Friday, June 24, 2016

Hamway is the Right Way

Mary Hamway
I am running for state House because I feel that District 28 needs a mature and experienced leader to fill the void left by Rep. Kate Brophy McGee's departure to run for the Senate. Arizona has done many great things these past few years, but our state's leaders have also let us down in certain areas. That is why I am starting an email series entitled WRONG WAY/RIGHT WAY. In it, I will highlight a problem that is facing our state, and provide a solution I intend to work for once elected.
Arizona has led the nation in cuts to higher education. Prior to this past session's small increase, Arizona was spending 47% less per college student than it was in 2008. The result is tuition and fees increasing a whopping 83% since 2008.

Arizona must remember that we cannot expect to recruit the best companies here or have highly-skilled workers available without a top university system. We must reverse the downward trend of underfunding our great universities, because our economy's strength and future potential comes through the power of a great education system. State funding is currently at roughly 34% of a resident student's education. I will work toward a multi-year plan of increasing that number, with the ultimate goal of reaching 50% funding of a resident student's education.