Monday, September 15, 2014

50 Days *Alert*

Andy laid out the principles he’s going to take to Congress in the GOP Weekly Address on Saturday, and now the momentum is clearly on our side!

Today marks 50 days until the Election and we must keep it going into another huge week for Team Tobin.

Here’s the thing – we’re beginning to lay out plans for early vote and Election Day operations today, and we need to confirm that you’re going to vote.

Don’t worry, it’s really easy: Click to Sign our Vote Pledge here.

We’ll be able to better determine where and how to spend our very limited resources if you can Sign the Pledge:

It’ll be a huge help – thank you in advance!

Remember: this campaign doesn’t win if you’re not involved. Ann Kirkpatrick has been saving up millions in a huge war chest to destroy Andy’s good name.

We need you to have his back!

Thanks and have a great week. Let’s get this done!

Team Tobin

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