Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bolick Challenges Meyer On Voting to Deny Life-Saving Treatments for Terminally Ill Patients

Shawnna Bolick Responds to Sterilization Dispute, Challenges Meyer On Voting to Deny Life-Saving Treatments for Terminally Ill Patients

Phoenix, AZ- September 17, 2014- In classic guilt-by-association fashion, Rep. Eric Meyer (D-LD28) called on Republican nominee, Shawnna Bolick, to disavow former Sen. Russell Pearce’s controversial comments relating to sterilization of welfare recipients. 
"Of course I disavow the comments.  The idea is barbaric," said Bolick, an education advocate and mother of two school-aged children who won the Republican nomination to unseat Meyer.  "Eric is the big government advocate, not me."
"The real issue in this race is Eric Meyer’s obstructionist actions," Bolick continued, "For example, Eric Meyer needs to explain why he voted against sending the Right to Try referendum to Arizona voters." 
Right to Try will appear on the November ballot as Prop. 303.  It will allow terminally ill patients the right to access potentially life-saving drugs that have passed the safety phase of the FDA approval process. 
Right to Try was unanimously enacted this year in Missouri, Colorado and Louisiana, and signed into law by two Democratic governors and one Republican. It also passed in Arizona.  Eric Meyer voted no! Why would Eric Meyer block anyone from receiving potentially life-saving treatment?
Meyer is the only physician-legislator in the entire country so far to oppose Right to Try. 
Bolick strongly supports Right to Try.  "Meyer would not even give Arizonans the opportunity to vote for life-saving medication," Bolick said.  "Every terminally ill person should have the right to try to save or extend their lives."


Shawnna Bolick has lived in Legislative District 28 for 13 years.  Shawnna and her husband, Clint, have two children, Ryne (12) and Kali (9), plus their six year old rescued greyhound, Beary Goldwater.

She is endorsed by Senator Jon Kyl, former Congressmen John Shadegg, Congressman David Schweikert, State Senator Adam Driggs, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, Maricopa County Supervisor Andy Kunasek, Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane, Phoenix Council members Jim Waring, Bill Gates and Sal DiCiccio.


Shawnna L.M. Bolick can be reached via email at, or via cell at 602-842-1912.  For more information about her campaign please visit .
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