Thursday, June 9, 2016

Secretary Reagan reiterates comments regarding state’s Election Procedures Manual

News from Michele Reagan Arizona Secretary of State
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Secretary of State Michele Reagan reiterates comments regarding the status of the state’s Election Procedures Manual.

“The principal focus of my Elections Team is to make sure our August Primary and November General Elections go smoothly and voting is easy for all Arizonans.  We are running 4 statewide elections this year and 2016 did not seem the appropriate time to be rewriting any election-related policies or procedures.

“Arizona law requires that there be an Election Procedures Manual in place before each election, not a new or revised manual. The 2014 Election Procedures Manual remains in place with full legal effect. This Manual represents the policies and procedures all of our local officials and poll workers have been trained to execute. Now is not a prudent time to have to retrain these workers.

“Beginning in the spring of 2017, we will undertake stakeholder meetings throughout the State to solicit input from the public. It is our intention to have this substantially revised manual issued by the end of 2017 to reflect changing trends in voting and the policies and procedures related to our system of elections; including 2016.”