Friday, June 20, 2014

Five because it's Friday!

Your help over the last few weeks has been incredible.  
A lot of people ask me why it's so important to give - - and support conservatives. 
The answer is because without true patriots who are willing to stand up and fight alongside their elected representatives, we risk losing the very freedoms we hold dear.  I will always be unwavering in my defense that "We the People" hold the ultimate power in this country.
But, sadly - - "We the People" are routinely under assault by our government, with a barrage of higher taxes, poor policies for the economy, and more commonly, policies that fail to secure our border. 
It's time for Congress to hold this President accountable. 
I need your backing to ratchet up the pressure.  
Conservatives can win - - and with your support, will win - - if we can muster the resources to band together. 
I'm counting on you.
Please don't delay. 
David Schweikert