Friday, October 31, 2014

Dark Money Rears It's Ugly Head Again

When you open your mailbox today or tomorrow you may find another dark-money, hit-piece mailer distorting my record in hopes of preventing Scottsdale residents from voting for me.
While it is sad the incumbent candidates and their allies resort to negative campaigning, it is understandable – they certainly don’t want to talk about their support for sacrificing Scottsdale’s special character and quality of life to enrich their special-interest campaign contributors. They will do and say anything to distract attention from that record!

While there are only a few days left until the election, there is still time for you to fight this dark money and help me get elected by influencing potential voters. Early ballots are being returned at a slower-than-usual pace, so most of the votes in this election have yet to be cast. I still have some doorhangers and flyers that need to be passed out, a few yard signs that need good homes, and lists of potential voters to call. If you can help with any of these important tasks please contact me. And, of course, please continue to spread the word about my positive campaign to be Your Voice On Council to your Scottsdale friends and neighbors.

If you have any questions, would like more information about my campaign or would like to help, my web site is and my phone # is 480-951-2549. Thank you for your support. Littlefield
Maricopa County Republicans Has NOT received any monies to post this information,it is a courtesy post.