Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Team Jones Update

Christine Jones for Congress

Eight weeks to go until the Primary Election and the campaign is forging ahead with great energy and excitement! We've had another busy week getting our message out and meeting with enthusiastic voters. Here's the latest update:

Christine Jones Meet & Greets
A Week of Meet & Greets

The campaign held several meet and greets throughout the district this week. Christine continues to meet wonderful people who are excited about her campaign wherever she goes. From Agritopia to Mesa to Queen Creek, the reception has been fantastic. We will hold more of these local events in the weeks ahead. If you'd like to host your own meet and greet, please let us know.

Christine Jones sits down with Rebekah Sanders
ICYMI: Christine Jones on Immigration

During a meeting with the Arizona Republic earlier this week, Christine was asked about her stand on illegal immigration. Here's what she told the reporter: "What we need is to finish the fence in highly trafficked trafficking lanes. There are many, many miles on the border that don’t need a fence because the terrain is not passable by human beings and that we ought not to be worrying about so much." Read the full article here.

Christine Jones Field
Outstanding In Her Field

Team Jones just finished another outstanding day in the field meeting and speaking with voters. Although it may be a little warm going door-to-door, the heat won't stop Christine from from walking neighborhoods and knocking doors! Whether it's putting up yard signs, making phone calls or meeting voters in the field, we would love to have you join Team Jones. Contact us here to find out how you can get involved.

Christine Jones Yard Sign
Get Your Sign!

We just received a new order of signs ready to be posted in yards across the district! Placing a sign in your front yard is a way to show your personal support and endorsement of Christine. If we can get you your own yard sign, please contact us here.

Another Big Announcement 

Stand by for another big announcement next week! Our campaign continues to pick up even more momentum in the month of July and we're excited to get our message out!

Declaration of Independence

Finally, on behalf of Christine and the campaign, I want to wish you a very happy Independence Day! The 4th of July is a wonderful time to celebrate the great American dream and the principles of freedom and liberty. Please remember to thank and say a prayer for all our public safety personnel and military members as they protect and defend those very freedoms we cherish.

May God bless America,
Jordan Ray
Campaign Manager | Jones for Congress
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