Sunday, April 24, 2016

Virginia Korte-Generating Funds To Improve Scottsdale’s Systems and Services 

The most important responsibility the City Council has is to create and approve the city’s annual budget.  How we spend taxpayer dollars is our highest priority.

The general operating budget for fiscal year 2016-17 currently under consideration shows projections of $278 million in revenue, for which 66% is personnel services expense.  We pride ourselves with our community services at our parks and libraries, senior services at Granite Reef and Via Linda Senior Centers and our public safety.

However, our General Operating Fund does not cover our capital improvement needs.  Scottsdale’s most significant challenge is finding the funds to maintain some of our most critical infrastructure like our senior centers, parks and libraries – including the technology that helps the city operate efficiently to keep the cost of government under control.

To continue being a world-class city where people want to work, live and visit, it is imperative that we grow and diversify our economy.  That will help us generate more revenue to keep our taxes low and provide the funds to invest in improving the city’s systems and services.

Tuesday evening the City Council begins discussing the proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year and the plan to address repairing and updating some of the city’s essential infrastructure.  The meeting begins at 5p.m. in the Kiva.

It is vital that we work together to protect Scottsdale’s prestigious brand.  It is also vital that everyone has a voice in the process to preserve our special quality of life.

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