Sunday, June 5, 2016

Mary Hamway:Let the Race Begin

Mary Hamway
Now that the deadline to file signatures has come and gone and the race for 
State Representative for District 28 is taking shape, I wanted to take a moment to 
welcome the four Republican candidates joining me on the ballot. I believe the next 
three months will bring a spirited debate and a renewed focus on the policies that govern 
our state.

I believe that District 28 needs a strong, mature voice representing them at the Capitol. 
As a current councilwoman in Paradise Valley, I have worked diligently to make our 
community a great place to work and live. I have been extensively involved in promoting 
the town's tourism interests, which provide over 40% of the town's revenue. This past year 
I led the charge to improve storm water management after so many of our residents were 
affected by the storms of 2013. I continue to support our limited government model, ensuring 
that we will not need a property tax any time soon.

I have always believed that a state representative should have a well-rounded resume. 
It takes real-world experience and commitment to tackle the problems facing everyday 
That is why I am extremely proud of the 18 years I spent in the information technology industry working on projects as large as the Columbia Space Shuttle and as small as moving a company 
to the paperless office.

Finally, I can think of no other district in the state that cares more about education than 
District 28. As a former PTO President for Kiva Elementary School and a proud parent of an 
ASU graduate, I know first-hand how critical education is to the future of our Arizona workforce. 
We need skilled individuals to enter the Arizona workforce, and that starts at the earliest level of elementary school and continues all the way through the university level.

It is going to be a fun summer talking with you, the residents of District 28. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on what you want from your state representative, and I will work very 
hard to gain your trust and vote.
Thank you,

Mary Hamway
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