Monday, April 25, 2016

Alex Meluskey Best Week Yet!

Meluskey for Senate

I had an extremely busy yet fun weekend on the campaign trail. I had the pleasure of meeting many engaged Arizona voters at the Pima County Fair in Tucson who are fed up with how things are in D.C., and who are ready for true citizen representation.
Roberta and I enjoyed talking with voters at the Crossroads Gun Show at the Arizona State Fairgrounds. 
Roberta and I also had a wonderful time at the AzRA lunch on Saturday where we continued to solidify our support.
I am hearing from voters all over the state that it's time.
They say it's time for an outsider, someone who is not a politician and who has run a successful business. 

Help us keep this momentum going by volunteering with our campaign—either in one of our offices or at one of the many events will be at over the next couple of months.
Your humble servant,
Alex Meluskey
Candidate, U.S. Senate -- Arizona
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