
-Vera Anderson, Grass Roots Leader (LD20)
Constantin Querard (best known as 'CQ'). Former LD 16 Chairman, has also served the MCRC and AZGOP as an EGC member
Marcus Huey, Grass Roots leader (LD15)
Gary Cox, PC and past Senate candidate (LD30)

 Many other precinct committeemen from all over Maricopa County have pledged their support and votes for my candidacy. All of these individuals know that I will give everything I have to serve this party, to defend our conservative platform, and to help get Republicans elected in 2016.
This past election cycle, I ran as a Republican in LD 29 - a heavily Democratic district. Many people told me not to run because of the Republican disadvantage in voter registration,  that did not deter me. With the full support of my wife, I spent more than a year fundraising, knocking on doors, calling voters, and meeting so many new faces in LD 29. The end result was not what I hoped for, although I came with in 2% of the vote to claiming a house seat in the district - something that no one predicted when I started that endeavor. 
We need more people in leadership who are willing to take on new challenges and to put forth every ounce of effort within themselves to achieve victories. When the grassroots works in harmony with leadership of a party, success happens in an election cycle. I intend to be a bridge between the PC's and MCRC leadership, ensuring that your voice is heard and adhered to over the next two years.
I am more than willing to talk with you about my candidacy for 2nd Vice Chair of the MCRC at anytime. Please e-mail me at with any questions or comments - or to set up a telephone conversation, and I will be sure to get back to you.
I would appreciate your vote and your support on January 10th. Thank you for all that you do for this party, and I look forward to more Republican victories in the next election cycle!
Learn More about me and what I will bring to the MCRC at

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