Friday, May 6, 2016

Message From Arizona LD23 Chairman Jim O'Connor

Sign Candidate Petitions Online 
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One of our responsibilities of the office we hold is to choose the candidate or candidates you personally support and do what we are able to assist them in their election or re-election efforts. One of the most burdensome is the collection of “Petition Signatures” to qualify them for inclusion on the primary ballot.

As is the case with our own 10 signature requirement to qualify for the ballot for the office of PC, this task must be completed no later than the end of May. The number of signatures required, vary for each office sought by our candidates. When they walk door to door, or we do it for them, or they employ paid petition gatherers, there is a rule of thumb that to be safe in meeting the minimum requirement, it is wise to collect 30% more signatures than actually needed. This eliminates the possibility of having submitted signatures subject to challenge and possible disqualification.

A very smart way around that added burden on them and ourselves is to have signers execute their petition signature online with the Secretary of State's Office. If petition signers choose this on line process, 100% of the signatures will be accepted without challenge. Click on the link inserted below. 

Once on this page of the AZSOS website enter your AZ Drivers license number, your date of birth, your first and last names and click SUBMIT. You will then be asked to confirm your address by clicking the Yes or No Box. After that, a field of all filed candidates available for you to sign their nominating petitions will appear. Choose the candidate of your preference, or in the case of State House Representative two (2) candidates, by clicking on their name. The final page will ask for your email address.

Many of our LD 23 candidates are still in need of additional signatures. We ask that you and voting family members, friends and neighbors use this preferred system of signing candidate nominating petitions. This is a bullet proof way to ensure our candidates qualify to be included on our August Primary ballot. 
Jim O'Connor

Chairman, LD23