Monday, October 27, 2014

Please Help Elect Kathy Littlefield To The City Council

In the twelve-plus years I have been on the Scottsdale City Council I have always fought to protect Scottsdale’s special character and quality of life. I have opposed the short-sighted, parasitic “growth” promoted by the current Council majority, which actually degrades Scottsdale’s special character, overtaxes our infrastructure and costs existing residents both in tax dollars and in reduced quality of life. And I have fought the special interests who want to exploit Scottsdale's unique character for their own short-term gain.

Because of term limits I cannot continue on to serve on the Scottsdale City Council.  But you do have a candidate in the upcoming election who you know you can count on to continue to fight to Keep Scottsdale Special, Kathy Littlefield. Her leadership in defeating the third-of-a-billion-dollar property tax increase last fall proved to everyone what I have known for years, which is that Kathy has the skills, smarts and passion to fight for Scottsdale’s special character and quality of life.

The special interests certainly believe (and fear) that Kathy will be an effective advocate for Scottsdale residents. They proved that by spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of dark money on hit piece mailers and anti-Kathy signs designed to keep her off the City Council!

Even though the election is only a week away there are still many ways you can help Kathy’s campaign. She needs volunteers to pass out doorhangers and to make calls to potential voters. If you can help with either of these important tasks please contact her at or 480-951-2549. We also still have a few yard signs left.

The other thing you can do to help is to spread the word about Kathy’s positive campaign to be Your Voice On Council. Please ask your Scottsdale friends and neighbors to vote for Kathy. A recommendation from a trusted friend or relative is worth far more than any mailer or robocall. Email your contacts and let them know why they should vote for Kathy. Then, post that email to your Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts. Feel free to use any of the material on Kathy’s web site ( or Facebook page.

I believe this kind of grass roots campaigning will help Kathy to overcome the massive amounts of dark-money that the special interests are spending to keep Kathy off the City Council. And I appreciate your willingness to help.

Bob Littlefield

Scottsdale City Councilman