Thursday, January 14, 2016

Maricopa County PC'S You May Have been Scammed By MCRC Leadership

On special meeting rules states removal is for 1st and 2nd vice chair and if the Chairman's name is not on the ballot, you are screwed if you thought you would be able to remove him. Someone will need to make a motion from the floor if they are allowed. He can be removed Removal of elected officials.
Maricopa County Republican Committee Leadership Creating Division Among The Party Grassroots
Ballot voting shall be used if there is a contested election. The Credentials Committee shall keep the roll of the voting members qualified to vote. Only those ballots distributed by the Credentials Committee shall be accepted for tally. Removal of officers shall be determined by a majority vote of the members of the MCRC present, in person or by proxy. The procedure for removing the offices of 1st Vice Chairman, and 2nd Vice Chairman shall be as follows: On the ballot, each member of th 
E. Removal of Elected Officer
Any elected officer may be removed by majority vote of ballots cast at a special meeting where a quorum of the total MCRC membership is present in person or by proxy at any duly called and noticed meeting., An elected officer may not be removed at a regular or special meeting unless his proposed removal is set forth in the ten (10) day notice of call of the items of business of such meeting. A proxy shall be sent with the call.
MCRC present, in person or by proxy, may vote either Yea or Nay for each office.
Special Meeting
This is a meeting called by the Chairman for the purpose of voting for the Removal of the Chairman, and/or First Vice-Chair, and/or Second Vice-Chair of this Committee.
The chairman have cost himself a position within the Republican Party.