Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Arizona: Open Letter To The Scottsdale City Council

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Shirley Cordasco
Speaking from a Realtors viewpoint, I am appalled at the manner this council uses Scottsdale Association, also known as SAAR, and how our CEO Rebecca Grossman is called upon. She is being used and isn’t aware of this, this woman believes in her heart that she has a role to play in Scottsdale politics, and that she can speak for all the members.
Her role is to educate not represent her views on the members.
These councilmen call upon her to attend council meetings and bring one or two members to speak on behalf of an 8ooo member strong association. None of these opinions represent me or 7600 or more realtors, most members aren’t aware of being spoken for and don’t know of many changes coming to our town.
The Scottsdale Association of Realtors, SAAR, very recently took a survey which was sent out to all members to respond to the question regarding light rail. The response count was 47, not 407, 47 members responded and we were not told what the response was. For or Against!
Rebecca Grossman is being treated and used like a union boss, one of the biggest and strongest unions in our town with 8000 dues paying members. Rebecca is the decision maker when called upon by Virginia Korte and Linda Milhaven. Whether the issue is light rail, height restrictions or LGBT issues. Rebecca is never left out of the loop. We already are aware of Councilman Kortes decision to push back on this cause now, since she is running for re-election.
The pledge that our council voted on prior wasn’t strong enough, after all an ordinance/law is stronger, carries more issues. Much stronger if any town resident
balks, its political correctness in our face once more. This was moving very fast, the big push was on and just recently our council abandoned this non-discrimination law.
Korte was quoted as saying: “it was not particularly do-able now. My thoughts are that after our city election, it will re-appear and surprisingly, it will be do-able. That’s politics.
My personal thought for MS Korte, if this is the platform you brought to the table, then use it, work it, if this is your belief from a personal struggle, I would think more of you if you stood tall and used in your campaign for re-election, wear it as a badge of honor, this personal struggle is recognized by many.
This was one of the issues you had the CEO of SAAR show up at a council meeting and speak for all the members of SAAR, they welcomed this change to our town ..
To quote the two or three realtors that spoke,” we speak for all of our members”. No, they don’t, NO, they didn’t, and they didn’t speak for 90% or more of our dues paying members.
They had no idea that those few were representing ALL of our membership. No idea that they were being spoken for at that meeting on that night, if so, maybe more of the LBGT movement may have showed up. Surely we have Realtors who would fight the good fight for that cause. The 47 members that responded to the query that was sent to all members would have shown up, but they weren’t told, and that’s how it goes, a few
people know about a few things and speak for everyone, but not me! Search the audience at any council meeting any night; tell me how many Realtors are there, I will tell you, not many, maybe not at all!
I can continue about the changes this liberal council is pushing, Downtown Entertainment District, which brings people that would never waste their time in our town. They bring total disregard and disrespect with them for our town and it usually shows up after midnight..
Oh yes, the DDC, otherwise known as, the Desert Discovery Center on the preserve Gateway hiking trails …SAAR supports that issue also, according to our CEO. Only two million spent just to explore building the 80 million dollar DDC.
Rumors abound over THE TOWERS now, the towers that will break every height restriction ever implemented, Thousands of apartments from South Scottsdale to North Scottsdale. What was our council thinking when they put all those apartments in North Scottsdale…..? They are thinking “light rail”. Could that be possible?
To quote our councilman Milhaven, “it’s for the Millennials”, that seems to be the biggest push of the year. We are doing this for them; they don’t want homes, or cars, the want a walking community, she continues to represent, this certain group of voters! Show me a Millennial that walks down Scottsdale Rd. to meet a friend on an August afternoon, at 115 degree weather, I will show you a stroke victim!
This councils opinion of where we are, who we are movement denigrates all the fine citizens that put this town on the map, the disrespect for the horse community, our elders, the Artists that gave this town the breath to be considered a destination city! Most of you should be voted out before this town becomes another Los Angeles. I spent sixteen years of my life there and watched the demise of a paradise lost. The Eagles wrote a song once about a California city called ‘Paradise’’ some of the verse…it was a paradise, once everyone came, it wasn’t Paradise anymore. That’s the direction Scottsdale is going thanks to many liberal councilman, past and present, working for the developers and the money people.
It started when they ripped down one piece at a time, against The West’s Most Western City…This same process destroyed many cities before us and is tearing at the very fabric of our country.

Shirley Cordasco