Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Scottsdale Art Is Dead; Long Live Scottsdale Art

One major element of Scottsdale’s special character has always been our reputation as a mecca of the arts. Sadly, as a recent expose (Scottsdale Art Is Dead; Long Live Scottsdale Art) makes clear, our current city administration is encouraging and even subsidizing the destruction and decay of the Scottsdale arts scene. Every year they give 4.5M taxpayer dollars to a special-interest to run a theater with declining attendance, a museum almost no one attends, and a declining public art program. They have encouraged the largest concentration of bars in Maricopa County to develop in Downtown right next to established businesses and residential areas, bringing noise, crime and traffic. And they have allowed so-called “special events” to undercut established galleries and brick-and-mortar businesses Downtown.

This is another example of why I am running for Mayor – to provide the new leadership our city needs to retain its special character and high quality of life.

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Help Me Keep Scottsdale Special!
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Bob Littlefield