Thursday, June 19, 2014

Andrew Walter Our next Congressman:Bill Gates Phoenix City Council

Andrew Walter is the leader we need in Arizona’s Ninth Congressional District. Like me, he has a strong private sector background and knows what it takes to create jobs. Andrew has a solid understanding of how to grow our economy through promoting free markets, reducing burdensome regulations, and empowering small business owners and job creators. He will fight for the hardworking taxpayers of Arizona not against them.

We need a fresh perspective and bold, new leadership in Washington now more than ever. Andrew is passionate about reducing the size of government and ending wasteful spending. Andrew and I agree that as elected officials, we are stewards of taxpayers dollars and he respects the sacrifices taxpayers make. That’s why Andrew supports a Balanced Budget Amendment. Hard working Arizonans balance their own budgets on a daily basis; our Nation’s government should do the same.

Most importantly, Andrew believes in accountability, so I know he will get the job done. I hope you agree with me, we need a Congressman like Andrew in AZ-09.


Bill Gates
Phoenix City Council
District 3